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College Life Game Story

College Life Game is a popular social networking app that enables its users to create their own virtual college experience. The game gives you the ability to connect with other students of the same interests as you do in real life. If you are worried about your lack of social skills or introverted personality, you can simply try to play College Life Game to get a better idea about how it feels like to be part of a social group. However, if you are not one of those people who enjoy being around others during the day, the game is just not for you. It’s only for those who are at least somewhat open to meeting new people and having some quality time alone.


College Life Game has been in the App Store for some time now and has gained its popularity among many users. College Life Game is a free to play online university simulation with a heavy focus on work and career placement coaching. In the latest update of the app, you can now have access to several new features that can make your life a lot easier. Some of these new features include:


Premium Friendships – If you are a premium member already, you can use your membership to get discounts on various services, including chat rooms, games, and other items. There is also a new upgrade option that gives you the chance to invite your Facebook and Twitter friends to join the premium club. This will allow you to get instant updates on their activities and send them messages. You will also be able to communicate more with these friends and find out about exclusive tips and information.


Friend Finder – You can now search for friends from your Facebook, Google+ and Twitter profiles. You can add as many friends as you like and choose a group from your list to join. When you post a status update or a message on one of these social media channels, your friends will get notifications. The latest update of the app now allows you to upload pictures and videos to attract more people to your social networking page.


Invite Friends – You can invite your Facebook and Twitter friends to join the premium club as well. They will receive an invitation through email. This way, you can now be updated about special deals and promotions for members only. You will also get to see photos and videos posted by other premium members. The new feature also allows you to set password requirements for protected profiles. It will also track post views so you can know which content is getting the most attention.


Marketplace – In the game, you can buy and sell items, pay for services, and bid on auctions. The marketplace will let you connect with other players who share the same interests as you. You can also compete with other students to get top prize in the end.


Access to Paid Features – You can also upgrade your membership. You will get to see advanced features not available to basic members. This will include chat and webcam chat support. You also get to read insightful articles, play mini games, and get tips and information about popular online products.


To sum up, you don’t have to be a member to enjoy the benefits of the premium Facebook college life game. Just download the app and play for free. If you are signed up, just login to enjoy all the benefits. The premium features will definitely give you a whole new perspective on your social networking experiences.

College Life Game Graphics and Visual Quality

College Life Game is among the best college life simulators available. The objective of this game is to advance your professional career in several colleges by handling your time well. You can make money and level up quickly by handling various part time jobs and internships in your College Life Game Story.


College Life Game is a free vignettes game that you play in your college life. In this game, you need to manage your time well and increase your skill levels to advance your college life. You can spend most of your free time with your friends and family while advancing your skills in the college life simulator. However, there are some important tasks that you have to do in order to advance in the college life simulator.


College Life Game is a time management and skill-improving game. When you play College Life Game, you advance your career by managing your time well. You have to plan your next move in college life by managing all your appointments, tasks well. You have to plan your budget well to increase your income. All your efforts are rewarded when you complete all tasks in the game.


In the college life simulator, you have to choose your favorite profession in the college scene. You can choose various careers such as law or medical after you have gained enough experience in college. There are many more options for choosing a career in college in the game as well.

Experience After College Life Gameplay

There are several places available in the college life game world to find these career opportunities. The best place to find these opportunities is the online college directories. They list more than just career placement offices. They also provide a forum where students and other people with useful information exchange ideas and share experiences. You can read the advices posted by other students on this forum.


There are various resources as well available from the college life games for beginners websites. These resources are not dedicated to career counselling. However, they can provide you with valuable tips to help you get into a good college. For example, if you want to get a job as a chef in a restaurant, you can use the career search tool of the college life game to help you find the right career path. You can select a career that is related to food service. You will be able to find all the required information there.


College Life Games helps you find the right career in college life game. They teach you how to manage your time and money well. It also teaches you how to make the most out of each and every opportunity that comes your way. College Life Game trains you to take each and every decision that come your way. College Life Game trains you to take tough decisions. It is not always easy to handle tough decisions in life, but with the help of College Life Game, it becomes very easy.

Fully-unlocked College Life Gameplay

If you need to improve yourself in college life, the best way is through playing college life game. You get to experience different situations that help you grow in life. Through the life game, you learn different aspects of life and how to handle them well. It is a great way to become a better person. It does not matter what kind of college you are going to enter, college life game will benefit you greatly in all aspects.


College Life Game helps you manage your time well. College life game teaches you to manage your time well. If you are a person who loves to party all the time, then you can probably say goodbye to the partying once you start playing college life game. College life game teaches you to manage your time well and how to spend it efficiently. Once you manage your time well, then you will be able to enjoy the little and large parties that come your way in college life.

Download College Life Mod APK Unlimited Money, Kisses 1.9.0

The College Life Game helps you build up your self confidence. College life game trains you to become confident in yourself and in your abilities. College is an exciting period in life and college life provides you with an opportunity to prove yourself. You get to go to a number of parties and even meet other people. This will definitely boost up your confidence level and help you get over any kind of problem that you face in college life.


College Life Game enables you to make new friends. College life game provides you with an opportunity to make new friends and even learn about different cultures and traditions. Once you have made new friends, you need to make sure that you spend some time socializing. Socializing not only creates relationships with others but it also helps you maintain those relationships once you graduate from college. Socializing is important in college life.