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Ixigo Train MOD (Latest Version Unlocked) For Android under here you easily play this game and use unlimited coins, upgrade till MAX. This is awesome for new guys here you can download the official apk it is 100% safe, and this Ixigo Train is amazing now enjoy. Here you got its working hurry up guys.

Ixigo Train


The Ixigo Train is a new and emerging mobile e-commerce platform that allows travelers to book train tickets, cruises, tours and other vacation necessities right from their Ixigo mobile phone. You can also avail of Ixigo’s travel insurance for the same purpose. The Ixigo Train app has many of the features that you would find in your regular mobile phones, but there are some unique features that you will not find on any other app. There are over thirty pre-loaded maps that can be used for navigation, and one for each major destination. In this article you will learn about the best features of the Ixigo Train app.


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Ixigo Train apk download latest version 2021

When it comes to features, the Ixigo Train app does have a lot. One of the best features is the ability to add stops to your itinerary. This allows you to add up to fourteen stops and sort your route by distance so that you can take the most efficient routes possible. Furthermore, you can create as many connections as you like while still limiting the number of stops on each leg. These and many other such features are discussed in greater detail in the following article.


In addition to being able to set up custom stops, the Ixigo Train app has a great functionality that lets you check the Ixigo train station map as well as its running status updates. In the running status update, you can see the schedule of all trains and their arrival and departure times. In the map, you can see Ixigo train stations, routes, station locations and other information such as distance, stations, parking, bus routes, etc.

Download Ixigo Train apk unlocked

Another useful function of the Ixigo trains app is the accessibility to detailed information regarding ticket sales and other special events. You can see special events schedules, train station locations, ticketing options, etc. In fact, the information displayed by the app can be so detailed that it even provides information regarding special seasonal discounts. If you use the Ixigo trains app regularly, then you are sure to get valuable information regarding all kinds of ticketing options.


The Ixigo trains app allows you to reserve seats for free. As a result of this, the customer no longer needs to hurry to book a seat. Further, the customer can even avoid standing in long queues and find a convenient seat for himself. All these and many more facilities are made available by the Ixigo app for free. To make it even better, the Ixigo app allows you to confirm your reservation by providing a secondary input.


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You may also be interested to know that the Ixigo Train Wifi App offers free wi-fi access for the passengers of the train. Further, it allows you to update the status of the trains as well. For example, if the next 4 trains arriving are all delayed, then the user is notified through the free wifi facility. Moreover, the schedule of the train also gets updated at the same time. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the delays any more.

New Update 2021

Moreover, the Ixigo Train Widget provides latest train stories as well. Hence, if you want to know what is happening on the next 4 trains, then you can simply open the Ixigo Train widget and get the latest train news from the Indian trains. Not only that, the Ixigo Train app lets you even schedule your own train! The best thing is that the free wifi facility is available on the selected platform too. Therefore, even if you are traveling from one platform to another, you will be able to play games while on the train.


Thus, with Ixigo Train Widget, you not only have the latest train news but also the opportunity to play exciting games on the go. The best part is that the free usage of the app is always available. So, take the advantage and start playing the latest train games on the go.


Homegrown travel application ixigo today claimed that its mobile platform has now become a most used mobile train travel application in India. With more than 20 million mobile app downloads every month and more than 5 Million monthly active users, ixigo train app was suggested as a means to provide tourists with a unique travelling experience while on the go. This interactive mobile application lets users interact with the real-time train charts & routes, collect fare details and offers various other information such as train reservation details.

Ixigo Train App Story

Ixigo Train App allows users to not only book Ixigo trains but also get comprehensive information on the various train sets available in the app such as the diesel, double Decker, electric and Eurostar trains. The Ixigo app further offers useful information about Ixigo station, highlights of destinations, photos and videos, track map and trip planner. Further, the app offers a host of interesting features such as booking of Ixigo trains in advance for your personal convenience or letting Ixigo help you plan your dream holiday. Ixigo Train App also provides information about train speeds and operating hours of various stations of India.


Train Journey planner app helps one plan an ideal train journey. Ixigo Train App offers a host of useful features such as detailed running status, Ixigo running status, complete round trip maps, station maps, trip planner, fare information, train information and ticket purchasing options. Users can even book tickets online to avail of great discounts. Additional information such as track maps, ticket purchase options, operating hours and other important details are provided in the running status. This is one of the best apps for Ixigo where one can know the running status and fares before making any travel plans.


Ixigo Train App is equipped with a host of useful tools such as trip planning, Ixigo map, Ixigo rider’s review, track map, seat maps, etc. Trip planner tool helps one to create a customized tour plan by adding stops and then choose your date and time. Ixigo map offers a real time interactive viewing of any particular station and routes. Seat maps offer passenger a chance to see seats of different trains. The free WiFi facility offered by Ixigo Train App is available at all stations including Dharamshala, Kanzema, Kullu Chandrabhaga, Chidamburga, Mohan Kumaramangalam, Gopi nagar, Bekal Fort, Pushkar, Harda, etc.

Ixigo Train App Download New Version

Ixigo trains app offers a number of exciting features that help travelers plan their journey with ease. For instance, the app provides the entire route of all Ixigo trains, with detailed maps, ticket issuing machine details, etc. Travel guide app offers Ixigo map, Ixigo Train Guide, Ixigo fare board, etc. The user has the option to book any train in Ixigo network and also to view all Ixigo train routes map, schedule and schedules of other Indian and international trains.


Ixigo Train App offers great user experience with various useful facilities like seat maps, online reservation, electronic check out, reservation reminders, online customer care, online reservation options, e-mail support, etc. Ixigo ticket booking machine helps in creating your own ticket book and e-ticket reservations. Ixigo website provides Ixigo reservation instructions, online Ixigo reservation, printable Ixigo tickets, etc. Ixigo website offers various other features such as Ixigo calculator, Ixigo tracker, Ixigo newsletter, Ixigo weekly newsletters, Ixigo news flashlights, Ixigo deals, special offers and promotions, Ixigo newsletter, Ixigo travel guide, Ixigo itinerary, Ixigo audio guides, Ixigo videos, Ixigo booking guide, Ixigo trackers, Ixigo reservation process information and many more.


With the help of Ixigo Train App you can book Ixigo trains with few clicks and save your precious time. Ixigo trains app offers a unique way to search for a suitable Ixigo train leaving from your seat conveniently and saving you much precious time. Not only this, but the app also offers various Ixigo travel guide that provides information about various places and landmarks along with Ixigo train schedule, route and ticket prices.

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The Ixigo Train App is designed with an outstanding user experience by providing the most advanced tools and facilities. This app gives the user the chance to find Ixigo trains leaving from their seat conveniently and saving them much time. Ixigo Train App has great offers and benefits such as the Ixigo discount cards and other seasonal promotions. This app also helps you to plan your next journey. In addition to this, it helps you to track the train’s running status and offers various useful tools such as detailed running status, track maps, seat maps, fare details and detailed trip details.