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Hero Wars is one of the most popular MMORPG games on Facebook. The story line flows through each episode of this exciting series. As the game progresses, both the game’s difficulty level and the players level of excitement increases. The graphics and user interface of this popular game are among the best for this genre.

Graphics and Visual Quality

The Hero Wars Game is available for free on Facebook and requires a free account. Players start the game by choosing their own classes which include male or female characters. After reaching Level 10, the player can select from one of several available classes which include warlord, shaman, ninja, or healer. Using abilities provided by the classes, players then engage in combat against other players or AI bot enemies using characters’ abilities including attacks, spells, and weapon skills which are then reflected in the real time simulation game play.


A popular feature present in Hero Wars Game is the ability to unlock more powerful units by using various items. These units, once purchased, are effective in battle and the player can call upon them at any time to fight off opponents. For example, if a player wants to deploy a Shaman into battle, then they can do so after purchasing the spell. When the Shaman is fully deployed, it will remain there until it is killed. However, they cannot leave the area while the spell is active so they will not be able to use their special abilities.


The Hero Wars hacks features many famous characters from the hit television program, cartoons, and comics such as Superman, Batman, Spiderman, and Wonder Woman. It also features an original defense game that revolves around battling villains and taking control of various areas on the map. I really like the fact that you can purchase free emeralds after winning a battle. The Emerald Pills can be used to power up your character, much like in the original defense game.

Effects & Sounds

This hero wars hack features some great perks and rewards which can prove to be very useful. As you progress through the game, you will receive an increasing number of free emeralds every time you level up. On top of this, you will also be able to purchase more powerful units and weapons. Some of these weapons include a grappling hook, a trident, and an ion blast. Each of these items can prove to be extremely helpful when combating enemies.


One major issue I have noticed with this hero wars game android app is that in some cases, game play can be a little too frantic for my taste. Although you can turn the controls of your character down, it still felt like I was playing a high octane fighter jet, rather than a ninja or a cyborg. It might be because the controls don’t react appropriately when you need them to. Regardless, I still managed to breeze through the game, but it’s definitely a concern since it can become addictive quickly.


Overall, this hero wars hack really doesn’t live up to the quality of its predecessor, Final Hero Wars. However, it still has a lot to offer. If you loved the original and want to experience a fun new spin on it, then you might just enjoy this version. The free emeralds are certainly nice, as are the bonus weapons.

Experience After Reviw

You can check out the mod at the Android Market page. It’s free to download and should be considered if you loved the original hero wars games and want to experience a high quality spin on them. You can also check out the rest of my Hero Wars Game Review for more information on this exciting mod. You can’t go wrong with a Hero Wars Game Account, especially if you play it for free.


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Hero Wars has a lot of great features, but it is not just a feature-packed game. It is also an excellent role-playing video game. You are a part of a small group of brave warriors who fight off against the armies of a monstrous foe. You are lead heroically through many thrilling missions as you try to annihilate the enemy and reclaim the lost land of Dominion. Hero Wars game play is quite similar to that of other war based video games such as World of Warcraft or Baldur’s Gate, but it has its own unique feel.


If you are interested in joining the best team level heroes in Hero Wars, then you are in luck. I will introduce you to the best Alliance heroes for your Hero Wars game experience. Upon leveling up your character (which can take anywhere between three and nine days depending on your progression), you can select from one of these incredible heroes and begin your Hero Wars game. These heroes will all have their own unique skills and abilities and will be able to combine their skills in many different ways to become incredibly powerful Heroes.

Fully unlocked

First up is the Earth Spirit. This magical character has an assortment of buffs that will allow him to do an amazing amount of damage. The Earth Spirit is the strongest healer available for a Guild Wars player and will be able to save his teammates from almost any threat. In addition to healing, the Earth Spirit can protect his allies with his heavy repel and powerful defense skills. This makes him an invaluable member of any team building or guild wars guild.


Next on our list of Alliance best heroes is the Bear. The Bear has two powerful skills that are perfect for when you need to keep yourself healed up and protected. The Bear has an incredibly strong repel skill that will allow him to effectively protect himself while chasing down opponents, and his defense skill will give him plenty of time to heal himself after taking a beating. The Bear can also deal a lot of damage using his ranged attack and can deliver a lot of damage in a shorter amount of time.


Next up is the Celina. The Celina is an incredibly powerful character that will allow you to quickly heal yourself and other characters in the game. She has several heals that she can use on herself and others, as well as a strong area effect stun that will break down larger targets. She can also use a powerful area effect teleporting move that will allow her to quickly get into a fight or group, and get healed up quickly in battle. The Celina is one of the best Mages in the game, and if you can learn to master her you should be able to level up very quickly.


Finally, we have the Fire Mage. The Fire Mage is one of the most destructive characters in the game and is capable of quickly and easily dealing out a lot of physical damage and a good amount of magical damage. The Fire Mage is especially good at draining magical power from opponents and can quickly do so. One of their greatest strengths is their wide variety of powerful abilities, and their ability to quickly dispatch weaker characters with their strong spells. The Fire Mage can really bully the opposition by leveling very quickly and finishing fights very quickly.


The final alliance class to discuss here are the cursedflame celestials. These celestials are similar to the wind celestials in that they both fly and can move quickly. They are however much more dangerous than the wind celestials as they deal with a very high amount of physical damage as well as apply a curse that is much more powerful than the wind cell’s. Curse effects can range from weak to paralyzing and last for a long time (similar to the slow poison effect in that). What’s great about them is that the more powerful curse effects can be applied to multiple characters, unlike the wind celial. If the Celestials are brought down, the Heroes still get to continue playing.


As I outlined before, each of these classes has its strengths and weaknesses, but overall I feel that these six classes are the best ones to choose as a character. In the end, it comes down to personal preference, but for my character, tanking tends to be the best option. If you want to play a tank, then you should probably go for the Fire Mage or the Wind Mage, or perhaps the tanking hybrid. For support characters, I prefer the healer class to take care of my group, and then use the magic defense to keep my team healthy.

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