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Heroes Arena Game is an award-winning creation of Versus Evil studio, the makers of Heroes of the Storm (WoW), Plan I, and King of the Kill (CoK). It’s a free to play, action-packed, massively multiplayer online role-playing game that combines PvP, PvE and RTS mechanics. In Heroes Arena Game, you can choose to be either a member of a faction or a freelancer. There are a variety of Heroes to choose from, each with their own Specializations, abilities, and weapons. To top it all, each faction has its own Hero Battle Arena, where you’ll face off against powerful bosses and go up against other players in a head-to-head struggle.

Graphics and Visual Quality

In Heroes Arena Game, you can experience the thrill and excitement of an action-packed battle using our fully-loaded heroes arena game on your smartphone, tablets, PCs and other popular mobile devices. You can hone your skills by choosing specific Heroes from various races like Human, Gnome, Dwarf, Night Elf, Draenei, and Draenei to unlock their specializations. You can also earn gold, purchase rare items, equip your characters with the best gear and weapons, and enjoy the thrill of a global 5v5 mobile game in Heroes Arena Game on your smartphone, tablets, PCs and other popular mobile devices.


There are three classes to choose from when in Heroes Arena Game: Mage, Priest, Rogue. Each class has three special abilities. When leveling up in Heroes Arena Game, you’ll need to master one hero special ability, two or more depending on the type of character you are. When choosing which one to use, consider the type of Hero you are, and which one has a more powerful attack and defense. If you have several strong characters to choose from, you can combine them together to make one strong hero special ability.


Heroes Arena Game is also known as WOW. It is a massively multiplayer online battle arena, in which players fight against each other in a team to eliminate each other. The objective of the game is to destroy the opposing team’s base. One player from each team is allowed to be in the combat at one time. Once the battle has started, the last person standing wins.

Effects & Sounds

In this exciting arcade action arcade game for mobile devices, you play as one of your favorite Heroes that have been transformed into powerful characters. You can build the special abilities and use weapons to destroy your enemies. Tap the screen to bring down your enemies. Fight them toe-to-toe and win the exciting arcade action game for Android devices.


This Heroes Arena Game is extremely fun and exciting. You can also build up your own Heroes and use their special skills to annihilate your enemies. When you want to install this game, just follow the simple step-by-step procedure on the download arena mod apk instructions. Then, you can go ahead and enjoy the exciting game on your device. Heroes Arena Game is truly an amazing way to spend quality time with your family.


If you have a Samsung Smartphone, you can download this awesome mobile game to your phone. Just search for “Heroes Arena Game” on Google. The results will reveal various information about Heroes Arena Game. You can find all the necessary details such as features, functions and benefits of this exciting arcade game for cell phones. It is recommended for those who use smartphones because it supports a variety of languages including Chinese, Korean and Arabic.

Experience After Reviw

In order to get the most out of your Heroes Arena Game, make sure that you download this amazing arcade action game to your smartphone. Through the Heroes Arena Game, you can save the virtual world that you create in Heroes Arena Game. You can use the Heroes Arena Game whenever you want to relive the thrill and excitement that you had as you killed your virtual enemies. Now, you can use your smartphone for playing this exciting arcade game anytime you want.


The Heroes Arena Game has been out for a while now and is still one of the most popular Hero Online Strategy Games. It has been featured in many sites, reviews and was even on one of the TV Program “IGN” for a time. Here is the scoop on Heroes Arena Game.


Heroes Arena Game is a browser based browser game that puts you into a fight to save the Earth from a Horde of Monster Robots. In order to do so you will need to recruit five heroes and master their special abilities and weapons. Heroes Arena Game can be played single player or versus another group of players online. There are three basic game modes available, Normal, Arena and Boss Battle. In this article we will look at Heroes Arena Game latest update, how to download the mod and other special abilities for your Heroes.

Fully unlocked

Heroes Arena Game has received some major updates in the latest update. The most notable addition in this new patch is the “Heroes Arena World Map”. This new map features a wide variety of terrain, vegetation, architecture and more. New objectives and leader abilities were also added to Heroes Arena Game.


With this update to Heroes Arena Game you can now send your friends an animated avatar of yourself, they will then send you back a portrait of themselves. You will also be able to recruit new Heroes and purchase new Heroes with gold earned through participating in battles. You will also be able to purchase new gear and special items with gold earned. All players can see the statistics and abilities of their allies, enemies and their own personal statistics while in an Arena match.


In order to play the Heroes Arena Game, you will first need to download the Heroes Arena Game mod apk. You can download this mod using your internet explorer or any other search engine that you prefer. Just make sure that you have the correct file extension before you click search. Once you have found the Heroes Arena Game mod apk that you want, just download it and install it into your computer.


After installation Heroes Arena Apk will tell you where you installed it. Heroes Arena Apk is a stand alone Heroesmod that will not conflict with any other mods. It will allow you to play Heroes Arena Game as a stand alone game. Now if you wish to participate in an Arena battle, all you will need is the Heroes Arena Game client, connected to the Internet. You can then join in the Arena and start playing the game.


After installation, Heroes Arena Game client will prompt you where to locate your server file that contains the Heroes Arena Game files. You need to download the Heroes Arena Game mod version apk and then place these files into your Heroes Arena folder that is located inside the “Heroes” directory inside your computer. Once the installation process is complete, Heroes Arena Game will prompt you again where to locate the server files and once you have done that, Heroes Arena Game will be ready for you to play. The Heroes Arena Game client will also give you a list of players online so that you can choose a team to fight against.


For more detailed information about the Heroes Arena Game, you can go through the link given below. In the resource box below, you will find out the different Heroes Arena Game modes, the Heroes of the Month rewards, and the new heroes added with every update. You will also learn the full list of available skins for Heroes of the Arena Game. Skin codes will allow you to change your skin easily whenever you want to.