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The Hidden City Game, produced by Slitherine is a real time Hidden City Game, in which you have to find the real location map inside a Hidden City. And when you have found it, you will also have to discover the location map’s Hidden City which is guarded by a deadly spider. You can find different Hidden City Game maps at the Hidden City Game section of Slitherine website. The Hidden City Game is the most popular version of the city-building game, where you have to plan your strategy to find the city’s key to unlock the city’s defenses and buildings. In this game, you also need to learn the art of making good relations with the locals. But you need to complete the various challenges to move further into the Hidden City and make your way to the top.

Hidden City Game Story

The Hidden City Game has been developed with the use of the XCite engine and the content was extracted from the beta version of Hidden City by Slitherine. The majority of the game’s routes take you through the impressive and highly detailed Chinese cities like Beijing, Chongqing, Hangzhou and Hong Kong. But there are also some amazing routes through the European cities like Nice, Paris, Rome, Moscow and Budapest. The Hidden City includes some fantastic scenes such as the old city of Beijing, the silk market of Xihuen, the Forbidden City in Cairo and the impressive dike of Seoul.


The game’s advanced mission system lets you decide what city you want to visit and in which order. There are also two modes available for the player – the timed one and the custom mode. The first mode is similar to that of the classic Hidden City Game in that you must explore the city using the Hidden Camera and avoid detection. The second mode lets you decide the exact routes you want to take through the city using the console map. For those who are particularly eager to explore every nook and cranny of the various outings in the Hidden City, the timed custom mode is the best mode to play Hidden City Game without having to worry about the time limit.


In Hidden City Game, there are five routes to choose from. The first route starts from the Danyanglu Park and takes you to the ancient square that was once a trading post. This is where you learn about the rich history of China and learn about the Forbidden City. From here, you can proceed to the Yin Yang Bridge and the Silk Road. The next route takes you to the bustling Beihai Park, where the famous Daya Sarai Waterfall is situated and from here you can visit the many scenic waterfalls.


The third route starts from Xicheng Road and takes you to the Beihai Market, which is considered the world’s largest indoor market. You can purchase all kinds of local products here such as vegetables, grains, fruits and meats. After the trip to the Beihai Market, you can proceed to the Yangshuo River and from there you can visit the famous Red Water Bridge. The fourth and last route takes you to the Huangshan Mountain and from there you can see the breathtaking China Mountain Spring. If you love Chinese food, then this Hidden City Game has a lot to offer you.


Hidden City is set in the ancient Chinese culture yard of the Xishi National Park. You can see the moors and the surrounding countryside with the help of an informative tour guide. This tour takes you on a boat ride across the Moors where you will see the many layers of scenery. Once you are done with the countryside, you will reach the Xishi National Park gates and from here, you can continue your journey towards the ancient Chinese zodiac hutongs.


When you reach the Xishi National Park, you will be treated to the sight of more than 200 different species of birds and more than a hundred kinds of insects. On your way back, you can go to the dongcheng district of Hidden City and enjoy the street food of the region. Hidden City is not just about food. There are also a variety of sports and activities that you can enjoy during your visit to the Hidden City. For example, there are baseball diamonds, basketball courts and a golf course. There are even miniature golf courses and an aquatic park.


To add some more fun to your Hidden City Game, you can outfit your hero with Hidden City gadgets such as a Hidden City notebook, flash drive, camera or a LCD game screen. These gadgets can help you in the game by providing information and instructions about certain routes and puzzles. The best part of Hidden City Game is that players can earn credits that they can use to buy Hidden City guides and other Hidden City Game add-ons such as Hidden City cartridges or Hidden City video games. Hidden City is the brainchild of David Blaine, who is well known for performing magic tricks on television. If you are interested in trying out Hidden City Game, then all you need is to download the latest Hidden City Game Guide and install it on your PC.


New Premium Pro Games For Gamers

If you have been playing the hidden object games then you must know that it has been coming out with several versions lately. So, if you are also planning to try one of these games then you must not leave any stone unturned. You must be familiar with the basic features of Hidden City Game. In case you are not familiar with these features then you will get complete information in the article below.

Game Graphics and Visual Quality

First of all, you must know that Hidden City Game comes along with several advanced features. You will like to know first that you will be able to solve cases in Hidden City Game just by simply exploring the level without having to move from where you started. Also, there are many more advanced features. You will enjoy these features when you get into the secret passages of the Hidden City. Well, here in this post, we will list down few ways to download Hidden City Game pro from Xiberian mirrors.


One of the easiest ways to get Hidden City Game is to get it from the Android Market. This is because most of the popular handset users of Android handsets come with Google Play store. This means that majority of Android users will have access to Hidden City Game. Therefore, you will not face any difficulty in accessing Hidden City Game from the Android Store. There are a number of imitation outings that are available in the market and you should be careful while choosing the one that you will download.


You will come across many Hidden City Game sites offering hidden dong thongs, the bai, and a lot more. Some of the sites also offer free downloads of Hidden City Game. You can select the one you like from the list and download it. When you have already installed the game, you just need to install the game on your phone and it will be ready for you to play in an hour.


Apart from being available in the Android Market, you will also find Hidden City Game on iPhone and Blackberry. iPhone and Blackberry have the advantage of having a large screen and it can be difficult to see the Hidden City Game. The best way to get access to Hidden City Game on iPhone and Blackberry is to use the VPN technology. VPN is basically a technology that allows us to secure our internet connection in another place. So, instead of using a regular connection like Wi-Fi or 3G, you will just use a secure internet connection that is unavailable in the public computer. That way, you can ensure complete privacy and you will not bother about the fact that someone else can see you are playing Hidden City Game.

Experience After Hidden City Gameplay

To get the VPN software, you just need to go to Google Play and search for the application called Memu Play. Once you have selected the application, you need to add it in your device. Just like pubgogs, you will also be able to add some additional applications like Hidden City Game in your phone. After that, you can go back to your home screen and have all your applications completely secured.


After that, you need to use the VPN connection to enter the VPN tunnel. Once you are connected, you can download Hidden City Game through the VPN and then proceed to start playing the game. As long as you have the application downloaded, you do not need to worry about the fact that somebody can see you are playing Hidden City Game. Since the application works perfectly in between your browser and a mobile phone, you will never be asked for a password.


Once you have successfully downloaded the Hidden City Game app, you should continue with the installation process. Just follow the instructions provided on the application to complete the process. In addition, you should also install the latest version of Android operating system so that you will be able to enjoy the best game experience. Just remember to download the application through the secure VPN connection.