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Evoland 2: A Slight Case of Spacetime Continuum Disorder sees the return of the series’ great characters, as well as a few new ones. Arlen Bales, a washed-up former aerospace engineer, teams up with his friend, Jordon Plank, to save the galaxy from the evils of Magneton. Onboard the passenger ship Razor, they encounter a wormhole coming out of a black hole. This wormhole leads them to a mysterious planet called Velia, where they meet a blue alien and giant green creature who are the first people to step into this wormhole. The wormhole transports them to a world called Mechania, where they are greeted by the evil King Dedede, who is attempting to take over the planet for his own selfish reasons.

Graphics and Visual Quality

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This isn’t the entire story of the game, however. There’s a lot more to Evoland 2 than meets the eye. For example, in order to level up your character, you’ll need to complete missions and tasks. The storyline may be entertaining, but it can get quite confusing. That’s why this Evoland 2 review will give you an idea of what the game has to offer, as well as a rundown on all of the different missions and tasks available to you when you begin playing the game.


When you first start the game, you have a limited selection of weapons and vehicles available to you. In fact, only three of them can be used at any given time. There is a selection of four races available to you as well, which affects the various weapons and vehicles you can use. Each race has several different styles of play, and they each have special units that you can purchase. As you progress through the game, you earn money for these units, which can then be used to purchase more powerful units and build the strongest base available. Your goal is to expand your fleet, which is easily accomplished by upgrading your current units with better weapons and armor.


However, you have to keep in mind that the structure of the game isn’t very solid. Sometimes it seems as though you’re playing a few incomplete levels rather than the complete levels you would experience if you played the complete version. This doesn’t necessarily mean that this particular indie games sub genre is bad. Actually, I would say that it’s far from it.

Effects & Sounds

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I found the controls to be fairly simple to master, despite the difficulty level. Even for a first-time player, I found the game to be challenging. Even if you’ve never played a video game where you have to move objects with the mouse, I’d still suggest giving Evoland 2 a try.


The graphics are a little colorful and the music is soft and jingling, but not exciting enough to put me in the mood to play Evoland 2. Which is really a shame, because the game’s sound effects and music are excellent. It’s just that it lacks that little bit of extra kick it should have. Which is really a shame because the game can be fun and addictive even without a lot of extra features. If you’re looking for a video game that’s full of surprises, then I would recommend this one.


You will need to use a special power up system in order to be able to build an Evoland tower. This special power up system, called the morph button, helps you build an Evoland tower that has special features. There are also several power ups you can buy for upgrading your tower, such as a flying eagle. As you play the game, you’ll notice that various birds fly over your little island. And at certain times of the game, you will be given instructions on how to construct a tower using these birds.

Experience After Reviw

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Overall, this game is fun. If you’ve played other platform games such as Sonic the Hedgehog, then you will feel right at home with this one. However, if you haven’t played any platform games before, I suggest trying Evoland 2 first. It really is one of the best games to download and try out.


Evoland 2 Game is one of the top selling PC download games worldwide. The game involves the story of a young girl, Leona, who must save her father from a band of pirates who kidnapped him while she was on a business trip. The girl is also accompanied by a robot that assists her in fighting the battles and quests. To save her father, Leona must find all the clues and locate the Pirate hideout and defeat all the enemies there. The Premium Pro Game features an extensive amount of content that is included inside the game.


Evoland 2: A Slight Case Of Spacetime Continuum Disorder comes packed with an extensive amount of content. There are four episodes of the single player campaign, three difficulty levels, five hidden chests, five achievements, five mini-games, one leader board and one challenge mode. This is just a quick run through of the content of this high quality video game Evoland 2 Game.

Fully unlocked

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To give you a good overview of the whole Evoland 2 Game, let me give you a brief Evoland 2 review. You play the role of Leona, the heroine of this fantastic and captivating adventure game. In order to save your father and find the Grand Master’s hidden journal, you will have to put an effort into the game’s main gameplay mechanics and strategy guide.


The hero’s journey in Evoland 2 Game starts when he realizes that his father was once a pirate captain. At first, the boy doesn’t understand why his father would be willing to leave his home and family all for nothing. But after discovering some information inside the journal, he comes to the conclusion that pirates may have been his father’s enemies. To gather more information on the Grand Master’s whereabouts, Leona gets help from some allies as well as enemies. These allies help her complete her mission and find the Grand Master’s whereabouts before the pirates do.


The first part of the game involves exploration of some islands located on the west coast of Europe. The hero has to visit each island and perform several tasks in order to progress through the game’s campaign. There are several islands where you can choose to do tasks like searching for information and capturing pictures and you will have to complete them in order to proceed further in the game. The underwater scenes are very interesting. The underwater experience offers a great deal of excitement and a number of things for the player to explore. For instance, when you are in a battleship, you will notice that there are actually two different views while you are boarding the ship – one is from the ground and another is from the sky.


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One of the unique features of Evoland 2 is its top-down perspective. In this game, you will notice that there are actually two views while you are boarding the ship. You will be able to see what is below and what is on the other side of the deck from the sea. The battles are also done top-down and this offers the player a good view on how the battle is being fought. However, the limited view may hinder you from being able to do certain actions and therefore, it is recommended that you learn about the abilities and skills of your ally before going on to battle.


Once you have finished exploring all the islands in the campaign, the second part begins and this is the boss battle with a pirate captain. When you are fighting with the captain, you will notice that the view is from above. It is quite difficult to attack the enemy from the air so the best thing to do is to use the various allies available to you to attack the enemy once they start approaching from below. Once you have killed the enemy captain, you will notice that the game will proceed to the third part which is the treasure room. In this part, you will have to defeat more pirate soldiers before entering inside the treasure room.

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The third part of the game deals with an evacuation procedure as you have to fly to the island on the helicopter and there you will have to defeat more enemies as well as several boss characters. The bottom-down perspective during the Evoland 2 campaign allows the player to really feel the excitement as one will be using various ally powers to destroy his enemies. The player is also given a full view of the entire map when he is playing in the third person perspective mode.