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Epic Heroes War Premium


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Epic Heroes is the best online strategy and role-playing game that have made a deep impression to the gaming world. In this game the player has to choose between many gods that can be of different class, abilities, strengths and weaknesses. The god has to build their kingdom by ensuring that the class of their base is optimized. If the class of the base is weak then the enemy may destroy the base. The game also has several thrilling features like the Hero System where if a god has died it will result in another god to take his place, the Arena where you can fight other players for the highest prize and the World Map which give the gamer the opportunity to go on quests and explore the vast lands of the game.

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When you are looking for the best Epic Heroes War Premium Game to download, make sure you go through the user reviews and ratings to get an idea about the game and the benefits that you can get from it. Most of the games available in the market are based on the fantasy genre and the graphics are a great deal slower than that of the real-time battles. When playing the games, the motion blur can be a real bane as it makes the character look like he is running in slow motion. The best feature of the game however is the epic storyline and the amazing graphics that have made the game one of the most popular games among the gamers.

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The story of the game starts with a mysterious ancient tablet that contains knowledge about the past and present of the game. The tablet tells the story of how a young warlord named Xerxes came into possession of the Gods and started a war with the god Zeus. But Zeus was not pleased with this turn of events and he banished Xerxes to the remote island of Pegasus. This is where there began the legend of the epic characters like Hector, Achilles and the others. Some of the best features of the game include the improved graphics and the better story line, this combined with the exciting challenges that the game provides.


The game presents you with a number of options like controlling your own team of heroes or the involvement of all the heroes of the other teams. You can also pit your wits against the computer-simulated characters of the enemy. The fighting takes place on the ground and there are three difficulty levels available in the game which range from beginner to expert. The game allows you to save your progress after every battle and provides you with tips and secrets.

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The characters that can be controlled by the player consist of Hector, Achilles, Bromance and Medusa among many others. The game further gives the option to make your own strategies and fight against the computer-generated characters. The fighting in the game has a strong resemblance to that of the real life sport and the intensity level is high as well. The user has the option to select the type of weapons and armors that they would like to use and the characters can choose to go on a rescue mission or engage in battle as well.


The hero characters have special skills and abilities that allow them to progress through the levels faster and gain more experience. However they are not easy to level up because they need specific items that can help them gain the upper hand on the other teams. In order to help the characters progress, you have to buy skill points. When the game requires you to have at least ten character points, the screen will flash an emblem indicating the amount of contribution that your character has made. The more contribution that your character has made the quicker you will advance to higher levels. These skills and the points that you earn also help you purchase the different armors and weapons that the characters possess.

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The game contains a tutorial option where you can learn about the various buttons and commands that are used during the game play. The tutorials are very helpful because it enables you to familiarize yourself with the different features of the interface controls as well. This helps in enhancing your skills as you get familiar with the game play and identify the buttons that you will have to use. You can also try to challenge the other players online as you learn more about the game and its features. The players also have the option of playing with or against the other members of the World of Warcraft family.


There are some tips that you can follow while playing the Epic Heroes War Premium Game. You should always make sure that you equip yourself with the best gear and armors that are available during the times of the game play so that you are better equipped to fight off the opposing characters. The players also have the option of buying the upgrades for their characters. There are a variety of options that are available in this premium game that make it a better choice than other similar games that you may have experienced.