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BTS Universe Story Game is a free-to-join, action and adventure game that promises full return of the popular Korean idol group BTS. BTS, better known as BTS Entertainment, have been teasing fans with mysterious mini movies and teasers all through the past few years, introducing new characters and gradually drawing them closer to the public eye. Now, after several years of teasers, BTS Universe Story Game is finally set to be released in the market. You better watch out because here are some of the major features of the game that you might be looking forward to.

BTS Universe Story Game Story

– Original storyline and music videos: The game story revolves around two different sides of a group of idols who try to traverse different stages on an unknown planet after becoming lost in their own reality. To make the plot more interesting, a mysterious entity named the Eminence has also taken control of the other dimension. The evil Eminence wants to take control of the other dimension by unleashing its dark side which will wipe out all the remaining idols. Players who love their fantasy genre will surely love this exciting premise of BTS Universe Story Game.


– sandbox game features: Since BTS Universe Story Game is based on a new storyline, players will not be stuck with a linear path and the main objective will always be the same. Players can decide how they want to handle a certain scenario depending on the situation at hand. For example, they can choose to jump into another dimension and start from the point where they left off the last time they played the game. In addition, the sandbox game features non-stop exciting action and drama as the idols travel across various cities, save the Earth, and finally reach the final resting place of their leader, the Emperor. The sandbox game is another way for players to explore the world of BTS Universe Story Game.


– Empire vs. Chaos battle: During the game, players will also encounter a series of boss battles against the evil Eminence. These battles will pit the good and the evil forces against each other and the outcome will affect the outcome of the game story as well. The battle system of BTS Universe Story Game features an exciting combat style where the player can use both the keyboard and the mouse. Using the keyboard is more traditional but using the mouse offers better control during combat.


– Music videos: The BTS Universe Story Game also has a real-life music video which can be enjoyed alongside the storyline. The song can be listened to while traveling across various cities on the land of BTS Universe. There are also other music videos which can be played while playing the game. These music videos contain popular hits from the time of the Second World War.


The games require the use of flash software for running. To play online, players can visit a site which features BTS Universe Story Game. Players can choose from a number of games and can play them at their leisure.


The overall concept of the game is to follow real-life events while solving puzzles and earning credits. There are some interesting characters which appear in real-life which the player must collect and use to advance the plot. For example, there is a young girl who has a crush on a boy who is her senior in school. When a death occurs which leaves her parent dead, she vows never to see her beloved again – a vow which she fulfills when she accidentally finds the body of the boy, who was actually her ex-boyfriend.


Although BTS Universe Story Game may not appeal to everyone, it is a very enjoyable game. It is possible to connect with real-life people through the game and even marry or engage in romantic relationships with them. Players can also use credits earned in-game to buy outfits for the characters in the game and spend real-life money to buy weapons for themselves or other characters.


New Premium Pro Games For Gamers

BTS Universe Story Game is an online browser and social networking game available for free on the Android Market. BTS is now getting its second mobile game in the form of a browser game. The new game, titled BTS Universe Story Game, will be available by Netmarble, the company behind the popular first game BTS World. BTS Universe Story Game app allows you to jump into an alternate dimension called the Ultraverse where you can have your own hero or villain to fight against. You play the role of a superhero or a villainess and do battle with other players or against the environment.

BTS Universe Story Game Graphics and Visual Quality

In the game of BTS Universe Story Game, players can choose from various BTS Universe Characters like Ghost, Squire, Imp, Ronin, Rocket and Deathstroke to fight against the evil villains. There are various weapons and vehicles to use as well. You can also upgrade and buy different items in the game such as the BTS helmet, BTS gloves and BTS boots. There are also several levels available in this game and once you beat the level, you move to the next one. There are also several badges you can earn while playing the game. Some of them include the most wanted, player of the month, player of the year, and player of the month and many others.


This app was designed so that kids can have a fun time playing it while their parents can still monitor them. The game works just like the original cartoon and TV show shows such as Star Wars, Spiderman, GI Joe, Batman and numerous others. The story is designed to let kids feel that they are in the heroes’ adventures. Since there are lots of enemies to fight and the various missions to complete still there is no chance for your child to get bored with it.


With BTS Universe, you get to enjoy the action, adventure and thrill of battle as if you are in the battle yourself. For example, when you are playing as Imp, you have to rescue some kidnapped teens who were caught by terrorists. The tasks given to you are to bring out the secret information about the terrorists, which can only be accessed by Imp. The mission is real and it happens in real life as well.


The BTS Universe app provides lots of entertainment for kids and it is entertaining too. In fact, it is the kind of game that makes you wish that you are in the action yourself. To make the things even better, the app gives the kids a glimpse of what is happening in the world as we know it. As a kid, you can get to know about the history and background of each of the BTS characters. The story lines are drawn in a cartoon-like manner, which gives a liveliness to the whole experience.

Experience After BTS Universe Story Gameplay

There are several levels in the game and they increase in difficulty. The higher up you go, you start experiencing more intense battles against stronger and more difficult enemies. Once you are done with one level, you start another and the whole story line keep continuing. The BTS Universe story game makes you realize that it is not just a story and a game but a learning experience as well and kids can relate to it easily.


What’s more is that the game is not just for kids but also kids aged 9 years and up. You can choose to control either the comic or the live action and use the two in co-op mode for a more thrilling game. In this way, you can battle against other players or try your luck against other real life people like the FBI and IRS agents to clear your name and get rid of all your financial troubles.


You can also try your hand in the game’s market where there are numerous buyers trying to buy the limited edition box of the game. If you do not want to spend money then you can just download it from several websites for free. This BTS Universe story is truly a work of art by a renowned game artist. Play BTS Universe now!