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Hungry Dragon MOD Apk Download (All Unlocked Dragon, No Root, For Android/iOS,  Latest Version 2021) under here you can easily play this new game and use unlimited coins, upgrade till max this is awesome for new guys, here you can download the official apk it is 100% safe, and this Hungry Dragon Apk Download is amazing now enjoy. Here you got its working hurry up guys.

Download Hungry Dragon MOD APK Unlimited Money Free For Android (5)

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The Hungry Dragon game is the next in the series of popular and most downloaded virtual console games. The developers at Crave Entertainment, the creators of this hit cooking/baking game series have once again brought their high quality game into the living room of millions of consoles worldwide. With the newest release of Hungry Dragon Game, gamers around the world can now enjoy the addictive joys of being a chef/baker in their very own bedroom! The new release of Hungry Dragon Game on the Wii platform offers all the classic features that made the previous versions so popular, yet with all the improvements that the virtual reality technology of the Wii allows. Here are some of the best features of the upcoming update of this classic game for the Nintendo Wii:

Download Hungry Dragon apk download latest version 2021

Download Hungry Dragon MOD APK Unlimited Money Free For Android (2)

* Higher Score – gamers can now increase the score by finding and filling more hidden areas than the current levels! In the old version you had to find the hidden areas by searching the floor, or the walls using the Wii’s motion detection. If you found one, you moved closer to the next area and started searching. The new game requires faster reflexes to locate the hidden areas and therefore raises your chances to get a higher score. The more points you gain, the more tantalizing dishes you will be able to make and can change the course of the hungry dragon’s feeding frenzy.


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* Unleash Fiery Attack – the fiery attack is triggered by pressing the X button on the Wii remote when you are in the feeding frenzy mode. This will ignite your fire rush, which in turn will allow you to unleash three powerful attacks at a time! When you release the fire rush, a blast of fire will surround your dragon as he goes for the kill. The blast will stop the fire flow but will not stop the fire damage that will slowly take its toll on the body of your dragon.

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* Play With Crazy Costume Sets – play as the Zygor, the green dragon who flies faster than the wind, or the blue ferocious dragon who charges head-on. Even the pink dragon, who is the fastest of the species, has some powerful moves that can help you take down your prey. Plus, you can enjoy the crazy costumes which let you play the game in the most hilarious way possible!


* Enjoy the Online Medieval Feast – enjoy the game using one of the many different devices running android 4.2 mobile devices. You can enjoy the medieval feast while playing this frantic food fight! In the game, players will face off against the dragons hungry for the delicious food of the humans. The longer you play the more difficult the tasks become as the dragon eats the more challenging the competition becomes!

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* Use Special Abilities – there are several special abilities available for use in this fun action-packed game. The first is the Freeze breath ability, which lets you turn the tables on your opponent’s by freezing their whole body. You can also blast them with flame from your fingers and even throw them into the air to slow them down!

* Unleash the Fire Rush Ability – the second skill you can unlock as you continue to play the game is the ability to unleash a powerful fiery attack on your opponents. The fire rush deals damage in an area and slows you down, making it very difficult to move. When you use the fire rush, the ground gets scorched, and if it is not moved quickly the fire can quickly spread. Plus, this move is best used to take down larger, more dangerous opponents. The faster you move the better chance you have to use the fire rush in a way to take down your prey.

New Update 2021

Download Hungry Dragon MOD APK Unlimited Money Free For Android (1)

You’ll find the game enjoyable whether you are playing alone or competing against other online gamers. It’s competitive yet funny, and the ability to unleash freeze rays, fireballs, and other special moves can make the competition a little tough. Plus, when you play the free Marvel Comics version of Hungry Dragon, you don’t have to worry about fighting human players like you would in the real medieval world. You can instead enjoy the dragon battling against some dragons that aren’t so dragons, and you can enjoy all of the best parts of this fantastic medieval world while having the chance to unlock crazy costumes for yourself and other players.