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Angry Birds Transformers MOD Apk (Money Gems MOD) Free Download For Android under here you easily play this game and use unlimited coins, upgrade till MAX. This is awesome for new guys here you can download the official apk it is 100% safe, and this Angry Birds Transformers is amazing now enjoy. Here you got its working hurry up guys.

Angry Birds Transformers

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Angry Birds Transformers is an action packed game for those who love action packed games. The first installment in the popular Angry Birds franchise, the game is an action-packed blend between Transformers and Angry Birds. The game presents the charming, colorful world created by the award winning children’s book, the Angry Birds book series. The game’s storyline revolves around the restoration of peace in planet Earth after the Decepticons are rebelling against the peace keeping force called the Interitus.

Angry Birds Transformers game


In the beginning of the game the player controls all the characters in the game as they fight the evil leader of the Decepticons called Megatron. To unlock the different areas and weapons of the Transformers characters, the player has to collect the required power ups through the means of fruits that are collected by the birds flying above the map. The fruits have different functions like turning the bird into a robot or changing the bird’s color. The different fruits also grant the bird’s special abilities such as turning the bird into a powerful flyer, or making it jump incredibly high.


After a short introduction the game starts with the exciting fight between the Autobots and the Decepticons as they send out an all out attack on the human race. To make things even more exciting the player can unleash the evil boss of the Decepticons, Megatron, on the player. Megatron transforms from his huge robot form to a powerful purple monster and attacks the player with a variety of weapons. One of his weapons is the energy sword, which can be used to cut down birds. As the game progresses the player can add more transforms to the Megatron monster to make him stronger and more dangerous. Finally he transforms into the strong leader of the Decepticons, who must be defeated by the colorful heroes in the Angry Birds Transformers game.

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The game starts with the main character of the game controlling all the action with the use of the arrow keys and the mouse. Using the arrow keys will change the direction the birds take and the mouse will allow the player to control the speed and direction of the vehicle as well. There are two types of controls and the first one is the traditional arrow key/mouse combination and the second is using the joysticks. The new features of the new controls make the game more interesting as the players can easily change the direction and speed of the vehicle and the base to gain extra height and power.


The game has many popular characters including the classic Autobots who are returning to save the earth, the evil Decepticon group led by Megatron, the bad henchman transformed into a robot and the last resistance against the advancing horde of evil machines. The new villains include the evil Jafar, General Deathshead and the treacherous Stompa who will stop at nothing to take over the available free unoccupied teleports for the benefit of the evil plans. There are many exciting locations to race through and some places are quite dangerous such as the fiery pits where the fiery pits are the best place to race through. The deserts of Cybertron are also an exciting place to race as the sands will challenge the skill and speed of any racer.

Angry Birds Transformers apk unlock

There are five challenging events in the Angry Birds Transformers game and these are the Race to the Top, Battle for Earth, Power up, Power Drift, Egg Race and the obstacle course. The race to the top gives you the chance to see the different transformer versions of yourself who are racing to the finish line first in order to win the competition and get the prized Decepticon Medallion. The Battle for Earth gives you the chance to transform your birds of prey into powerful fighting machines to fight against the enemy troops. The power ups are very rare and gives the players a chance to power up their birds of prey using the rare material available only once inside the arena.


The Power Drift is another exciting holiday event exclusive feature for the game and this gives players a chance to power up their birds of prey by changing their color. The color of the transformed birds will be determined by the candy that is given to all players every half an hour. The colors are green, purple, orange, red and blue and can be used wisely to control the direction of the transformations.

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The last known as the obstacle course is another popular holiday event exclusive feature for the Transformers game and the second race that can be won by using the two colors that are light green and orange. In the game itself there are many obstacles that must be passed in order to complete the course and once the goal is reached the player will be given unlimited continue or restart. The Christmas trees are also an interesting addition and the goal is to destroy them with the two colors in order to collect the most points.