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Dragon Village New Game is the brand new sensation in the Facebook gaming world. Now you can actually play Dragon Village now from anywhere you would like. Just go to google play site and search for Dragon Village. Install the app on your device and start enjoying Dragon Village with your nearest and dearest.

Graphics and Visual Quality

This new Dragon Village New Gameplay has drawn a huge response from people all over the world. The game is completely story based and involves a set of eight characters who find themselves in an unusual situation. If you are someone who loves to read then this game is perfect for you…


There are two versions available in Google play: Standard and premium. The one that I like the most is the premium one that comes packed with 50+ high brow games to play like pubs, sushi bar, sushi buffet, high brow casino, bowling alley, ice cream parlor, high brow arcade, and many more… In the bonus section, you can also download Dragon Village New Game Screen Capture, which is a high brow Photoshop action movie (with sound). It’s pretty hilarious and worth the download cost.


The standard version of Dragon Village comes with 30 games that you can choose from. The game is very relaxing and doesn’t have much of a competitive element. There is no need to worry about a group of friends being down to get your blood pumping. You can easily kill time by shooting the breeze on your home screen. That’s where I spent a lot of my time, on my home screen.


The only downside I can think of with Dragon Village New Game is the fact that it comes with the same old song that plays while you’re playing the game. It’s “Dragons Breath Serenade” (I’m not sure why they asked me to remaster it). I would have liked to have some choice words added to the song, maybe something like “Sail on you crazy birds!” That or something similar. But hey, I’m not complaining.

Effects & Sounds

The controls are simple. The left and right arrows will move the player around the screen. There are other buttons as well but they are hard to find and are kind of awkward when you press them. You will need to learn how to use the d-pad correctly if you want to get good with the controls.


Dragon Village New Game is an excellent flash game. I have always enjoyed doing the same things over again. Dragon Village is no exception. I love the graphics and animations. Even the sound effects are great.


If you enjoy adventure games and like gaming on your computer, then Dragon Village New Game is a must have. If you don’t like those games then forget this one. It’s not a must buy but a nice game to play once in a while. If you enjoy playing browser games on your computer Dragon Village New Game is worth checking out. I know I do. Time to give it a go.


The story in Dragon Village New Game is about a boy who lives in a peaceful village. One day he dreams that he is dragons. He goes on to explore the woods and along the way he meets other like minded children who also want to explore the woods. As the children start to play the game, they start to see other villages. As they explore the other villages, they begin to work together to protect them from the Dragon Village which is a menace to all of earth.

Experience After Reviw

Dragon Village New Game is an enjoyable flash game. It is different from other flash games. I for one love adventure games but I feel this game does a good job of creating an adventure. I really liked the story and the graphics. I also liked the animation and how the characters move.


To play Dragon Village New Game, you will need to have Adobe Flash installed on your computer. It might be difficult to download but it is available for most computers. When you first download it, you will see a lot of ads that will block your progress but don’t worry, after you remove these ads you can play the game without any problems. The game has many levels, so you will want to make yourself level 10 or higher before trying the easier levels.


If you are not too fond of the story or just want to play the flash game instead, you can always try the other versions. There are other versions with different characters and stories that you can play instead. I really enjoyed playing the game and hope that you do too. Enjoy your free time!

Fully unlocked

◼︎ Dispel the wicked magic and save the dragon eggs.
The Black Robe’s wicked magic has transmuted the dragon eggs.
Grow in skill to undo his curses and restore the eggs.

◼︎ Learn about dragons.
As the Tamer, you’ll gain knowledge about dragons
while saving their eggs, and then hatch and evolve them.
You can also record your activities in the Book.

Dragon Village New

◼︎ Use the Book to save more dragons.
The more you fill the Book with records, the more knowledgeable you’ll be at lifting curses.
Save as many dragons as you can and protect the world.

◼︎ Learn User skills as you fill the Book.

◼︎ Create your own dragons with unique abilities.

◼︎ A vast world and a myriad of dragons await you.
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Download Dragon Village New Mod Apk v1.0.3 (Unlimited Food/Gems/Coins) Free For Android

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