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Dub Music Player is one of the best music players available on the market. I have owned one for a number of years, and it was one of the first music players I owned that I actually was impressed by. I am a huge fan of Dubstep, and this player is able to play Dubstep tracks in high quality without any distortion whatsoever. The built-in virtual rack makes it easy to set up all sorts of music tracks. It also comes with an excellent sound board, complete with effects waders, pad loops, and virtual DJ sounds and music tracks. This player is what I would call “A+ certified.”

Graphics and Visual Quality

I was somewhat worried about the sound quality when I purchased the Dub Music Player Premium App. The price tag put me off at first, but after using the device for a couple of weeks I found out it wasn’t all that bad. Sound quality varied slightly, but not noticeably. My ears weren’t horribly affected by the distortion, though there were some low-frequency sounds occasionally present. These were usually brief and would be easily overpowered by the rest of the sound.


The bass boost feature offered on the Player is extremely useful when looping through music, as it really improves the sound quality when you loop through a song with heavy bass lines. But to be honest, even if you don’t loop through lots of heavy bass tracks the bass boost can be useful to add to your music. But again, if you do not loop through a lot of heavy bass music the lack of bass extension the Equalizer offers will probably be limited.


One feature I found very useful was the “virtual display” of the display. I could see exactly which track my plays were on the screen, and even saw how many played songs were left. This in itself makes this an exceptional feature – you get to know exactly how many songs you have played, something which can’t always be determined by running iTunes and looking at the record count. Another feature that can sometimes be useful is the “play next” option, which allows you to skip to the next song in case you come across a boring track while trying to listen to something new.

Effects & Sounds

When it comes to sound quality, the Dub Music Player Premium App gets a fairly high rating. It’s worth saying that compared to other iOS devices such as the iPad and iPhone, the sound quality on the Player is quite poor. However, if you are going to be streaming or using the equalizer on your iPhone, it is likely that you will be most annoyed by this. This could be an issue with the audio server, or if you are using one of the apps that are not set up properly to begin with your iPhone.


That being said, the Equalizer Premium App is well worth a download for any serious Dubstep Artist out there. It has a number of different features, allowing you to expand your range of possible songs to play and lets you listen to them in any order you like. One of the key features is the repeat function, which lets you input a repeatable track into the equalizer – so if you want to play one song repeatedly, you just do it. This feature also enables you to skip to the next song, should you find one lacking. If you want to mix tracks together, you can do so with the Repeat Play function too.


One of the best parts of the Dub Music Player is its extensive list of Dubstep instruments and sounds. It includes such favourites as the kick drum, the bass line, the kick drum sync, the snare, the hi-hat and hi-down cymbals. If you’ve ever been blessed with having access to a PC as a teenager, you might remember having to manually type in musical notes on a PC keyboard – something that still baffles many modern computer users. Thankfully, the Dub Music Player comes with an easy-to-use “notation” button and a vast array of keyboard shortcuts, making entering a wide variety of musical information a cinch.

Experience After Reviw

The Dub Music Player is a truly comprehensive and feature-rich equalizer. It allows you to mix tracks using three different audio effects, has an equalizer, a compressor and a limiting system. Best of all, it’s designed to be very easy to use and has a comprehensive help button and FAQ page, as well as an online community forum. There are only a few other equalizer products out there that offer as much value for money as this one does, making the Dub Music Player one of the best values you can get for the money. Check out the Dub Music Player today!