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It is not every day that you get to have a free download of Chordify App. The developers of this app have worked hard to bring out this high quality free music player for iPod Touch. If you are looking for a good way to practice your guitar skills, you will find this app a great way to do so. You can easily learn new songs as well as play your favorite ones just by using this app.

Graphics and Visual Quality

Apart from helping you play your favorite tunes, Chordify App also gives you the option of making your own music. This is possible through the use of a simple drag and drop interface which lets you select a piece of music, tap on it and let Chordify make an animated chord diagram. This will then load the chord diagram onto your screen. If you like what you see, you can then tap the back button to return to the original place. This is an incredibly simple and convenient way to create your own music with the help of the internet.


The Chordify App offers a range of exciting premium features, allowing you to learn new songs, make your own chord charts and explore the possibilities of chord juggling. Like the iPhone version, you can easily learn how to play any song by using the various methods of learning. The Premium version gives you access to advanced methods of learning and also allows you to create your own chords, view chord diagrams in different formats, add notes to your songs and even edit existing chords.


The most interesting premium feature offered by the Chordify App is the possibility of learning how to play along with others. If you’re a professional musician or even a beginner who wants to start making your own music, this is definitely the right tool for you. You can jam with other Chordify users as well as getting expert help with chord progressions and chord combinations. Simply download the free Chordify App and load it on your device; you’ll be able to make fantastic and unique music in no time.

Effects & Sounds

There are a number of ways you can make great chord progressions on the Chordify App. First of all, if you’re playing a rhythm with another user, you can simply connect to the shared session through a tap or double tap. Then, just play along with them by connecting two of your Ukeleheads. Using the share feature, you can then export each Ukelehead into a different version, allowing you to save and share the progression so that everyone can hear it. It’s a neat idea that makes learning how to play along with others fun.


Secondly, using the free Chordify App, you can also play along with animated chord diagrams. The chord animation will display one chord after another, moving across the screen as you follow along. This enables you to learn new chords without having to actually look at an actual book or any other medium. If you have an iPhone or iPad, this is one of the coolest ways to learn more about chord shapes while enjoying an awesome musical experience.


For even greater inspiration and learning, you can download the entire Chordify App on your device for offline use. Offline use means you can still listen to your favorite tracks and do as you normally would with your ukulele, but you can also download all the amazing chord progressions that the Chordify App has to offer. As you become familiar with the interface, you can use the search bar to find a chord or a progression that you might be interested in. You can even export your favorite chord progressions to load them up later on your device.

Experience After Reviw

Chordify is a great way to expand your knowledge of ukuleles and to build your musical skills at the same time. The free version allows you to learn two chords at a time, but the paid version gives you unlimited Chordify sessions so that you can play along with your favorite tracks. It’s easy to learn a new guitar genre, and it’s fun to learn some new songs as well. What more could you ask for?


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The mobile versions of the Chordify App are very easy to use. Just download the mobile version and open the website. You can see the video tutorials on how to use the interface and start playing music from various music sources like your iPod, your guitar or your keyboard. It’s very easy to use and provides an excellent user experience with a variety of features.


Since Chordify App is available both on mobile and desktop, we conducted a usability test on our site comparing it with its competitors. We played various music files (images) and evaluated for their compatibility with the app. As expected, the compatibility was pretty good. The only glitch was when the images with chords were choppy on both the Android and IOS devices. Since the Chordify App uses the WML language, most mobile phones support this language so this issue wasn’t a big problem.

Fully unlocked

In Chordify App, choose from thousands of songs with chords and start playing with the provided videos. Chordify will then calculate and highlight the possible chords for you. When you’re done with selecting a song/s, all you need to do is save the selected chords and load them into the “chords” section. You can then use the “chart” to align them to the audio in a way that makes sense in your current situation. The interface is very clean and simple and even a newbie user should find it easy to operate.


You can use the supplied software for easy editing of the chords. Some useful functions are: Chord merge, Chord position, Chord tone etc. It’s also possible to manually transpose the chords in Chordify App. Transposing allows you to move a chord by one octave. If you are a beginning player, I’d suggest you don’t go for this feature, as it can be hard to get the timing right while changing chords, but it’s nice to have some easy ways to learn the basics.


Chordify App provides two main functions: You can either start playing along or select a song and start playing along. You can also view the entire song in tab. Some useful features available with Chordify App: – Chord calculator (piano roll playing), – Chord view, – Pause, playback – Noise Free recording mode, – Slicing, – Chord/tone library, – Chord edit, – Noise reduction


This is not as impressive as it first appears. The basic idea behind this app is the fact that you can combine your favorite music playlists, and create new ones just by adding in your own music notes. Chordify actually organizes your audio files into user-friendly and automatically generated chords and chordified tracks. The feature works through chord images (achievable through drag and drop interface), which are then converted into playable chords. There is also a free web version and a pro version.


The web version provides additional features like instant transcription of audio files, ability to make your own bass tracks and export them in MP3 format, export audio in cds, and support for multiple simultaneous audio channels. The pro version offers advanced functionality such as multi-track recording, editing of individual chords, lock/unlock chord progression, and editing of chord symbols. It also provides animated chord diagrams, which make playing the guitar or the bass easier. Users can create, edit and share their music online.


There are other similar apps that allow the users to mix audio files and create bass lines, but none of them have the flexibility and user-friendliness of Chordify App. Chordify App allows the users to record audio in their own studios or wherever they are, and export them as chords directly to their iTunes account, so they can use them immediately on their Mac or PC. You can even sync your existing bass guitar through your iMac. This means that you don’t need to purchase a new bass guitar or load an entire library of electric bass guitar songs on your laptop. Another neat feature is the fact that the chord calculator can also be used as a guitar tuner, so that you can determine the tunings of your favorite songs. With a large database of over 5000 musical chords, and a variety of twelve and twenty-four keys, you will never run out of new musical ideas.

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