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If you have been looking for a free to play game on Facebook that allows you to grow and maintain plants, then you definitely want to check out Plant Mania Game. It’s free to play on Facebook right now. The Plant Mania Game is a fun and addicting game that allows you to care for and grow plants in order to save your farm. You can buy seeds, plants, fences, and everything you need to grow your farm right inside the app!

Experience After Reviw

With a paid subscription, you will unlock all the premium features. Some of the premium features include:


Unlock the “eco-friendly” icon. I love the green environment featured in this game. A lot of the icons in Facebook are not eco-friendly, so it makes me feel good to see one that is. Also, you get access to the premium tutorials and video lessons as well.


Play against other players. You can compete with other Facebook players for the highest score. Plant Mania Game has a leader board so you can track your progress. The game features an extremely challenging game play that keeps you playing until you are defeated or quit.


Enjoy customizing your game. One of the nice features of the premium membership is the ability to personalize your game. I especially like the different plants that are available in the game. You can have any kind of flower, vegetable, etc.


Invite your friends over to play. Plant Mania Game has an excellent user interface which makes it easy to invite your friends over to play. I especially like the group chats in the game. You can even send cute emoticons during game play. You can also give tips to other players during lobby messages.

Effects & Sounds

Collect all the rewards. When you are playing you will notice that you are rewarded for each level. You will receive seeds, capsules and plants every time you successfully complete a level. Collect all the rewards to unlock new plants and capsules.


Enjoy the premium features. The premium features of the Plant Mania Game are fantastic. There are several special gifts for purchasing the premium membership. The Planting Mastery book is just one of the many useful things that are included in the membership. I really enjoy the game. The graphics and sound are both great.


Plant the plants wisely. Make sure that you plant the right kind of plants in the right location. This will help increase your level. I love the fact that I can increase my level simply by planting the right kind of trees and plants. The different colors of the leaves also help add to the visual appeal of the game.


Plant the rare species. Rare plants are rare to get. The rarity of the plant will determine the level required to harvest the plant. Make sure you plant those rare species. The Planting Mastery book will help you know which rare species are available and where.


Get help from the forums. You can read the Plant Mania Game discussion forums to get valuable information about the Plant Mania Game. You can learn about strategies and tricks used by other players to have success with the game. These forums will also help you avoid making common mistakes when it comes to planting plants.

Graphics and Visual Quality

Plant trees around your house. Planting trees around your house will allow you to save time because you can just sit back, relax, and let the plants grow. It is a great way to earn some money too. Once your plants have started to grow, you can plant seeds and take them to a planting center and let them be grown.


Make sure you are always ready. Be sure to have the latest update for the Plant Mania Game. This update includes new features, improvements, and bug fixes. You don’t want to lose your progress in the game because you weren’t sure if something happened. Make sure you always have the latest version. It will make all the difference in the world.


In Plant Mania Game, you are tasked to grow and maintain a vast network of colorful, vibrant plants all over the world. Your task is not finished until a specific number of these plants have been completely grown. Each level of the game comes with its own set of challenges that stretch your patience. Unlocking secrets and finishing tasks are just a few of the many things you can accomplish while enjoying this fun game.


Plant Mania Game has superb graphics for its platform. The crisp, detailed graphics express the natural feel of growing and maintaining a large array of plants. Plant Mania Game’s primary component, the graphics, runs at a smooth frame rate and supports Xbox-native resolutions. A well designed user interface allows users to quickly find their way around the different stages of the game. The user-friendly interface also facilitates the use of various controls that facilitate the game play, including the plant growth meter, the water meter, the plant menu, the fertilizer meter, and other useful tools.

Fully unlocked

Sound and music are both highly enhanced in Plant Mania Game. The sound effects are quite lively and fit the theme of the game. Likewise, the visual images of plants are exceptionally rich and satisfying to the eyes. The use of textures and filters enhance the graphic quality further. The game also comes with a quality level of playability, which ranges from “very challenging” to “moderately challenging.” However, if you do not know where to start or how to proceed, you may want to take the time to read through the in-game instructions and watch a video tutorial that can help you get started.


Although Plant Mania Game has several challenges, the game plays much more smoothly and is therefore considered to be more relaxing than competitors. The plant growth and watering system are simple enough to allow for fast action when playing the game. Even the artificial intelligence of the plants in the game is simple enough that you can easily make out what kind of plant is being used by looking at the screen. The plant menu allows you to select the plant that will bestow upon the player with the highest points for that particular category.


Plants in Plant Mania Game come in many varieties and each variety only requires a certain amount of water and fertilizer to grow. Some plants only need fertilizer, while others require both. In this manner, you can have the variety of plants that you prefer. You can also have as many plants as you like without the need to go through the process of breeding them, unless you want to breed for money or other such objectives.


When plants in the Plant Mania Game are about to be planted, they are automatically watered and fertilized. Once the initial stage is done, you can then use the plants’ menu to plant more of them. Fertilizers are only available when the plant needs it, and once they have been depleted, they cannot be re-supplied. If you are trying to save money, you can also disable the automatic watering feature and the fertilizing feature. Just remember that the more plants you have, the more water they will require, so make sure you plant enough of them to cover all the land in the game.


When the game is over, you can use the research feature to see which plants are the best for you. This list will let you know which plants are good for what kind of land and which ones should you avoid. You can also buy seeds from the shop, but since you get these seeds free, you may not want to buy every single seed you see. Remember, you can buy fertilizer separately from seeds, so you don’t have to waste your money. You can even research new plants by going to the help feature, which will tell you more about the type of plants available in the Shop.


Plant Mania Game offers an option for unlimited number of plants to grow. This means that you can grow as many plants as you want without spending any money. Buy the seeds or purchase fertilizer to keep them healthy. You can also get decorations for your garden as decoration items. These are just some of the ways how you can earn money in the Plant Mania Game. Find out more about the options and features in the Plant Mania Game for more information.


Use the rain to grow up and be carefull about the storm!

Plant Mania

Download Plant Mania Mod Apk v0.1.0 (MOD, Premium Unlocked) Free For Android

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