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Elona Mobile Game is the latest release of a long awaited classic roguelike game. It’s so old it’s still known as Elona. This classic computer game is similar to many other computer RPGs (role playing games). If you’ve never heard of Elona, here’s a little bit about it and where it came from.

Graphics and Visual Quality

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Elona is the third part in the Eternal War series. Before I go any further, I must tell you that if you want to skip all the cutscenes and other stuff in the first part, you should stop reading this article right now. You won’t miss anything important. The story starts with the main character, your dear old grandma, having an important message to deliver. In fact, she needs your help to get out of some hard situations. However, before you can help her, you have to acquire this Elona Mobile Game first.


The Elona Mobile Game is a rogue-lite RPG game where your task is to make your way through the open world while avoiding dangerous traps and the nasty enemies roaming around. Elona’s storyline follows the tale of an evil witch named Lyra, who lives in a cruel and prosperous land named Telara. When her husband was killed during battle, Lyra vows to avenge her late husband and take care of her beloved son, Corrin. To accomplish her goals, she will need to acquire powerful magical powers, gather strong allies and use strategies to conquer enemy castles and other points within the game’s open world.


Elona Mobile Game is actually very different from its predecessors. Unlike the old games that require you to grind some points or other activities, in this one you actually get to see the location of all items and objects you’ve collected throughout your journey. Items and objects are clearly marked where they are located on the map, so it would be much easier for you to find them. Plus, there are also several mini-games that come along with Elona. These are primarily focused on increasing your skills, strengthening your weapon and other strategies, which will increase your chance to level up faster.

Effects & Sounds

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You can play Elona through the web browser if you’re using IOS devices or through the mobile web browser if you’re using Android devices. If you’re using other mobile devices, you can simply download Elona Mobile Game through the IOS mobile app store or through Google Play. These apps let you enjoy the game right from your smartphone or tablet. Other apps that you can choose from include: Battlefields Chronicles, Drive & Survive, Facebook Universe, Gem City, Kingdom of Heroes, Medieval Fortune and many more!


Aside from the web browser or mobile web browser, you can also download Elona Mobile Game through the PC application store. There are several versions for both the iPhone and the iPad. The iPhone version is actually based on the popular card game called “Mazes and Monsters.” This version is designed especially for the Apple iPhone and the iPad. However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have a lot of choices for other mobile apps!


Since Elona Mobile Game is an application, you may need to install it first in order to successfully start playing it and progress through the game. The only thing you need to do here is to make sure that your device has enough memory to run it. For people who are still using the android OS, you need to download the ” memu play” program which is able to read the data from your memory card and transfer it to your computer. Once your device has enough memory to run the said program, you can already download Elona’s free mobile game. For your PC, you can either use the installation program offered by Elona or copy all the files found in your “My Documents” to your desktop. Once you have copied all the files, you can now install the program on your PC and let it work for its goal.

Experience After Reviw

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If you are still using android to browse the internet and check your email, the process will be quite easier since you have the “Google Android Client” installed on your PC. You don’t even need to download Elona Mobile Game to your PC. Just make sure that your android device is connected to the internet via a wireless connection. Once everything is set up, you can easily start playing your game on your PC. So what are you waiting for?


Elona is an upcoming mobile MMORPG game developed by Japanese designer Noa Kohaku. Her full name is Elona Lily Lovato. Elona is a new, fully-fledged Roguelike video game developed by Japanese designer Noa Kohaku. Its original name is short for ‘Eternia’. Noa started developing Elona in 2021, following projects like Ancient Domains of Mystery, and other roguelikes.


Elona’s story follows the tale of two lovers who crash their marriage due to falling out of love. In order to save their relationship, they team up and attempt to repair their relationship using special powers they obtain from the bottom up. However, things go awry when one of them falls into a deep trance and the other dies. To save his life, they have to travel to an alternate world, Elona, and use its guardian angel to restore their relationship. In order to facilitate this, the two are forced to use powerful artifacts called mana stones that can be obtained through in-game purchases.

Fully unlocked

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The story of Elona revolves around the world of Tyria, where two unlikely characters find themselves fighting off monsters and creatures while trying to fulfill their own personal goals and desires. One of these characters is titled Llora, while the other is named Luke. Their fates eventually intertwined and they start to travel across Elona, fulfilling their own objectives along the way. Elona is built upon the successful principles of classic MMORPGs, namely the use of a turn-based gameplay that enables the player to progress through its various stages by acquiring more skills and unlocking new areas for exploration.


In addition to this, Elona features a fully touch-screen interface, which makes it very easy for its players to enjoy the engaging gameplay, even while on the go. This is because all the controls of the game can be executed by either tapping or sliding across the screen. The in-game menu helps the players find items, equipments, weapons, and spells right away. It also offers a complete list of available quests and locations so that you can set your objectives and progress through the game accordingly.


Elona Mobile Game also features an original roguelike gameplay. The most notable feature of the game is its use of randomly generated maps, which help in generating interesting levels and stages for your journey. Apart from this, Elona features an item system, which allows the player to acquire rare items as you progress through the game. Each stage of the game comes with a pre-set number of items, which further ensures that you don’t run out of anything to do throughout your journey. For those who are more interested in immersing themselves in a wonderful world filled with magic and mystery, then you will definitely love the roguelike gameplay and the natural puzzles that come with it.


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Another major difference between Elona Mobile Game and other Roguelikes is the use of a tile based minimap. Rather than following a linear path, you will be able to travel around your’map’ using a circular motion. This will allow you to take advantage of both large spaces and narrow corridors, and also cover large distances in less time. Unlike most Roguelikes, you will also be able to purchase new weapons and armor during your journey. You can also purchase potions that can boost your stats, or heal yourself and others.


Elona Mobile Game is compatible with all the major cell phone models and operates on the Android OS. It is free to download from the Google Play Store, so you won’t have to pay anything extra to enjoy it on your phone. The interface is clean and easy to use, and there is no need to sign up for an account to unlock additional content. Elona Mobile Game has a very short gameplay, as well as a number of different levels to tackle.

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If you find that Elona Mobile Game doesn’t work properly on your android phone, then please check that you have the latest version of Android installed on your phone. It should also be noted that if you do get Elona Mobile Game on your mobile, then please make sure that you have a modern data connection, such as HSDPA or GPRS. If your mobile data connection is slow, or corrupt, then the game will most likely not load! Enjoy!