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29 November 2021
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Alice Gear Aegis (MOD, God Mode/One Hit) Free for Android – guys here you can download official apk which is taken from google play store it is 100% and Alice Gear Aegis now and enjoy.

Alice Gear Games: Struggling With Swords!

We’re not going to lie for you: Rin (from the Alice Gear Aegis Game) doesn’t get nearly enough love in the realm of anime and manga, but that’s just because she’s actually just too damn adorable! She’s in fact one of the chief characters of this Alice Gears series, and once we say”primary,” we mean the key protagonist at the Alice Gears Anime and Manga. Rin is also the character in the Alice Gear Aegis match to get her very own anime collection Rin He is in Japan.


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The next anime to Possess Rin Create a Look is the Alice Gear Aegeis: Shiranui in Japan of Your Desktop Army.  She has been redesigned for all the anime that was previous, as well as this anime. The Alice Gears Aegis Series relies on the match where she appeared: Alice Gears, the narrative of the Aegeis collection of games. As her layout has stayed the same and her abilities remain precisely the same.

Rin Layouts in both the Alice Gear Aegis Game and at the Anime are as Adorable and girly as ever. Therefore, her apparel in both the Anime and the Game is as simple as ever, comprising the red and yellow dress she wore in the Alice Gear Anime and Manga. Her additional costumes have been upgraded to match their anime’s environments and settings. It doesn’t really take away out of her character, although it might appear a bit out of place to have Rin with no clothes in an Alice Gear series on.

Alice Gear Aegis (MOD, God Mode/One Hit)

In the game version that is cellular that is Japanese, Rin is a purple and pink clad female warrior who wield the Katana sword. Her sword is equipped with a Diagonal Striking/Gungirbursti armor -the largest to be joined the Aegeis set! And her Diagonal Striker normal equipment! This gives the ability to change into a sword to her, making her the second most powerful personality in the Aegeis series! Her Diagonal weapon is called the Gunkirbursti.

The”Gunkirbursti” is a type of combo attack that may be executed by pressing two buttons at precisely the same time or holding both of them at the same time, allowing the player to change out of sword and dagger attacks! Rin can also carry out a combo from the game, which is excellent for shifting from dagger and sword to sword and dagger while still being able to keep her position and block her opponent’s strikes!


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For more information on her weapons, then we recommend checking out her Katana page in the Alice Gear Aegeis Game or her Katana page in the Anime! As she referred to as the Warrior of Justice, you might also discover a bit about her character in the Anime itself. The Warriors of Justice may be summoned with the support of a special skill that is included in the Game!

In the arcade, Rin is referred to as the Warrior of Hope, as a result of her good nature and ability to help others. She is proven to be an ally of the Gods during the Aces Arc in the Alice Gears Anime and Manga’s events.

Both her design and look from the Alice Gear show along with also the Anime are adorable and really stick out. And are as cute in the matches! If you like cute cartoons that are Japanese, then you will love this fun game!

When we say pleasure, we are not just referring to the playing of this game. We are also referring to the game’s characters, their cartoon, and the layout and feel of this game!

In the Alice Gear Games, you control a character, fighting different characters. You’ll have a number of different moves to choose from when choosing that character to battle; but you must use the moves your character has! To perform some of the moves will allow your personality to transform to a gun a sword, or a giant hammer, based on the particular battle you are involved in.

You must strike the other characters in the way of their leadership from your character, if you would like to be a sword. To go to another degree, but you must avoid attacking their base.

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