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Idle Girls Game is one of the most promising idle games nowadays. Its story is simple yet captivating and at the same time, it’s very cute and enjoyable. I have also downloaded a few other titles from its series. One of the best features of the game is the character development, which you can freely play with your girl throughout her different stages of life. This gives an opportunity to let the girl interact with others and learn more about her relationships and interactions with them. The best features of the game also include the various challenges and the different endings.

Idle Girls apk download latest version 2021

In this idle girl’s game, the main characters are Kim and Gill. You can create your own character and choose the outfit you want. Gill is the silent type, while Kim is the talkative one. Gill and Kim start off as simple friends but then their unlikely relationship develops and eventually, they fell in love with each other.


I love the art style of the idle girl’s game and the story revolves around two young lovers. As I have mentioned earlier, the two main characters are Kim and Gill. This romantic story will make you think of two young lovers starting out as friends. The best thing about this game is that it has been designed for both the iOS and the Android operating systems.

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In the noX romances of the idle girl’s game, the story revolves around Gill and Kim who were really good friends when they were little. However, they soon developed feelings for each other and decided to get married. As you might expect, things went bad between the two as they didn’t realize what the consequences of their actions would be.


This story of the noX romances is told as background music. There are tons of beautiful, touching and funny moments in the game which makes you feel all that emotions. When the girls reach the 19th century, things go bad for Kim and Gill as they fall in love with Ulama, a local warlord. Ulama tries to kill Kim and Gill, but they are saved by Ulama’s brother Telramund. They then join the ranks of the Great Minds, the leaders of the world in spirit form.


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Once the game starts, you can follow the storyline of the game by reliving the events of the past. There is also a strong dose of romance mixed in with the action. I particularly love the ending as the music is quite beautiful. One thing I must mention about the noX romance is that it’s based on real life history. You’ll learn many interesting facts about the history of the place as you progress through the game.

New Update 2021

As you progress through the game, you will meet many historical figures who played a significant role in establishing the world. Among them include Genghis Khan, whom Kim and Gill become idolised because of their relationship with a Mongolian princess. The princess gives birth to a boy named Uygulamalar, whom Kim and Gill name after themselves (they want to be called Uygun). From there the story progresses and you find yourself deep in the politics of the world.


I believe the game is very well made and it would be a shame not to purchase the game on the iTunes store, as the graphics are very nice. Although the overall story is based on historical fact, the way in which the game depicts the journey of the characters is very interesting. In my opinion, this game is very much recommended for those people who are fond of history and fantasy stories. For those who don’t have any gaming console in their house, I highly recommend that you download the noX app player from iTunes, which can be downloaded free from the iTunes website.