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Elite Squad: War Skills is the newest entry in the long-running Elite Squad series. The new game promises an experience far beyond what we’ve come to expect from Elite Squad: Gunner. For one thing, there’s absolutely no tutorial. This makes things a little bit tricky, especially for first-timers. I’ll run through a couple of tips on how to make this game as easy as possible.

Elite Squad Game












The main character in this game is an elite sniper called Alpha Flight, who is part of a special forces unit called the Diamond Force. Unlike most of the previous Elite Squad games, where the characters were pretty much standard soldiers, here they are experienced and skilled marksmen that you’ll have to train in everything from rifle handling to vehicle handling and stealth strategies. The story revolves around a pair of squad-mates that are out on a reconnaissance mission. On the way, things get complicated when their tank gets hit by an RPG vehicle and it starts to move. Then something happens that changes everything. It might not sound very interesting, but this setup has a lot of potential in a gacha-style shooting game, even if it’s not exactly deep.

Elite Squad Game Story

The point is this: the player isn’t just looking for his objective in each level. He also has a number of different skill trees to choose between, each with several different weapons, perks and upgrades to choose from as he progresses through the game. You can upgrade your rifle to an AAR and fire accurately over and above the target’s position. There’s so much more that you can do in Elite Squad Game, and it’s all thanks to the in-game gacha-style of gameplay.


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In essence, this means that we get two different types of gameplay in this game: the gacha-style of gameplay and traditional gameplay. The gacha-style style is pretty simple. It’s a short cut that the developers made, where you’ll have to use the items you find around to do some damage. It can be fun, but there’s no depth to it. Elite Squad Game is all about using your skills to complete your missions.


Elite Squad Game uses a new kind of gacha-style gameplay. It’s a little like a game show, where the objective is to try to get a panel across the screen by shooting an attacking enemy. The panel you’re aiming for will appear, and you’ll need to shoot it in a certain sequence of events in order to destroy it and move on. You can see other players shooting at your target, and if you want to eliminate some challenges, you can purchase power ups which give you a few extra points per shot.


That means you need to think about your strategy. You can’t waste any time moving from one section of a level to the next. If you hurry through the action, you’ll get to take down more opponents before running out of lives. This is a simple concept that is worked into the game well. Since you have limited lives, you need to conserve your energy, and you can’t spend it on unnecessary items.


However, you need to be careful about wasting your lives. You’ll earn money by shooting enemies, but you also have to kill something or someone in the process. If you don’t, you’ll have to restart the stage from the beginning, and you won’t earn anything more than the money you spent. This feels like a worthwhile system, but it can also cause you a lot of frustration if you aren’t able to get inside the opponents’ base. Fortunately, Elite Squad Game has a tutorial that explains the concept well, so you should feel confident with your abilities after the first few times.


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The tutorial will also teach you how to construct buildings and vehicles so that you’re ready for any situation. As long as you practice, you’ll eventually know how to beat every enemy and eliminate every threat inside the game. This doesn’t just make Elite Squad Game fun, but it also helps you improve your aim, timing, and stamina so that you can finish the game faster.


You come into contact with an elite squad of commandos who are there to put an end to the evil scheme and stop the sinister plans. They are after one thing only… And that is your scalp! In Elite Squad Game, you get to lead your own personal squad and take part in each battle and go on a mission to stop the enemy and put an end to their diabolical plans. There are many elements and game modes in this strategy-filled game and if you are up to beating the clock and earning enough points to win, you definitely need this game.


However, this game has more than its fair share of flaws and it becomes really difficult to win the game, especially if you do not know what exactly you are doing. I for one did not understand the whole plot holes until I was pointed out by someone who played the game more than once. Although I loved the concept of squad-based tactics and being able to follow orders without having to think too much about it, I still did not understand it at first. If you do not pay attention at certain parts of the gameplay, you may miss something important and that is the core of the game. With the shallow gameplay and poor story, it makes it hard to achieve goals, but that is Elite Squad Game’s charm after all.

Elite Squad Game Graphics and Visual Quality

The Elite Squad Game revolves around a single player campaign set in the distant future of earth. That means you get to play as an agent and carry out missions and accomplish objectives within the shortest time possible. But things get complicated when you start learning the ropes of using the gacha-style leveling system that boosts your skills and abilities as an agent. It also means you need to know more about the different strategies you can apply to beat the game’s challenges.


I will not go into detail about the deep gameplay, since I am sure you have played the game. In Elite Squad Game, things get extremely simple as soon as you start using the gacha-style leveling system. Basically, this system allows you to earn credits by playing mini-games within the game. These credits can then be spent on various things, ranging from new gears and weapons to new agents and skills. However, I must point out that the money system used in this game is rather shallow. It only works on a few things and it gives very little incentive to spend your time earning more credits other than the fact that it allows you to buy more powerful agents.


I would classify Elite Squad Game as a simulation game with nice graphics. It also has decent sound effects and the overall visual quality of the game is above average. All the factors mentioned so far combine to make this game fun and exciting. The storyline of the game is very interesting and it draws you into its fast-paced action. You get to see a lot of different things within the game, and this helps you understand the game better.

Experience After Elite Squad Gameplay

Despite the linearity of the storyline, you will occasionally encounter random events that can lead you to other points of the story. These secondary stories are usually well-written and look very well realized. You will also get to play some neat mini-games while you are playing the game, which help make things more interesting and entertaining. They can range from puzzle games to card games, and this makes Elite Squad Game very replayable.


The combat system in this game is also well thought out. Your squad members can be ordered to do various things in combat sequences, which can range from simple ambushes to massive attacks on a city block. You can also order them to execute special moves, depending on the situation. Each sequence is well thought out and looks quite convincing. Some sequences will be hard to execute, but they are never frustrating to try and execute, making Elite Squad Game fun and addictive game.

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Elite Squad Game is available for both Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation 2. You can find the latter version cheaper as compared to the former. However, the Xbox Live Arcade version has better graphics, faster game speeds, and there are more game types available. You can play Elite Squad Game for thirty minutes every day, which is not a bad idea at all. Also, if you happen to like the idea of playing Elite Squad through Xbox Kinect, then you should definitely check out the beta. The Kinect version does look quite nice as well!