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Knights Fight 2


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Download Knights Fight 2 Latest version 2021

Knights Fight II is the mod for the famous fighting game Modifier. It is the new installment of the series of mods for the game Knights of the Kingdom. It is a free and open source project, which enables you to create your own content and modify the existing content of the game and make them even better. Knights Fight II has been designed specifically for the Android and its features are very much advanced as compared to the previous versions. As you would expect from a new mod of this kind, the game is packed with all the modding tools, tweaks, codes and much more that makes the modding experience even more exciting.


The game can be played in two modes: Story mode and Practice mode. In story mode, you are required to save the kingdom from the dungeon dwellers. As you move on, you will encounter several new enemies who are armed with new weapons. Apart from the dungeon dwellers, you will also meet several other characters who can be allies or enemy and they will also help you in your mission.


The combat system in Knights Fight II is very much advanced and is based on real life combat methods and strategies. It features a fully animated and skilled hero who can be customized according to your requirements. There are various weapons which can be used and executed during battle to deal with a number of devastating blows and these include the sword, mace, axe and shield. You can select the one that really suits you. The special moves include flying kicks, grappling moves, grappling grabs, knee bars and many more.

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The other interesting features of Knights Fight II include the ability to use a specific character in every level of the game and unlock new ones as you progress through the ranks. You can also purchase new items, equipments, abilities and weapons to compliment your fighting skills. Several tweaks have been made in this game to ensure that it is as exciting as the actual fight between good and evil.


The game has two versions for both the Nintendo Wii U and PlayStation 4 consoles. The Wii U version has been specifically designed for the console and will come with the bundle of the Knights Fight II game. It contains the game disks and the Wii U console itself. It is significantly cheaper than the PlayStation version. You can also enjoy the game on the other version at no extra cost.


The fighting takes place on the ground and you will have to take up position and engage in hand-to-hand fighting or aerial combat. The fighting will not take place in the air and you will have to use both your hands to take down your opponents. It is a highly interactive game and even the children can participate in the action. They can enjoy using the controllers and it adds to the fun and enjoyment of playing the game. You can enjoy it alone as well as with your family and friends.

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The graphics and the sound effects are equally amazing and bring about the real-time feel of the game. You can enjoy it at any time of the day or night because the game is available for a period of 24 hours. If you are tired of the fighting, you can choose to slow down the game and enjoy some friendly competitions. You can participate in the popular tournaments to become a top gamer. It will be great fun if you and your friends are playing the same games as well as you can enjoy team competition to become the best in the field.


Knights Fight II has been created keeping in mind the expectations of the gamers. There are many features in the game that will entice you to play more and try the game. The online chat facility allows you to interact with other players while playing the game. With all these benefits, it is very hard to find a better online fighting game that will provide you with an exhilarating experience.