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Family Farm Seaside

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Family Farm Seaside game

One of the best downloaded games on the iTunes App Store and an earning winner, Family Farm Seaside are being reinvented by its creator, FunPlus. This new version of the popular iPhone and iPad title will feature major improvements and add-ons that will make this game experience all the more exciting. We have the opportunity to discuss the upcoming major updates which are scheduled to be released within the next few weeks. These updates will feature the following key features:

Family Farm Seaside apk download latest version 2021

iPhone 5 compatibility: The upcoming updates for the iPhone 5 will include support for the larger, 5.5 inch screen. The current version of the app accommodated the smaller 4.7 inch display of the iPhone but the new version will offer a more natural interface and larger landscape. In addition, the larger size of the iPhone’s display will make it easier for players to track their harvest levels, harvesting times and profits. With the larger size of the display, the action will be more visually intense, especially when players engage in the auctioning of crops and animals.


Game Improvements: Following the release of the update, the game will introduce a number of fresh features. The first of these is the improved graphics and overall appearance of the in-game world. The updated graphics will offer a realistic depiction of rural America and the thriving small farms featured in the game. Other updates will feature improvements to the user interface, game modes and the overall gameplay.

Download Family Farm Seasideapk unlocked

Game Performance: An in-game performance adjustment is also being introduced with this update. This feature will allow users to improve the performance of their device. The feature will allow users to adjust the screen height and zoom. It will also allow users to adjust the in-game keyboard and the camera view. In addition, it will be easier for the camera to focus on one area while you are playing the game.


Game Changes: Other than the aforementioned additions mentioned above, the update will introduce several other changes. Some of these include the following:


Changes to Weather: The update will introduce a new weather system that is based on the real life. The new weather will also affect the crops that players will be able to harvest. In addition, the wind will blow in certain parts of the farm. It will still be best if players try out the new weather system in the public beta test before the official launch of the game.


Social Interaction: A new feature that will be featured in the game is the Family Farm Connect. Through this feature, parents will be able to share the photos and videos of their kids during activities on the farm. The photos and videos can be viewed by other players through the feature. There is also a comment feature in the game that allows users to post their comments and feedback regarding the updates. The game’s social network has not yet been integrated with the in-game chat system.

New Update 2021

Conclusion: Despite being one of the least known FarmVille game, Seaside has a lot of exciting features that will keep players engaged and entertained. However, there are some things that this update needs to resolve. To start off with, the game should have more stable servers. This would help prevent downtime on account of technical difficulties.


Bug fixes: The most annoying thing for players is bugs and glitches. These bugs appear almost at the most inconvenient times for the players. Fortunately, the developers are constantly fixing the glitches as they arise. To make it easier for them to release an update, they are sometimes releasing the update with a testing period of twenty-four hours. That way, if there are no serious bugs found after the test phase, the update can be published without further worry for the players.


Community Invite: A popular feature used by many social networking sites is the community invites. The FarmVille players can invite other players to their community. With this update, the players can invite their friends to the farm and expand their network by sharing the location of the farm.


While these are the five most talked about updates, there are a lot more which have been announced but haven’t been released yet. New features will surely be added in the future versions to keep the players satisfied. In case you’re interested in downloading the latest updates, you can simply sign up on the official Facebook page and get the latest news first. You’ll also get the chance to get some free gifts as well.