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Human Evolution Game is one of the most exciting science educational games ever. With the best features guaranteed to captivate young minds, the developers have provided an engaging science curriculum with tons of fun activities. Human Evolution Game is being offered as a free download for its upcoming sequels which will be available soon at Gogglebrush.


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Human Evolution Game is the bestselling clicker game across the globe. It has been available as a free downloadable computer application for years and has continued to gain popularity as the best Clicker Game for kids and adults. T-shirts, bumper stickers, wall stickers, banners, art, mouse pad covers, and many more featuring unique designs by award-winning artists. Also find Human Evolution Game merchandise and gifts available on quality electronic products that have been created one at a time using socially responsible methods. For example, the Human Evolution Game is available for download as a mouse pad using green environmentally-friendly materials.

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Throughout the years, the Human Evolution Clicker Game has evolved to be an amazing educational tool and also a healthy fitness program for the kids. The exciting part of the evolution is its use of the theme – “ancestor became extinct because of human interference” – to make a very realistic clicker game. Each stage of the game represents a new era in human history and the clicker provides the much-needed stimulation to motivate the players to use their imaginations. Evolving from a single baby into a fully-grown adult is an interesting part of the Human Evolution Clicker Game, and this is the reason why it continues to be so popular among children and adults. Even the children who have been playing the clicker game for decades have finally achieved the younger stage of an adult.


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The first stage starts from the blank canvas and the clicking sounds and the movements of the clicker helps the players identify the various living beings that they can choose to imitate. The human evolution movement goes further, as they visit the different states of the animals. These are represented visually through the different colors and shapes that the animals have in different positions. Then comes the period when they need to interact with other organisms. Animals can be taught to mimic the sound of a particular call, respond to touch and also learn to distinguish between food and other useful things.

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After successfully distinguishing and learning the way the animals interact with each other, the players get to move on to the next level where the choices they make about the food will affect the evolution of the selected organisms. Some organisms are more lucky than others and will be able to produce extra eggs. These extra embryos are automatically placed into the incubator and the cycle begins again. Different foods can be chosen and the child will either be left to fend for himself or be taken care of by the parents. As the levels progress, the number of possible organisms increases and the clicker game comes to a new level.


If you are looking for an educational flash game that teaches kids about human evolution, then I would recommend buying the Aquarius Animals Evo plus game. In this game, the player must use the clicker to guide the different species of the chosen group through their environment. Different species have different needs when it comes to the different planet they evolved on. For example, the land animals are not suited for traveling long distances and need more air to keep them alive. The land animals in the Aquarius Constellations are the best suited for this job.

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The final stage in the Aquarius Animals Evo plus game is the destruction of the human society on the moon. This is the last stage for the game and the best time for the players to try and outrun the aliens that will soon visit the earth and start assimilating the human population. It is up to the players to see which of the species will be left standing after the destruction of the society and the other threats that were presented in the first part of the evolution game. For more information, you can always visit the official site of Aquarius Animals Evo plus. You can also check the official Facebook page and the Aquarius Facebook fan page. If you prefer to buy products online, you can always visit Amazon where you can find Aquarius Animals Evo plus games, books and other Aquarius products at discount prices.


There are other interesting evolution games available such as the Aquarius Space Race where the players take control of an organism and use it to space race against the other players. In this game, you have to select the best upgrades before the beginning of the game so you can build the best colonies and collect the most resources. In the later stages, the players have to use the collected resources in order to build faster and stronger colonies. These are the best idle games for kids where they can spend some quality time with their families.