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Image Meter is a free and commercial-free program that can be used for different purposes. It shows the digital image quality of your pictures and other relevant information. The best thing about this app is that it can be used online and it can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Image Meter App does not require any kind of external storage media or plug-in to be installed in the gadget. You only need a modern mobile phone that supports the Java platform for running the app.


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Image Meter app allows you to analyze different kinds of digital images such as JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP and others. You can choose the size of the images that you want to analyze. There are various tools available with this app like Histogram, Grayscale, spectrum analysis, density map, curve fitting, hue-shifting, saturation etc. The images can be analyzed based on their pixels. It also provides multiple display options, which include the histogram, grayscale, and spectrum.

Download Image Meter apk latest version 2021

This app allows you to save your selected images. After that, you can share the images to your friends through Email, message or IM. You can also use these images in websites that are similar to yours. This is the best features of this app. If you are looking for the best features in this app, then there are many more in store. Here are a few of them.


One of the best features is the live preview option. The images shown will be exactly as they appear on the screen of your device. You can zoom in and out to get a clear view of every image. This feature helps you analyze the images without any loss of color. It also saves a lot of time because you don’t have to switch between different views.


Image Meters can measure the quality of the images by providing a split screen mode. You can select the images to be displayed or all of them. The best part about this is that the images shown can be exported as PDF’s.

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Image Meters can be set to display the images in different resolutions. This helps you to analyze the quality of the images appropriately. The images shown are scalable or non-scaled. The images shown can be viewed in portrait mode, landscape mode, and also large picture mode.


The images that are displayed in the meter’s interface can be chosen and placed at different places on the grid. The grid can be arranged to show the exact measurement of the dimensions of the selected images. This is very convenient as you can just note the distance between two points using the mouse. If you want to zoom in and out of the images, just drag the grid to any position.


There are a number of useful features that you will get when you download the iPad version of the Image Meter app. The app features an animated map, which helps you to select images and measure the resolution of the images. The images chosen can also be exported as PDF’s. To view the images, you just need to select the images, tap on the Select button, and the images shown will appear in the meter in the usual way.


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In addition, the iPad version of the Image Meter has a special feature called GeoLocating. With the GeoLocating feature, the user can see the exact location where the selected images were taken. He or she can also see where they need to go to get more accurate measurements of the location of the chosen images. This way, one can easily determine the exact place where the image was taken using the Maps application.

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The images shown in the meter’s app are measured in DPI. This refers to the dots/ples that are used to indicate the resolution of the images. Usually the DPI of the images is determined by the manufacturer, but the images shown can be customized by the end user if he or she wants to see the images in a much higher DPI. The user can change the DPI to fit his or her needs, and the images still will not be blurry, or the picture will be cut off when the DPI is changed.


To make things easier for the user, the images are shown in map form as well. With the map function, the images are placed on a map that can be dragged and dropped. Moreover, the images can be rotated and the map can also be viewed from a to coordinate perspective. Thus, the images in the images meter app can be viewed from all angles and the user can see where exactly the selected map is located.


Is there any wonder why many users are highly recommending XoftSpy for Image Meter App? The reason this is so good app is it lets you download the images from high resolution at the speed you desire and it also will analyze the image quality. This is so great for new guys here you could easily download the official apk from the link below and this Download Image Meter Appk is awesome today enjoy. Image Meter App gives you quick and powerful diagnostic tools to detect problems on cell phone pictures. The main features are:

Image Meter App Story


Image Meter App: The Image Meter App enables you to monitor and manage your selected images. It detects defects or visual blemishes present in selected images and then offers a full resolution preview of the selected images as a JPEG file. You can also easily save the selected images and easily share them with your friends through email, IM, instant messenger or FTP. You could also check out all selected images taken by the camera with the help of the built-in image viewer. Image Meter App comes with the latest version which has the ability to adjust the background intensity and the image contrast.


Image Effects: You could get the best effects in your photographs with the help of this handy application. The Image Effects offer various options such as ‘Matte Finish’ & ‘Rusty finish’ etc. Matte Finish enhances the resolution of your selected images. It is available as either a regular or a unique mode. Rusty finish provides the red glow effect to your selected image.


Gallery Options: This app allows you to view the images picked by you in different albums. There are many options to choose from such as size, light, dark, etc. The amount of light is determined by the ‘Settings’ option. It can be changed to different colors such as blue, pink, green, purple, orange and yellow.


Image Motion Detection: This feature would detect the movement of any image and display the same on the screen. The images detected would remain on the screen while the motion is going on. The time period between the two events is also customizable.


Image Zoom: You could use this feature to zoom in and out the image. The ‘zosanity’ option in this mode applies random distortion correction. You could select the number of pixels that this application zooms.


Image Stretching: This feature stretches an image to fill the whole canvas. This mode could stretch any shape and rotate, flip and zoom. The ‘auto-stretch’ option is available. This application uses the Pencil Drawing tool in Photoshop.


Image Masking: This option would create a mask of the image based on the currently selected images. You could even combine several images to make a single ‘mask’. The ‘increased size’ option lets you increase the size of the images automatically. The ‘layer blend’ lets you blend several images and place them at different locations of the screen.


Image Rotating: If you rotate your images, the Image Meter will automatically rotate as well. This application uses the Rotateicon tool in Photoshop. It displays the title, size, content and red-eye on the rotated images. The images appear as if they are floating.


Image Scaling: The ‘fit’ option could be used to automatically center or stretch an image. A ‘weighted float’ option could center or round an image to the nearest point. If the user resizes an image, the scale ruler appears on the top-right corner. This application has a ‘Transparency’ tab.

Image Meter App Graphics and Visual Quality

Image Zooming/Panning: This function could pan or zoom an image. The ‘auto-pan’ option lets you capture the nearest image with the current distance. There is an option for fixed or adjustable pan and zoom. If you click on the ‘rectangular area’ while clicking over an image, the images in the rectangular areas appears enlarged.


Image Masks: You can create, edit, resize or delete image masks. Image masks are the red-eye effect and shadowing around certain images. They are very useful when you want to remove all the other images from one image and you still want to see the details of a certain area. There is also a mask overlay option available. If you click on this option, a transparent background is created around all the selected images. Image meters in action using this easy-to-use tool.