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Hey, Love Adam is a text based dating game which is fast becoming one of the most sought after games online. In fact, many people are seeking this game because it is so much fun to play. The reason why it has become so popular is because it offers all-original stories which the player gets to experience with Adam, the main character. You will be playing the role of Adam while you chat with other people, going through conversations, and having romantic conversations with them. Here are some of the best features of the Hey Love Adam Texting Game that you should check out


This game has been in the making for quite a long time, but it has just now finally hit the latest version of mobile devices. As such, you do not have to wait years to enjoy the fun that this text game has to offer. Check out the following features of the text game which include the major elements that the game has to offer:


Download Hey Love Adam Texting Game apk latest version 2021

Texting and SMS messaging are two of the most important elements that have made this game so popular. With the help of the Adam, you will be able to receive text messages from your loved ones and you can send them as well. Since you are also an Adam in this game, you will be able to give tips to others and give helpful suggestions to those who are stuck. In other words, you will be able to solve problems by giving tips or suggestion.


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However, text messaging is only one of the great features that this text game has to offer. Let us take a look at another one of the dating games which has been making waves online. This game is called Adam and Eve and it is one of the best dating simulation games which you can play through your mobile phone. In this text game, you will have to take care of various issues like choosing the right clothing for the date and also about what you should wear to attract the girl of your choice. Other than these two major issues, you will also have to deal with the simple dating tips such as keeping your conversation interesting and attracting the right girl.

Hey Love Adam Texting Game apk unlock

The Adam and Eve game text game enables you to chat with the girl using text messages while you are sitting in the restaurant with your best friends. You can text Adam to request a drink or to ask about the best place to eat after work. You can also propose to her and if she accepts you can plan a date together. The best thing about this dating simulation game is that even if you mess up, you can easily restart and try again and this is a great way to improve your skills.


Adam and Eve also have a number of other features which include the dating tips. If you are not good at taking orders from people on the phone, you can use text messaging to ask the right questions instead. This is a great way to practice your text language skills and you can also learn how to take accurate verbal replies to questions. The text messaging feature also enables you to see the reactions of the other people who are present in the restaurant. This means that you can improve your skills by seeing the reactions of others during your text games with Adam and Eve.

New Update 2021

If you are thinking that Adam and Eve might be boring, you need to read more about the Adam and Eve text game before you play it. The text messaging game allows you to have different conversations with the people that you are chatting with using the text option. Apart from this, the text game also has a number of other interesting features including the cooking options and the shopping options which make it all the more interesting. You can get to cook exotic dishes and buy the best clothes for the date. The text games also give you a virtual shot at the other person’s look and figure so you know exactly what you should wear if you want to impress the other person.


Adam and Eve are a text messaging game that features Adam and Eve as the main characters. It is one of the hottest games on Facebook right now and is becoming popular with people of all ages. You can have an awesome text experience if you play Adam and Eve every day on Facebook.