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ImageMeter App is a professional and very easy distance measurement tool that measures distance by using live feed. ImageMeter App was developed by ImageSense, an award winning company. ImageMeter App has many different advanced features along with the standard measurement tools. ImageMeter App is available for free on the Google Play Store and can be purchased through Amazon Appstore for $0.99.

ImageMeter App Story

ImageMeter App has been designed to be very simple to use. ImageMeter App has the ability to analyze and measure the distance between two locations and also the width of any object. ImageMeter App is different from other distance measurement apps in that the content it displays is not only accurate but also very detailed. ImageMeter App measures distance, altitude, horizontal location, vertical location, angle, and the speed of light. ImageMeter App is not only limited to measuring distance, it also displays the rotation angle of a specified object and displays the latitude and longitude coordinate.


The primary focus and key feature of this app is the live update of the distance measurements. This is achieved by displaying a slider widget on the mobile screen. ImageMeter App has some of the best android measuring apps that can measure distance, speed, time, and rotation. Android measuring apps are designed for professional and non-professional users.


ImageMeter App is ideal for both iPhone and iPad users who want to measure distances. ImageMeter App offers high-quality and highly accurate measurements of objects that are clearly visible on the smartphones. It has a number of useful options and tools. ImageMeter App is not just a distance measuring app; it also has an animation engine. The animations make the app more interesting and interactive. ImageMeter app also features a widget that lets users select multiple items of measurement and copy the selected measurement to the clipboard.


The ruler option in the ImageMeter App allows you to measure the length and diameter of any object. ImageMeter also offers the facility to measure the circumference of any circle. You can use the timer with ImageMeter App, which displays the elapsed measurement time in a pop up window. ImageMeter calculates the exact value of the measurement time by rounding the measured value to the nearest whole second. You can also select “fit to screen” option in the ruler view to show the actual value of the measurement in the smartphone.


ImageMeter has a number of other useful measurement tools and options, which include automatic compass, map, barometer, and gps. ImageMeter can automatically measure altitude and can overlay altitude and direction on the map. You can see your elevation on the map by selecting an altitude range from zero to 5 meters and pressing on the + or – buttons. ImageMeter is also compatible with Google Android Mapping apps, such as Google Maps.


ImageMeter is a very user-friendly and highly accurate android application. It features high accuracy in a wide variety of measurements, which includes a compass, map, infrared thermometer, digital camera, millimeter, inch, and Fahrenheit gauge. ImageMeter app can measure the humidity, air pressure, solar radiation, barometric pressure, solar UV, blood pressure, body fat percentage, and body mass index. ImageMeter can also export a measurement file, which can be imported into other android measurement apps, such as Microsoft Health & measurement.


ImageMeter has been developed with the latest technology in mind and has been downloaded many times by users all over the world. ImageMeter offers the user’s great options as far as distance measurement is concerned. If you are planning to buy this app, you can either download it from the Google Play Store, or you can also get it directly from the official website of ImageMeter. After downloading ImageMeter App, you can easily measure the distance, altitude, and speed with the help of a simple and easy to use interface.

ImageMeter App Graphics and Visual Quality

ImageMeter App was created by Google Apps developers in order to let you monitor your own websites’ progress through the Google play store. With the ImageMeter App you can easily measure your website’s traffic, along with know which of those visitors clicked on your advertisement. ImageMeter App does not need any installation, as it is a stand alone application. ImageMeter App allows you to monitor and control the different aspects of your sites’ design through the use of an interface that looks very much like an official Google Android interface. ImageMeter App features a fully-enabled ImageMeter layout which enables you to measure the traffic to your site, view in real time the number of people who have visited your site and also give you the option of creating custom reports.


ImageMeter App gives you a very easy and quick set up. There is no installation required, since the app is a stand alone application. ImageMeter App allows you to create your own user profiles for the purpose of emailing customers and sending text messages or adding new images to your existing images. ImageMeter App gives you the option of changing the layout according to your choice. You can also create and rename multiple profiles.


ImageMeter App gives the user the option to share your images through Facebook, twitter, e-mail, RSS, etc. ImageMeter App allows you to preview the image before uploading it to the ImageMeter website. ImageMeter allows you to edit or change the existing images that are already on the site. ImageMeter free app allows you to browse and search millions of images.

Experience After ImageMeter Appplay

ImageMeter App allows you to edit, resize and group your images. It gives you the option to preview an image before saving it to your device. ImageMeter is used in many android applications such as Aviary, Camcorder, Facebook, Picasa, Skype, etc. This measurement tool is used for composing emails, uploading to social media sites, sharing on the desktop, generating graphs and histograms, and measure height and width of different items. This measurement tool basically helps you with out the need to be a computer expert.


ImageMeter app is one of the most interesting and powerful apps that helps you in digital photography. The best thing about this measuring app is that it can help you in different measurement such as inches, centimeters, grams, and ounces. ImageMeter is a great choice if you are looking to measure your image dimensions. ImageMeter is different from other apps in the sense that it is a lot more interesting and user-friendly than most of the digital image measurement apps on the market right now. In addition, this app basically has all of the functions that one would come to expect out of a digital camera measurement tool such as measuring in inches, centimeters, grams, and ounces, among many others.


ImageMeter Pro version is also available on Google Play which is available for a very reasonable price. ImageMeter Pro version comes with a lot of useful features compared to its standard version. These features include; animated ruler, digital photo ruler, image graph, histogram, and light meter. This is definitely one of the best digital image measuring tools that you can download and use on your android smartphone.

Download ImageMeter MOD APK Full Version 3.5.17

When you download the ImageMeter App, you will get the ability to measure almost every dimension that you wish. For example, you can measure your cell phone screen size to millimeters. ImageMeter app allows users to upload pictures to their profiles, share on Facebook, send them to other social networking sites, etc. ImageMeter has become very popular amongst android apps users, especially those who use the laser distance estimator feature with the app. Most of the time, people use this android app to measure distances between two locations on the map. ImageMeter’s official website also has some other interesting features such as the measurement of time, the moon phases, the gravitational constant, and solar system information.


ImageMeter is not just another android apps; it is considered as one of the most popular apps that can be downloaded from Google play. ImageMeter app is also considered as a must-have for astronomy enthusiasts because of the accurate lunar and solar cycle details that are provided by the app. Although the free version of ImageMeter is already available in the google play store, it is highly recommended to download the pro version of ImageMeter if you really want to measure your digital photographs with the most precision. If you do not like the free version, then you can always upgrade to the pro version at any time which will allow you to get all the features that the paid version has.