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Boost your music playback with the latest Pro 5-bands equalizer and experience a powerful yet refined bass effect. For free. And with a perfectly fine-tuned bass response, equalizer-optimized Equalizer+ gives you and incredibly comfortable and crystal-clear sound quality for all your music playback needs. Quality-focused, easy to use, and totally free, Equalizer+ does exactly what it says: It gives you absolute freedom in creating your own music universe. For supreme quality and ultimate ease-of-use, Equalizer + comes with a Premium Pro download and is loaded with more than 200 ready-made equalizer effects and filters.

Graphics and Visual Quality

Equalizer + gives you the ability to create your own custom equalizer setup in its Equalizer Bass Booster Volume App. By simply taking a couple of minutes to carefully choose a sound effect, you can completely control every aspect of your music playback including key-switch control and a highly efficient equalizer signal path. Equalizer + gives you a wide range of powerful audio processing options including a compressor, a digital delay, an echo processor, a reverb, an equalizer, and a graphic-recognition effect to mention but a few. Equalizer + also gives you a large variety of built-in effects, including compression, a slight reverb delay, a gating tremolo, and much more.


Equalizer + gives you the ability to edit and mix your Equalizer Effects right inside the Equalizer + mixer. You can use four-channel equalizer plug-ins or one-channel plug-ins to make your recordings extremely flexible, powerful and easy to mix and master. The one-channel equalizer has a great feature-list that includes compressor, digital delay, echo, limiting, true bypass, compression, and graphic-recognition effects. With this powerful tool, you can make sure that your final track is one hundred percent perfect!


Equalizer + is not only an extensive sound effect library but it also has a very impressive library of vocal tracks. There are over fifty full-length songs to choose from. Equalizer + gives you the ability to preview any vocals in the digital audio format using the Equalizer + VST plug-in. This powerful equalizer volume app contains a wide variety of powerful sounds including lead, trance, rock, heavy metal, pop, heavy trance, reggae, folk, and so much more.

Effects & Sounds

Equalizer + gives you the ability to edit and mix any audio track in the comfort of your own home. Equalizer + provides a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate through its numerous options. In addition to being easy to use, Equalizer + gives you the option to fully record your performance. This effective equalizer volume tool also includes a unique system of effects, called the “Warp Effects”. These special effects serve as powerful enhancements to the music making experience.


Equalizer + makes it easy to create a powerful band image by combining your bass sounds with the effects of other instruments. The effect of the powerful equalizer is not something you can simply apply on the bass sound alone. Instead, the sound must be processed through the effects wafers that make up Equalizer +.


Equalizer + makes it possible for you to experiment with any recording session thanks to its user-friendly interface. You can experiment with any combination of compressor, enhancer, and distortion plug-ins. Equalizer + also features a built-in, compressor-like interface that is very intuitive to learn and operate. Furthermore, Equalizer + gives you a wealth of other sound processing tools such as tone generation, VSTs, and more. You can literally spend hours mastering and experimenting with different sounds using Equalizer +.

Experience After Reviw

With Equalizer + you can turn your laptop into an effective equalizer volume app that can be used anywhere. With the compact size of Equalizer + it is possible to take it with you anywhere you go. Moreover, there are many free sample trials available so that you can try out the free version first before buying. Equalizer + is the perfect solution for those who need a very powerful and effective equalizer sound boosting system.


Equalizer Bass Booster Volume App is a new feature introduced in the market by Google. The Equalizer Bass Booster Volume App gives you the power to control your bass sounds like a professional bass guitarist. It will let you experience the full potential of your bass guitar playing by allowing you to fully adjust your bass sounds easily with the simple touch of a button. Equalizer Bass Booster Volume App delivers high quality sound effects to let you enjoy your bass guitar playing.


Equalizer Bass Booster Volume App gives you the ability to adjust your sound effects quickly and easily, with the exclusive five-band equalizer. You can use this powerful equalizer to customize the sounds coming out of your speakers and let you experience the best quality of sound effect. Equalizer Bass Booster Volume App lets you enjoy your favorite music without going broke creating it, with its unique five-band equalizer.

Fully unlocked

Equalizer is a simple, yet powerful equalizer. It has several modes that you can choose from to personalize the equalizer’s sound effect. It has a mode called Pure Bass which is perfect for those who are just starting their bass guitar playing journey. Equalizer Bass Booster Volume App delivers five great sound effects such as Ride Sound, Crunch, Jet Wave, Waves, and Dark Ride which are ideal for adding an intense bottom end to your bass guitar playing. Using Equalizer, you can create intense bottom end and define a hierarchy of sound inside your bass sound effects folder.


Equalizer has two modes, Low and High. They are not that easy to switch between due to its powerful processing power, but once you get the hang of it, you can leave the modes on. Equalizer has three frequency bands for different bass guitar effects. You can choose any one of them to match your musical taste. Equalizer has also an option for boosting mids and highs to bring out the best quality in your music.


Equalizer Bass stacks up well with other tools and effects that you have at your disposal when it comes to bass guitar. Equalizer is a necessity if you’re serious about playing your bass effectively. This tool helps in defining the kind of bass sound that you want to make and makes mixing your bass sounds easy. You’ll be able to add more effects to your tracks without getting frustrated because equalizer does everything for you, from the intricate low end sounds that you want to hear to the high-pitched sound that you want for that striking lead sound. Equalizer’s powerful equalizer signal processor allows you to process a multitude of audio files with ease.


There are many kinds of equalizers, such as the classic equalizer, the latest virtual analog equalizer, or the waveform distortion equalizer. Virtual analog equalizer works by generating unique tones from various frequencies by using mathematical algorithms. The waveform distortion equalizer uses the same algorithm to generate a wide range of tones including the famous Fender Blues tone. It’s quite impressive how these two different kinds of equalizers sound similar despite their different sounds.


The Equalizer Bass Booster Volume App lets you play along with your favorite bass guitar players. With this amazing equalizer, you’ll never be left behind when it comes to exciting bass music. Its powerful equalizer will enable you to turn up the volume whenever necessary and boost the bass as well as the treble to bring out each component’s unique sound. Equalizer Bass Booster Volume App works great with the iPhone, as it has a dock connector. You can also use it with your iPod touch or other compatible mobile devices.


Many people often have trouble identifying the differences between the various types of amplification and they often fail to hear the difference between their bass guitar pickups. This can result in a lot of frustration trying to figure out what’s going on. By using this powerful equalizer, you’ll be able to know exactly which pickup is affecting the sound. Equalizer Bass Booster Volume App comes with detailed explanation manuals for every parameter. This is an ideal training aid for novices.

Download Equalizer Bass Booster Volume 1.7.5 (MOD, PRO/PREMIUM/BEATS) Free For Android