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Cooking Mama lets girls enjoy fun and exciting mobile games without the pressure of fighting games or pattern puzzles. The best features of the app are its user-friendly interface, lively interface, excellent visual effects and fantastic visual animations. This cooking app is a great choice for girls of all ages. Here are few points that will help you get the best out of the app.


Like Facebook, Cooking Mama allows girls to chat and socialize with their friends on this fun and entertaining game. Girls can use the chat feature to share recipes or ideas to her friends and rivals. The game also offers multi-player option where one player of two can play together to save on time. Players can compete with each other online and see who makes it to the top. The game is available in various languages. It can be downloaded for free.

Download Cooking Mama Let’s Cook apk latest version 2021

The main menu of the game offers loads of exciting options like cooking recipes, making food items, studying ingredients and so on. Each item in the app has a set price. The amount offered can be adjusted according to one’s preference. The inbuilt search options help users locate similar items for cooking.


The game allows kids to select the equipment required for cooking. They can even make use of the virtual cooking grid to find the best ingredient. When a recipe is selected, the device vibrates and plays a cooking simulation video. Kids can now spend quality time with their friends.


A mode has been included in the package. This allows kids to explore the cooking concepts of the game without any risk. However, one may only perform basic tasks in the cooking mode. One can also add ingredients to the basket by clicking on the ‘add to basket’ option. Other features of the Kids Mode include cooking basics like roasting, frying and baking.

Cooking Mama Let’s Cook apk unlock

Kids’ mode helps one practice basic cooking skills. With the help of the Virtual oven, one can easily test out the cooking techniques. In the event of an emergency, the Virtual oven can also be used to cook food for the rescue team. In this mode, one will be provided instructions for cooking specific emergency foods like stew, soup etc. It is possible to reset the cooking session to start from scratch anytime.


An optional feature of the application is the Shopping mode. Here, one can buy the required ingredients for cooking. This feature enables the user to save time and money. The purchase of required ingredients can also be tracked and one can plan one’s shopping schedule accordingly. Other options available in the Shopping mode include placing the order on the web or placing the request through mail.


The Cooking Mama lets play the game using the device memory. One can save the game in the SD card and use it to load the new session if the player wishes to do so. One can also compete with other kids in the Cooking Mama World. It has been reported that the game has helped girls increase their confidence as well as improve their skills while cooking.


A large number of fun activities are available in the Cooking Mama series. Some of them are cooking games such as Sporky’s Game and Cooking Mama TV Show. The television show features celebrity chef Paula Dean and allows one to make the favorite recipes featured in the TV show in the comfort of one’s home. The various episodes of the cooking games allow one to play with different chefs featured in the program.


For those who are not keen on playing games or would rather prefer to learn cooking techniques through the program, the Cooking Mama Learns to Cook Guide is the right choice. The guide features step by step instructions which enable one to learn all about the kitchen gadgets featured in the Cooking Mama app like the electric rice cooker, the warming racks, the chopper, the food processor and many others. In this guide, one will also get to know about the various techniques in cooking different kinds of food including Chinese, Italian and Thai cuisines. The Learn to Cook Guide also offers other resources like shopping lists for the groceries one plans to buy, tips on how to make the most out of a meal and much more. It is not only a beginners’ tutorial but also for those who already know the basics of cooking.

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The program allows one to create their own personal photo album in which they can showcase the best recipes they have cooked. One can also set up a virtual table and share their recipes online with family and friends. They can also chat with other users of the program on a dedicated chat channel provided on the Cooking Mama website. There is even an option to upload one’s own movie using the camera functions of the phones that one is currently using.


The Cooking Mama, Let’s Cook App is the best app for learning how to cook in one’s own home since it not only provides the basics but offers a lot of fun activities that one will surely enjoy using. In just a matter of minutes one can learn a new cooking technique using the many entertaining games featured in the Cooking Mama app. With the help of the app, one can quickly learn new techniques as well as mastering ones he or she knows. With this app, one can entertain themselves while learning new dishes in the comforts of their home.