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The multiplayer online game of your dreams-start your journey from humble stables to dressage and horse racing superstars!

Join our online world that loves horses, where you can customize your character, tame and compete with beautiful wild horses, bring them to your stable and train them to become masters in equestrian obstacle races.

Welcome to MEADOWCROFTA, an equestrian town with hundreds of years of history, surrounded by gentle fields and vast plains.

Sleepy, rustic and idyllic.

There are cute animals big and small everywhere, a peaceful oasis.

A town that loves horses, as old as its foundation, Laila’s home, a humble groom, and a girl on horseback, although surrounded by horses every day, she never sat down to ride them, But all that.

Horse Riding Tales Ride With Friends Apk Download Latest Version 2021

Ride and run with your friends Ride a horse with all your cowgirl friends, go on an adventure in an amazing 3D environment, explore the outskirts of the farm and beyond!

The multiplayer racing game also allows you to compete with your opponents in full-speed online races throughout the ranch!

British and Western dresses endless customization Create an incredible look for you and your horse while fighting for glory in the Meadowcroft Jumping Race.

Dress up as a champion in the coolest cowgirl, from helmets and breeches for your horses to saddles, leg wraps and masks for your horses-you can create thousands of styles.

Tame the beautiful horse and grab the perfect horse!

Build a magical connection with wild horse breeds (such as wild horses, spotted grey horses, Appaloosa and other painted horses) while tame and groom them, and prepare your stallion when you go hunting.

An unsolved secret uncovers the secrets of the legendary fantasy sky knight, the mysterious horse of the Pegasus and the unicorn, who once roamed freely in the shelter above the clouds.

Join the Academy of Torture and Clothing.

Countless riders passed through its gates and past its pastures.

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Compete with other students in riding competitions and discover the secrets of Skyrider.

Collect animals Collect the cutest pets from wild animals, from foxes and lupus to mysterious tigers and more.

Show your pets to all comrades cowgirls!

When you complete the horse racing task in the ranch, they will even run by your side.

Join the club Gather all your friends and compete with other clubs in weekly challenges to win incredible prizes.

Drive like a champion.

With other club members.

Create projects to explore the world and explore resources to create beautiful western riding accessories for your horse, such as saddles, reins, blankets and more!

Horse Care Carry out horse care tasks in your stable, store hay, horseshoes and other items to make your pet happy.

The happier your animal is, the better it will perform in equestrian competitions.

Train the best winning horse and win the main horse trophy.

This game is not just a simulator, it takes the mobile horse game to a new level!

Foxie Ventures welcomes you to join the Horse Riding Tales family!

The content ranges from Shetland ponies to magical horses, pegasus and unicorns, to challenging breeding tasks.

Start your interactive adventure now and download for free!

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You can find these below: You can find our privacy policy below: InApp purchases This app offers additional InApp purchases that cost real money.

Horse Riding Tales Ride With Friends MOD APK 963 (Unlimited Money/Gems) For Android

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An internet connection is required to play.

If there is no WiFi connection, data charges may apply.


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