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BANK YOU – Aadhaar ATM Money Transfer App, which was launched recently by Bharti Aabir, a renowned Indian Internet Marketing Company based in New Delhi, has created a revolution in the Indian banking sector. This innovative Money Transfer App is a Money Transfer App that helps you to quickly and easily transfer money from your debit/credit cards/MBTs to any of more than two dozen countries/continent including United Kingdom (GB), Australia, United States, Canada, Philippines, Singapore, China, and a lot more. This BANK YOU – Aadhaar ATM Money Transfer App is a complete replacement of the traditional international money transfer services. In addition, BANK YOU – Aadhaar ATM offers you various other Money Transfer App options like PayPal, WorldPay, e Wallet, Neteller, Linkkart, etc. The company also promises to provide you with a free trial period for FREE.

Graphics and Visual Quality

BANK YOU – Aadhaar ATM Money Transfer App gives an easy access to your money through various options. It can be transferred to your bank account through BANK YOU debit card, credit card, or mobile payment. As far as the various countries outside India are concerned, you can transfer money through BANK YOU – Aadhaar ATM. Moreover, the app can be used to withdraw money as well. However, the banks in those countries use different methods of money withdrawal such as cash, checks, etc.


The Company claims to offer the best possible Money Transfer App Experience to all the users – both the customers and the service providers. BANK YOU – Aadhaar ATM has partnered with various banks, so as to provide the fastest and easiest Money Transfer services. It aims at enhancing the overall efficiency of the services. All the transactions are processed at the block level. BANK YOU – Aadhaar ATM has reduced the processing time of approximately 50ms to almost 10ms.


Banks with BANK YOU – Aptana ATM are well-known for their quality services and security procedures. They also offer secure and high transaction rates. The service providers are also able to make money transfer easy by providing several options. You may choose to send money through SMS, IM, or through email – all in real-time.

Effects & Sounds

You may also choose to pay for goods or services with BANK YOU – Aadhaar ATM. It is an authentic app and offers a range of useful features. The app provides complete protection from fraud and scams. In order to gain more benefits, it is recommended to enroll at BANK YOU – Aptana ATM.


BANK YOU – Aptana ATM app can be bought through Google play store. This is one of the major ways to buy the app. You can also find various other methods of buying the same such as BANK ONE – issuer. BANK ONE offers similar features as BANK YOU – Aptana ATM. However, it is free of cost and does not require any membership. BANK ONE is also available on select mobile network carriers and can be purchased through mobiles.


BANK ONE has its own online portal where one can make money transfers. The portal offers various features that allow users to choose from various online stores and portals to book an international card. The BANK ONE app also provides additional security options like fraud alerts and virtual terminal.

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BANK YOU – Aptana ATM money transfer app offers various online features that make the process of money transfer quick and simple. The process is relatively fast as compared to conventional transfers. You may opt to send money via text messages, emails, or through automated attendant calls. The secured payment gateways provide added security options like fraud alerts and virtual terminal for enhanced protection. BANK YOU also allows you to pay bills and make payments online. It can also be used to transfer cash and receive bill payments online.


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BANK YOU – Aadhaar ATM Money Transfer App comes with latest update by hackers. It can be rightly called an App for money transfer. It has been modified and now has better features than ever. It is free from spyware and adware and comes at a price of $2.99. This is the most unique feature of BANK YOU – Aadhaar ATM Money Transfer App which gives a secure, fast and easy way to transfer your bank balance.


BANK YOU is a money transfer and banking solution, which are available from BlackBerry. It is a native application of BlackBerry OS, which is also utilized in smartphones and tablet PCs. With the help of BANK YOU can easily send money from any location. You are not required to visit any place for receiving money.

Fully unlocked

With the BANK YOU – Aadhaar ATM Money Transfer App you can also add your bank accounts. With this app you can easily add your accounts as well as withdrawal cash from any of your ATM’s around your locality. The latest release of BANK YOU app offers several other features and benefits to the customers like added security measures, PIN entry, multi currency support, email receipts, push notifications etc.


BANK YOU – Aadhaar ATM Money Transfer App comes with some interesting features which are very much beneficial to its users. BANK YOU has an added security feature which automatically alerts you whenever someone tries to access your account. The added security features also help you determine whether the transaction from your account is secure or not. BANK YOU – Aadhaar ATM Money Transfer App also allows you to see all the transactions done in a given period of time. This also helps you monitor the cash withdrawal and the withdrawal amount.


The BANK YOU – Aadhaar ATM Money Transfer App allows you to send the drafts, cheque and cash by sending a single message. You can also attach a paper copy of a document which is used to make the payment. The best thing about BANK YOU is that you can make a payment through this app on any verified financial institution such as Credit unions, banks, money lenders, registered agents etc. You can also pay your bills online through BANK YOU – Aadhaar ATM.


Now days, many people prefer cash transfers rather than credit card payments. They also prefer to use an app that will not require them to download any application or enter any sort of information. BANK YOU – Aadhaar ATM money transfer App is a perfect solution for such people. BANK YOU – Aadhaar ATM money transfer app lets you send money to any of your selected beneficiary via email.


To transfer money to your bank, you have to create an email account with BANK YOU – Aadhaar ATM by following the directions provided at the website of BANK YOU. Once you have created your email account, you are required to fill in your name and email address. After receiving your email, the recipient will require a credit or debit card or both to send back the funds. However, there are some restrictions on ATM cash withdrawals through email.


This e-currency transfer facility of BANK YOU – Aadhaar ATM is completely free of cost. You can transfer as much money as you want within the validity period of one month to your chosen beneficiary’s email address. You will receive the fund in the email address provided in the step-by-step instructions. The payment gateway of BANK YOU – Aadhaar ATM is operated automatically after loading of the email with the recipient’s bank details.


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