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29 Apr 2021
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Dragon x Dragon



Dragon or Dragon is the prefect game to play with your family this Christmas season. Even if your family doesn’t have any interest in video games, they will be enthralled with Dragon’s Tale which is coming to a free downloadable early next year. The game involves a little bit of technology and some simple moves that’s not too hard to understand and implement. Here are the best features of the Dragon or Dragon game for free download.

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The first feature that sets Dragon or Dragon apart from other similar games is its use of a real dragon instead of just a fantasy creature. This is because the main character in the story, who is known as Dragon, is a long, scaled beast that towers over other creatures. It is up to the player’s help, and the skills of their character, to help them defeat Dragon. The game gives players an excellent chance to see some of the locations in Korea and Japan. Although these are fairly unknown locations, fans of the game will surely be able to recognize the scenery.


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The second best feature of the game is the exciting storyline. The Dragon’s Tale begins with the murder of a merchant. There have been many misunderstandings between the people of the two regions, and many different characters begin to fall in love and have a falling out. When the player finally discovers the murderer and the motives behind the crime, it leads them into a whole new world that has magic, monsters, and a whole lot of twists and turns. Players can also expect a thrilling battle against the Dragon, and an all-out battle against the evil Night Queen, which will be the basis of the game’s plot.

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Throughout the game, you will be given several challenges. Some are environmental, where you have to prevent darkness from taking over the land by protecting the townsfolk, while others are mechanical, where you have to defeat enemies and collect items. These tasks are not easy, and they will keep you on your toes. They also give the player a sense of accomplishment as they reach the end of the game. The free Dragon’s Tale trailer shows off one of the mechanical enemies, the Night Queen. It looks like she is strong enough to destroy the player’s character.


The graphics and the effects are both top notch. The colorful graphics show off the fantastic animation of the game, and the effects are great, with very little pop up and lots of 3D effects. This means that you won’t have to spend a lot of time waiting for the game to load.


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The battle system has also undergone a complete overhaul. Dragon’s Tale features an all new fighting system, one that has actually improved on the combat of the original release. The controls are fluid and responsive, and the action is engaging. You can expect plenty of multiplayer online games to be released on the Wii, due to the success of Dragon X.

New Update 2021

There is also a brand new mini-game on the website that can be played in between levels. Dragon’s Tear is basically the game you’ve seen on the trailers, but it is in high definition. The mini-game takes place in a prison, and involves a bit of puzzle solving and platforming as well as fighting. This is one of the games that will make the Wii more popular among Wii owners. The free trial will run for a limited amount of time, so you have to act quickly if you want the full version of Dragon X.


The website is currently accepting applications from new testers. If you are one of them, then you can download the beta version of Dragon X from the site. This is one of the most exciting new releases on the market. It will be available at a very affordable price, and it is an instant download, so you won’t have to wait for the official release.