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Dragon Mania Legends (MOD, All Dragon Unlocked) Free For Android – If you’re looking for a great casual game, I would recommend downloading the free version. The game is free, so you have to play it for as long as you like. guys here you can download the official apk which is made for you here you got all features unlocked no need to pay money, and Dragon Mania Legends apk download now and enjoy.


Dragon Mania Legends MOD latest version 5.9.0k

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dragon mania legends

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Dragon Mania Legends Game is an interesting casual mobile phone game produced by Gameloft and published in January of this year. It’s been released for all significant mobile operating systems including the iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, iPad and Android. It features the narrative of Dragon Ball, a Japanese anime series. Players have the option to control either a Saiyan (primary protagonist) or a Frieza (rival), together with the chief aim of beating all opponents.


Download Dragon Mania Legends apk latest version 2021

Dragon Mania Legends Game


Here is the first mobile game developed by four mobile game programmers. They’ve combined the best elements of classic arcade games with the ability of playing smart telephones, allowing gamers to enjoy such games while on the go.


This is a relatively simple game, which allows the player to control only 1 character or an army of personalities. The game is composed of five levels where the player must conquer enemies and bosses. The levels consist of seven phases and are divided into two classes. In each phase the player must clear the seven stages within a specific time limitation.


The game has four sub degrees, where the participant will face harder enemies and boss battles. The player can replay the earlier phases if he loses. If a participant fails to clear a level, the stage will reset automatically. The level advancement can be produced through unlocking new characters that are playable. Once unlocked, the participant may pick from various heroes like Vegeta, Goku, Piccolo, Frieza, and Cell.


The gameplay requires the player to maneuver his character in order to jump, attack and perform combos. Additionally, it requires the participant to use the arrow keys to alter the character’s direction. The character’s power can be increased by consuming it energy and when sufficient energy is used the character will gain an excess life, and once the character’s life bar depletes then it will become weak and will have less damage capacity. If the character becomes weak enough, it’s going to need to recharge itself before being able to take a different assault. When it reaches the level where it’s weak, a timer will appear over the screen. When the timer reaches zero, the participant will have to feed energy in order to make it stronger.

Dragon Mania Legends apk download

Every character has special attacks that have special effects. These special attacks can be implemented by tapping the character’s icon. When the attack button has been pressed, the hero will establish a special attack, which is followed by a combo that deals additional damage.

The game has five levels, which may be performed separately or in a race against other players. The game has two modes out there. The primary mode allows the participant to select between a CPU opponent and an authentic human competitor in one on one matches. The second style allows the player to challenge the exact same competition in a multi-character manner.


The developers have put a lot of effort and time into making this a great game. The graphics are excellent, the audio is good, and the controls are simple.

Dragon Mania Legends apk all unlocked

The controls may seem a bit tricky at first. The character moves very slowly but the images demonstrate that it was put together very well. The player does not need to hold down the mouse to aim the character, instead there’s a’hold’ button and a’flame’ button to use the special attack.


The game is easy to begin playing and you can also practice online, if you desire. It has over 90 levels and over twenty five characters, which means you won’t ever run out of fun in playing the game.


This is a superb game for everyone from children to adults. The images are excellent, the music is great, the sound effects are superb, and the controls are great. For a fantastic time with your buddies, the game is essential have.