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The Hidden Object Game has been a favorite game genre for the PC and the Xbox since the mid-1990s. The newest entry in this exciting series is Hidden Object Gameplay. The newest game in the series is called, featuring an all new story and gameplay. Here are the top 10 best hidden object games for PC, as listed below.

Hidden Object Game Story

Deadly Puzzles – This first person hidden object game features quiet place, deadly puzzles, and brain teasers that will keep you coming back to try again. The heroine is searching for a doctor who will help her solve her mother’s death mystery. The story is beautifully illustrated with a storybook like appearance. Free to play, has no ads, and in-app purchases available. In addition, this one of my favorites has beautiful in-game music composed by Chris Schramko. The game is free, safe, and has no in-app purchases.


Another great hidden object game with excellent presentation is called, Secrets of the Phantoms. The hero must find the truth about a series of haunted mottles while solving tricky mini-games and puzzles. Each stage of this thrilling adventure is designed to be a mystery. This subgenre has four episodes, each episode contains ten unique objects that must be uncovered before moving on to the next stage. Each episode also comes with a mini-games section that can be played.


Zombie Panic – A very fun hidden object game where you will have to escape from the grip of a hungry zombie. You will have to avoid being bitten and get medical treatment right before it eats you. You will have a limited amount of time to save yourself before the zombie takes your life. Very scary, but definitely one of the more twisted subgenres of the hidden object game genre.


Dark Flight – I have to be honest, I’m not sure what kind of graphics this game is supposed to offer, but the sound effects are quite good. The dark, nightmarish world that you are trapped in looks absolutely fantastic. Although there’s quite a lot of enemies and hazards along the way, I liked Dark Flight quite a bit. Like Zombie Panic, this is another one of those “epic” hidden object games.


Missingniouse – Another hidden object game with some great sound effects and artwork. You are hired by the government to locate missing children. The clues you find will lead you to the location of their current location and you are to act fast to get there before they get caught. The mini-games are laugh out loud funny. A little bit eerie but not enough to make you run off.


Escape from Makatu – This is Escape from Makatu on Steroids. As you wander through the dark jungle, you will discover many treasures and puzzles to solve. The storyline is very strange and the visuals are quite graphic. If you want to play some hidden object games with blood spattered environments then this is not for you. However, if you like adventure puzzle games, then this one should fit the bill.


All in all, there are a lot of hidden object games to choose from. Some of the recent releases in the hidden object genre have been really great. There is a lot more to the game world than what meets the eye so don’t just assume it’s a kid’s game. It’s more than that, it’s an adventure game for adults that’s much more mature in theme and subject matter.


The game is designed around a common central conceit: everyday people within secret societies around the world are having a very difficult time defining right from wrong. To complicate it even more, the task becomes more complicated as weaves twist and turn in the investigation. You’ll have to use your wits as you investigate and reason out every little nook and cranny in order to uncover the truth and save the innocent. There’s definitely enough adult content in Criminal Case Files & Agencies to satisfy any gamer, but it is recommended for mature audiences only.

Hidden Object Game Graphics and Visual Quality

My next recommendation is definitely going to be a disappointment. The last game I’m going to talk about in this article is definitely not a hidden object game. This video game is a simulation of life in the twenty-first century. The premise is that you’re a part of a research team looking at the origins of mankind and discovering things about our civilization. As part of your investigation you discover that you are a part of a secret society called the Hidden Ones and your job is to go underground and help them achieve their goals and fight against the forces of evil. As you move through the game you will find yourself in charge of many different tasks, fight against the monster called Dracula and save the world.


The truth is that hidden object games have come a long way since their humble beginning. They have become very popular among casual gamers who prefer to play these games instead of dedicated role playing. Hidden object games are great examples of how point-and-click adventure games can be made better and they provide a unique opportunity for casual gamers. Many casual gamers would agree that they like the simplicity of playing these games. This means that they don’t waste time on unnecessary details that a more involved game would.


The new games, latest additions and popular apps on smartphones, like the iPhone, are just as fun as they are diverse. And when you’re a puzzle game fan, you know that there are certain things you can expect from a hidden object game as well. For example, you can expect to see hidden objects and scenes all over the place. The player’s objective is to find out where these items are hidden and solve a number of riddles in order to get to the next area that has the item you’re looking for.


There are many different types of hidden object games for you to choose from including but not limited to, the classic deduction style which consists of a list of items and their locations, word searches, hidden rooms and more. The game mechanics itself is the same, however, the delivery method differs depending on the platform of your phone and the user’s preference. Some prefer the slower, logical and methodical approach of traditional games while others enjoy the brain teaser and time wasting nature of solving puzzles in the palm of your hand. With a mixture of these styles, you will surely find the best hidden object game for you.

Experience After Hidden Object Gameplay

So where exactly do you start if you want to play a hidden object game? Easy! Just think of a few popular movies that have been made into video games, namely, Office Space, The Secret and a lot more. Now, picture how you would want to escape from a high-class, gated compound in New York in order to solve a murder case. And then picture how you would want to solve the mystery of how you got there and how to get out.


It’s as easy as that! For this kind of hidden object game, the game definitely revolves around a core theme or concept. In most cases, this is associated with the idea of puzzles and a true sense of adventure. Thus, it is only natural that a lot of people think of a very fitting game concept in order to make a great video game experience on their mobile phones.


Free updates are very important because they help sustain the popularity of these games. Think about it: with a great game, a lot of people playing, and a long history of successful downloads, you can expect a great number of users. Thus, having a free-updates option means a lot to the Hidden Object Puzzle Game phenomenon. You never know how many new mysteries you will be able to unlock thanks to these free updates. If you are lucky enough to get an early access promo code, then you’d better be sure that you will not regret later.


A lot of hidden object games nowadays have a fantastic story line, but there are some that manage to leave a lot to be desired. This is where Kate Walker: The Artful Detective comes in. This is the first full detective game where you don’t play as a detective at all, but as a professional who solve crimes. The whole point of the game is to solve puzzles and investigate crime scenes in order to gather evidence that will help you solve the mystery. With Kate’s quick thinking, you get to solve crimes before the professionals do and learn some tips from the experts as well.

Fully-unlocked Hidden Object Gameplay

Unlike other hidden object games, Kate’s stories are very well written and extremely emotional. It is obvious that the writer had a lot of fun creating the characters. They are totally different from the cute detectives you usually play. In this game, you are supposed not to know the details of the case you are investigating. As such, solving mysteries requires a good deal of concentration. Playing this type of puzzle games is perfect for people who need a good amount of quiet time to unwind and relax.


There are many hidden object games that involve solving puzzles while using the android versions. These are mostly puzzle games that were made specifically for the playability of the android devices. What makes these particular puzzles a joy to play is that the puzzles themselves are designed especially for the use of the android versions.


As you may have guessed, the best hidden object games all share the same principle when it comes to their puzzles and game play. A good hidden object game should make the player think. It should allow the player to use their brain rather than just relying on memory. Puzzles that require the player’s brain should be as challenging as possible.

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If you haven’t played a good detective game before, then the Mystery Case Files app is definitely the one for you. The entire premise of this app is based on a mystery that took place in London nearly forty years ago. The game revolves around missing files from a murder mystery that involved a mysterious, and very elusive figure.