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Latest new Features Unlocked

FaceLab photo editor allows you to easily change your age and switch genders. Face aging effects make you appear older or younger in an instant. You can ageify yourself in just one tap if you’re curious about how your future looks. Toonify yourself by using our cartoon photo styles to make you look like a Disney character. FaceLab offers many fun face swap options. You can zombify your photos to turn into a zombie.


FaceLab has a great gender changer that allows you to gender swap and take a beautiful picture as an opposite sex. Face editor is a tool that allows you to make hilarious memes or surprise your friends with funny filters. Face app allows you to assemble amazing photos with the photo collage maker. You can show both before and after versions. To get so many likes, prepare a toonme picture for Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.


FaceLab Photo Editor Gender Swap Oldify Toon Me Apk Download Latest Version 2021

FaceLab has amazing photo filters that will make you look old! FaceLab’s Make Me Old feature transforms you into an old lady or a cute old man in a matter of seconds. Choose a beautiful picture from your photo lab, or take a selfie with FaceLab’s selfie camera. To become a Disney prince or princess, you can use the cartoon yourself feature. Find out how you will age in the future, without actually experiencing it. The magic face aging effect works like a fortune-teller, and provides perfect predictions about your face’s aging.


Zombie Photo Editor:

Face swap to turn into a zombie You can instantly zombieize photos and share them on social media for your friends to be scared! The make me zombie tool is a must-have! You will love the special zombie photo editing tools.


Magical Toonify Effect: Cartoon Yourself

The cartoon photo editor has many funny cartoon-face filters. Toonify photos can be customized with cartoon photo styles to make you look like Disney characters. Toon me effect makes it easy to become a fairytale hero.


Gender Changer:

Face editor has a wonderful gender swap filter that allows you to look like a different sex in seconds. It’s hilarious to imagine yourself as a woman or a man.

Game Visual Quality / Feedback

Face filter to get young:

FaceLab allows you to look younger than ever before. To get rid of wrinkles and smoothen your skin, you can go back to 18 anytime. You look young and flawless with a young camera


Photo collage maker:

Apply amazing aging effects to your photos and then assemble them in one post. This will create funny memes and Instagram posts.


AI Face Editor

This app promises Photoshop effect in seconds and is the best for retouching selfies. FaceLab’s photo editor can make you appear younger, older or cartoon-like for stunning selfies. Zombies filters make it easy to transform into a zombie.


Selfie Camera Effects:

Take a selfie and you’ll see fun filters right on your face with AI technology. Face camera effects make it easy to look old or young again. Face swap with friends to create a stunning picture using the funny aging filter.


Oil Painting Filter

To impress your friends, turn your selfie into an artwork piece. FaceLab has amazing art filters for photos. Oil painting filters allow you to make your photo look like a painting by swapping faces

FaceLab Photo Editor Gender Swap Oldify Toon Me MOD APK 1.0.22 (Unlocked) For Android

Cool Beard Effect

Cool beard effect by FaceLab picture editors is for you if you don’t have the beard or moustache. Breath taking filters for photos of the amazing beard app will give you the look that you desire. FaceLab Face Editor is all you need for photo editing.


FaceLab photo editor, powered by AI, is the best neural facial editing app. It includes age changer, zombify, cartoon photo tool, and many other face filters. With the old man filters, you can make your photo look old and convert it to cartoon. You can also gender swap with the aging filter. Toonify your photo for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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