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Idle Ants Game is an intriguing simulation of a starving community under the rule of a wise King. You play the part of a chief who has found his lost colony, which was stolen by hostile forces. You have to restore order and save your colony from the impending threat of marauding ants. There are some amazing features integrated in the game, which include the following. The best features that a user can find in any version of the game till date.


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The best feature in the version to date, that the player enjoys, is the ability to save the game while in the middle of the action. This is possible thanks to the feature of unlimited cash. If you want to continue your mission from where you left off with the last colony, you can do so till the point of saving the game and then restart the mission.

Download Idle Ants apk latest version 2021

Another exciting feature of this idle ants simulator game is the option of choosing the gender of your character. In case you were thinking, there is no problem. It is the player’s prerogative to pick any of the six characters available. Each has their own unique traits and skills. While some ants may be aggressive, others may be more passive and useful for the role that you have chosen for them.


The latest version to date of this download idle ants game for android is v5. It is believed that this is the best version yet. There are a number of significant changes in this latest version. Some of the

most important features in this version include the following.


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One of the best additions, which the players might consider, is the option to choose from the two different sexes of an idle ants game for free. As mentioned above, females are vital for the success of the colony. This is where the female ants will lay eggs. Once the eggs have been laid, the females will start to roam around the whole colony. However, this can only be done once the player has chosen a mate to be the wife.

Idle Ants apk unlock

The second biggest update in this free idle ants game for mobile devices is the unlockable content. Now players can choose to either earn unlimited money or complete the various tasks given by the creator of the idle ants game. A special task that was added to the game as part of the “unlocking your true potential” campaign is the option of choosing your gender. Female ants can be customized to resemble either the female land iguana or the green and red American Alligator. Upon completing the task, you will then see the two ants race towards the finish line, where the one with the most amount of food wins.


The third major change with the mobile version of idle ants game is the option of buying food packs from the marketplace. Unlike the standard version, where you are forced to collect items randomly, in the modded version, players can purchase specific items in the market to provide food for the ants. Also, the market can be purchased from the marketplace after unlocking the three unlockable features inside it. There are three modes to play this modded version of the game: Endless, Standard and Multiplayer. For those who want to experience the modded version first and enjoy the features that have not been featured in the free version, this is the best mode to play.

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To enjoy the modded version of the game, the players must buy the free version first, after which they can download the modded version of the game and install it on their devices. When the player has installed the modded version, they will need to purchase food packs from the marketplace to provide the ants with food. With the free shipping option, the player can buy food from the market and have it directly sent to the ants without having to do anything manually. With the multiplayer mode, the players can have the ants fight against each other by sending them signals via the device. This mode can be played by connecting the device to multiple consoles or by syncing the device to the internet using an internet browser.