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Download Hype Text – Animated Text & Intro Maker MOD Apk Free Download For Android under here you easily play this game and use unlimited coins, upgrade till MAX. This is awesome for new guys here you can download the official apk it is 100% safe, and this ) Download Hype Text Apk is amazing now enjoy. Here you got its working hurry up guys.


Hype Text App is an entertainment Apps for Android. It is an innovative way to unlock the power of your Android phone through its rich entertainment App. Hype Text App contains exciting features that enhance the user experience and help to get better usage out of your Android device. Hype Text App uses a new technology called Push technology to let you experience all the great features of Android through text messages sent directly to your phone.

Hype Text App Story



Hype Text App was inspired by the popular Instagram application “Instagram”. Hype Text App uses the same powerful Instagram engine to let you use all the great Instagram features on your phone. Hype Text uses the familiar interface and Instagram buttons from Instagram to make using it easy and fun. Hype Text uses the power of android notification center to bring all the useful information you need to start using. Hype Text App gives you access to famous Instagram posts as well as fully-accessible Instagram images & videos. Hype Text works seamlessly with Instagram, Facebook, twitter and many other social networking websites including Picsquare.


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Hype Text has got some really impressive features which enhance the efficiency of your device. Hype Text App lets you use Hype Text Generator to generate exciting Hype Text images and videos. Hype Text Generator uses the built-in image capture feature in android to create Hype Text. Hype Text Generator also offers Hype Text effects which include Text, Hypertext, Glow, Color, Hint, Flash and more. You can even find Hype Text Presets to choose from.


Hype Text has got an inbuilt Google Toolbar that enables you to search for a specific keyword from the drop down menu. This toolbar also helps you find popular Instagram posts using a specified keyword. Hype Text also provides you with an option to switch off the ads on the sides. You also get an option to set your text size to smaller size while downloading Hype Text App to your android devices.


Hype Text has a very simple interface where you can select the types of images you want to add and then choose the colors for the texts. Hype Text has an inbuilt gif generator facility where you can upload a jpeg file and select a desired image or a group of images. Once you are done with your selection you can save the gif and send it to the users by using the tap option in Hype Text App. Hype Text App has various other features as well such as Hype Text Effects, Hype Text Collaps, Hype Text Boxes etc.


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Hype Text also allows you to add different kinds of things to your Hype Text App such as the titles, descriptions and keywords. The Hype Text feature allows you to create animated text and it works similar to Hype Video. The Hype Text effect allows you to edit any text while applying it to the main image or any other element. Hype Text has lots of interesting features that make it a must have app for everyone who wants to promote Instagram stories.

Hype Text App Graphics and Visual Quality

Hype Text has been downloaded 60 million times and is one of the most sought after apps on the android market. Hype Text was inspired by Hype Video, a viral video craze that hit the internet a few years ago. Hype Video first made an appearance on the internet when one of the Hype Guys uploaded a video on YouTube. This app is so popular that Hype has launched Hype Text. It does not matter what type of app you’re looking for because Hype Text has everything you need including animated text.


Hype Text is one of the easiest ways to add Hype Video and Hype Text App. You can use Hype Text for any promotional or instructional purpose since it is so easy to use. Hype Text Apps are very affordable and they don’t require any in depth technical knowledge. Hype Text also comes with a wide variety of backgrounds and Hype Text has the same Hype Video feel but with all the cool animated texts too. Hype Text App is simple to use yet it creates amazing Hype Effects.


Hype Text App is a free android application developed by Jellybeans Mobile Developers and now it can be obtained for free downloading from the Google Play Store. Hype Text App was developed as an easy text messaging (text messaging) application with the intent of making it more popular among the masses. Hype Text App has been in the market from quite some time and enjoyed much popularity amongst the masses. The latest update of Hype Text App has been introduced to users along with the Android Kit Kat 4.4 which is a major update of Android installed on most Smartphones. Hype Text App offers the users a full featured text and multimedia messaging application with a number of advanced features.

Experience After Hype Text Appplay


To download Hype Text App you can simply go to Google Play Store’s application page and search for Hype Text App. Once you click on it you will be directed to a page that gives you options of choosing the kind of payment you would like to make for the Hype Text App. It also allows you to select the languages that you would like the application to be available in. After you have selected all the options required for the application like the languages and payment, you are all set to download Hype Text App. As the Hype Text App is entirely Free to download it is a real treat for the users as well as for the marketers.


Hype Text App offers a lot of exciting features like sending SMS to any phone number, sharing pictures and videos, chatting with friends and connecting to the internet using Wi-Fi connections. There are other advanced features as well as a music player, game players and a camera. Hype Text App is very easy to install and run as it does not require the user to have root privileges to operate on the system. Hype Text App is available for free download and requires a nominal fee to upgrade the features.


Hype Text has a simple and easy to understand interface that allows the users to create accounts and send text messages within minutes. Hype Text enables the user to communicate with their friends easily and effectively using their favorite apps like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, blogs and many more. Hype Text App also provides the facility of viewing different profiles and finding the email address of the person whom you have been trying to contact through an unknown source. Hype Text Pro is a social networking Android app which helps in managing your social networking accounts, email accounts, contacts and images and videos. Hype Text Pro can also be used to create a hype text profile and connect with friends, colleagues and family through it.

Fully-unlocked Hype Text Appplay

Hype Text has a lot of exciting features which help the users to enhance their communication methods with their friends and loved ones. Hype Text offers a large number of exciting applications and features like: instant message, text message, email, group text message, video, photo and many more exciting applications. Hype Text is an all in one android app which gives you the facility of sending multiple messages, creating hype text and writing text animations with ease. Hype Text also integrates with different popular social networking services including: Twitter, Facebook, Slideshare, Instagram, Flickr and many others.


Hype Text is a free download and is very easy to install and run. You can download Hype Text App from the Google play store and can easily save the downloaded file onto your device. Hype Text has a number of exciting features which help the users to customize their phones with stylish icons and texts. Hype Text also comes with a large number of free and paid applications that enable you to create different kinds of exciting Hype Texts.


To download Hype Text application, you can simply go to Google Android marketplace, choose Hype Text App and select the download option from the Android interface. Hype Text App can be used along with several other android applications such as: Hype Slide, Hype Text Generator, Hype Text Style, Hype Video Composer, Hype Video Player and Hype Text Generator. You can also try downloading free Hype Text animations.

Download Hype Text MOD APK PRO/PREMIUM 4.7.3

The Hype Text App is available in different languages such as English, Korean, Traditional Chinese, French, Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi and many more. The Hype Text app offers free animated texts and videos. To get maximum results, make sure you have downloaded the latest Hype Text update, it is available for download at Google play store. Enjoy this beautiful text app that helps you to make exciting animated texts and videos. Hype Text is a simple and an affordable way to share your thoughts and ideas!