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Bad Piggies Game is an innovative puzzle game based on the movie of the same title. Bad Piggies Game is an exciting action-adventure game, in which your task is to save the Easter bunny from different levels of the farm using different methods. As the name suggests, the game starts with bad piggies, which resemble poisonous berries. These berries trigger a chain reaction, destroying everything in their path! There are a total of nine islands in the game – although only six of them can be explored, meaning that the gameplay is incredibly large.

Bad Piggies Game Story

Bad Piggies Game is an innovative puzzle-adventure game, in which your task is to save the Easter rabbit from different levels of the farm using different methods. The game was launched on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Mac in September 2021. It was later released for BlackBerry 10 in April 2021 and for Windows Phone in May 2021. The free online version is still available for you to download, giving you the chance to enjoy the fun of this unique online puzzle game.


Bad Piggies Game offers users four fun challenges, which are split into two main parts – flying fun, grooming and breeding. You start off by selecting five of the baby pigs (from a pool of 100 available), and choosing a name for them. Then, make your pig grow to adulthood by giving them food, allowing them to eat it and grow to adulthood. Once they reach the age of seven, they can be taken to a veterinarian who, in turn, can give them their mandatory vaccinations, which are required to prevent other disease. The vet will also remove any tumors, birth defects or mites from their bodies, to make them better.


One of the exciting features that make the game worth your while is its exciting flying action. In this part, you can guide your pigs to the right location by dragging their pups along with the mouse, and once you hit the correct button, they will automatically embark on their adventure. To earn more flying points, make sure you provide them with enough green energy. You can also help them out in this exciting part of the game by providing them with a new hat each time they successfully complete one of their tasks. When they are healthy, you can award them with a star, making them stronger, faster and more willing to explore the world around them.


While playing the Bad Piggies Game, you can use the mouse to guide your pigs down the right path. However, if you would like something a little more challenging, you can try the other option available to you in this version of the arcade game. It requires you to tap the screen for moving your pigs around, while using the stick for climbing on the walls. This option will enhance the graphics, adding some great details to the world. When you get to level 10, the flying fun comes to a halt, but you will still be rewarded for your efforts, as they will make it into the top ten of the game, awarding you with a star.

The Bad Piggies Game is not only fun for the player, but also for the artificial intelligence that are integrated into the game. This allows the game to adjust to the different environment, changing the course of action based on real time. It makes it impossible for your pigs to get stuck in one place, which helps the game to entertain for a longer period of time. Some people might find the concept of this flying fun a little far fetched, but it is definitely an enjoyable experience. After spending a few hours enjoying the game, you might just feel refreshed and ready to take on the next exciting challenge.


If you are looking for an online interactive game that does not require any complicated downloading process, then the Bad Piggies Game is certainly something to consider. It is available for free on the online gaming site Kongregate, where it has received a lot of positive reviews. However, there are some players who have pointed out a couple of bugs in the game, which would make them unable to replicate the same fun experience. For this reason, it would be best if you were to purchase the game, so that you can be sure that it will run well on your computer system.


Bad Piggies Game is one of the most fun and exciting games online today. It has attracted many people, from all over the world, due to its unique design and concept. It is recommended for those people who are looking to spend a few hours having a great time with a group of friends. Bad Piggies Game is definitely one of the highlights of the online gaming world, which will keep people happy and satisfied with their virtual adventures for a long time. You can purchase the game for yourself and download it right away from the Kongregate site.

Bad Piggies Game Graphics and Visual Quality

Bad Piggies Game is the newest release of the popular smartphone game series, which features the popular animal character, Piggles. Bad Piggies Game has a number of engaging and fun mechanics that attract a huge number of players across the world. In this game, a player controls the little green singles who chase the bad guys through a number of levels while winning points and earning money as well. This is one of the best examples of augmented reality games that use real world technology to provide an engaging playing experience. As a result, the game is becoming one of the most downloaded apps on Google Play, which indicates its high popularity across a wide section of the population.


Bad Piggies Game offers an option to play as the bad guys or the good guys in this exciting smartphone game. You can also download the original version to play the game online. The game is available at an attractive price, with in-app purchases for extra bucks. In fact, if you get the app, you can also enjoy the Bad Piggies Game free of cost. In addition, it gives you a free 7 days trial run that lets you enjoy the complete benefits of the app without even buying it. If you want to download the latest update of Bad Piggies Game, just check out our guide on How to download Bad Piggies Game app full unlocked.


Bad Piggies Game comes with nine different levels. Each level has five challenges for you to complete before you lose the game. On the top of the screen you will find a flying fun pumpkin that wants to befriend you. All you need to do is to rescue all the cute little pigs that have been kidnapped by the evil witch. Once you rescue all the pigs, you earn the right to use the flying fun pumpkin to transport them to the next level.

Experience After Bad Piggies Gameplay

The game gives you a chance to rescue the chickens, goats and donkeys as well. There are also some additional levels where you rescue the bad pigs or the evil witches. These animals are all controlled by a fun flying button and they behave like in the traditional platform games. The controls are simple and are very easy to learn. If you love playing time wasting games, then you must try Bad Piggies Game.

If you think the idea of rescuing these innocent creatures is interesting, then you will fall in love with Bad Piggies Game. This game is about a group of pigs who decide to live a wild life. You can view their behavior in the video log and see for yourself how they bond with each other and how easily get along with the other animals living in the sandbox. Once you complete the game, you will realize that this game has more to offer than the traditional platform games.


Bad Piggies Game is very funny. It brings humor to a situation when you find out that your dog is a pig. The whole game is full of funny lines and you will find it very relaxing. The flying fun arcade machine makes you feel like you are part of an adventure. The entire game is designed in a very fun and exciting manner.


This game is available for free on several gaming websites. If you do a proper search, you will find several online gaming sites that offer this game for free. You should always opt for the legit sites that offer money back guarantee. Once you complete the game and become an expert, you can purchase the game using real money. The game will be available for free as a demo, until you are able to buy the full version of the game.

Download Bad Piggies MOD APK Unlimited Power 2.3.9

Bad Piggies Game is one of the few games that combine the joys of a fun-filled arcade with a storyline full of humor. What’s more? This game is available for free on many gaming websites! So what are you waiting for? If you are ready for a break from your hectic schedule, playing this game will definitely make you feel refreshed. So what are you waiting for?