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Criminal Case

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Criminal Case is a modern-day detective-theme hidden object game based on the work of DC comics’ characters. The game revolves around the investigation of a murder case. You can play this game alone or with your friends in two modes: Investigation and Challenge. Each mode has its own set of challenges. Here are the best features of Criminal Case:

Criminal Case game


If you have played any of the previous hidden object games then you will easily find the basic mechanics of Criminal Case. The main game play involves finding the suspect and then solving the crime using various tools such as digital cameras, video recorders, secret messages, and other objects. To find the suspect, you have to use the several tools available in the game.

Criminal Case apk download latest version 2021

To add to the challenge, you will also be presented with a wide range of challenging content such as challenging puzzles, hidden objects, challenging mini games, and much more. The free download features allow users to explore all these different features. Here are some of the best features that you can find in the free downloadable version of Criminal Case:


One of the main challenges in the game concerns finding the suspect. In order to solve the case, you must identify the person behind the criminal case using the help of several different types of clues. The first step you should take is to access the Grimsborough police station. Inside the station, you can find many photos of the crime scenes, which you can use as clues to help you find the person responsible.


When you next visit the scene of the crime, another photo may also be revealed. These photos show the criminal in the act of committing the crime, and you can use them as points of reference. Once you have identified the criminal, you can then proceed to the next stage, where you will need to find the weapon used in the crime. The free downloadable version does not feature weapons in the game. However, you can still see other hidden objects in the free downloadable version of the Criminal Case game, including some of the possible suspects.

Download Criminal Case apk unlocked

Although there are no weapons or other elements present in the free downloadable version of the Criminal Case game, you can still find many other hidden objects within the free downloadable version of the game. These include items such as the “cop killer” sign, the “cop killer’s” shoe, and several other items. Other exciting items found within the free downloadable version of Criminal Case grimsborough include a set of dental floss and safety scissors. This is one of the few murder cases in the game where dental floss is not available, which makes this item all the more exciting.


The pb code in the game can also be deciphered by using the Sherlock Holmes database. You can also use the L.A.Q files found in the bonus material. These files give information on the victim, who was a suspect in the case, as well as other pertinent information. The database in the Sherlock Holmes: Master Edition also features information on the suspect’s family, which can help you determine the severity of the suspected crime.

New Update 2021

The Criminal Case series has enjoyed tremendous popularity among fans of the Sherlock Holmes franchise. The game has an enhanced version of the 3D animated detective, and it allows players to switch between the digital eyes of Sherlock Holmes and his nemesis, R.J. Watson. There are even fan sites dedicated to the game, where avid fans discuss issues and rumors surrounding the series. For those interested in trying out the Criminal Case game for free, the best option is to download the free version of Sherlock Holmes: Master Edition.