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King Tongue Game is a classic arcade style video game, which is relatively unknown outside of enthusiast circles. In this game, you are tasked with attempting to shoot down an endless amount of bullets while also avoiding the various objects that are thrown in your path. If you want to succeed at King Tongue, then it is important that you are able to properly read and execute tips and hints given throughout the course of your play-through. Often, the more obscure the graphics in video games are, the better they are. When it comes to King Tongue Game, this is definitely true.

Graphics and Visual Quality

King Tongue Game was originally developed and released for the Apple ios mobile phone (the iPhone) back in 2008. Although the iPhone version has been released, it is widely regarded as a poor port by many who are used to playing the highly optimized and commercialized versions for their computers. This being said, the iPhone version does function quite well on a computer (or an iPad if you happen to have one) – so don’t fret if you happen to have an iPhone… King Tongue Game can be played on most any modern-day smartphones. It’s available on both iOS and android and works just as well on the iPhone and Android as it did on the iPhone and Android phones. The fact that King Tongue Game is available on multiple platforms simultaneously should already tell you how popular it is!


So what sets King Tongue apart from other tongue games? For starters, it has a very solid artificial intelligence system which determines and calculates the action which your character is performing. Aside from the complicated artificial intelligence system, King Tongue Game has several unique features which make it one of the most challenging games on mobile devices. Unlike many other similar games, this game requires you to play it using an iOS device (which has a better screen resolution than the typical Android phones), or an android phone (the screens of these two devices are not too different from one another). Additionally, if you happen to be on a limited data plan for your cell phone, you can also download King Tongue Game for free from the Android Market.

Effects & Sounds

If you don’t have an iOS or Android device, you can always download King Tongue Game from your computer. But because of the differences in screen resolutions, your computer might not be able to recognize all the objects and colors displayed in the game. Thus, you need to download King Tongue Game from the iTunes Store on your iPhone or android phone. Once you have done this, your devices will be ready to play the game. You will be prompted by the ios mobile application to connect to the internet via 3G or WiFi. Once you are connected to the internet, you can then enjoy the challenging yet relaxing game that only a true expert can provide.


To help you get started, there are a variety of missions that will present you with different tasks to complete before moving to the next level. For example, one mission will let you save five monkeys from a burning building, while another one will have you find a tree stump with a delicious juicy apple within it. There are other missions as well, including ones where you have to find missing monkeys, rescue injured monkeys, or kill five monkeys with one shot.

Experience After Reviw

One of the interesting things about King Tongue Game is that you can see some familiar scenes from the movies where John F. Kennedy, himself a famous movie star, appears. In one scene, you will see Mr. John F. Kennedy riding in a hot air balloon, and he and the other passengers are discussing something. The passengers include Robert Kennedy, Edward M. Kennedy, and Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Now, it is possible to see how close the actors are to John F.K. This could be an indication that King Tongue has something to do with the famous pop culture figures of yesteryear.


In addition to the pop-culture references, King Tongue Game also has its own set of challenges. Players can try to solve the mystery of who drew the King, and they can do this by asking the fellow players for clues. These can be found in the various forums in the Google Play Store, and users can easily make friends in the similar forums. These people can now exchange tips and tricks with their fellow gamers, which can help them solve the mystery of the King Tongue. King Tongue has been downloaded a lot from the Google Play Store, and it is not too far from becoming the number one app in the store.


As you may be able to tell from the title of this article, King Tongue is a tongue game application that can be played on the iOS and the Android devices. Users can download king game app to their devices free of charge and play it whenever they want. The official ios and android stores have the app, but users can also get it from the Google play store, which means that they don’t have to pay anything in order to download King Tongue Game. Although there are a lot of download emulators out there, this one is still by far the most popular, mainly because it allows users to save money.


The BANANA KING declared war against the monkeys and thousands of bananas ARMED to THE TEETH have poured from all parts of the world to take down their opponents with all they have! But it’s payback time!

You are KING TONGUE, the lord of monkeys, a gorilla in capuchins. Now you want to make those bananas go monkeys! Your TONGUE is your only weapon against the high-tech military hoards waiting to strike! Although it might not seem like much at first glance, it is a GRAPNEL! Bananas have no mercy! Bananaland’s #1 public enemy is you! One thing is certain: you won’t give any quarter…



* King Tongue, an arcade-style game that uses jumps and combo sequences, is a great way to get the highest score.

* Your tongue is unique in the animal kingdom. With just one button, this grappling hook allows you to swing, hang and throw yourself with ease seldom seen in a single hand.

* Fight against the waves of bananasoldiers with more unlikely weapons than the others (bananazookas and bananacopters, superbananas and many more). You have to exploit their weaknesses.

* 40 peaceful and beautiful (before you get there anyway) arenas are available in 4 worlds for your enjoyment (and pain).

* Get new monkeys! What happens after King Tongue is over? You can play with Ping Thongue or Hong Tongue as well as Queen Tongue. Each primate is unique in their own way.

* This is the holy grail of a very noble quest: An infinite way to show who’s boss! This is where you’ll score! Who is the King of Kings? What is the answer?

* You can play the game offline 100%, so it’s available wherever you are.

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