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Kung fu clicker idle dojo mod apk

The Kung Fu Clicker game is the online role playing game that promises to let the player assume the master of a kingdom in the distant future. Players will have to create an air of mystery over the game’s interface, as they earn the loyalty of the various dragons and other denizens of the dojo by doing battle and clicking on various things on the game board. Players will also need to secure the school master’s life and continue to uphold the rules set forth by the game master during their tenures. There are three regions within the game world that players can choose to be part of, each region having its own story line and three randomly selected available boss battles.


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To start, players have to unlock ten dragons through ten different stages. After the first three, players will gain access to the final region wherein the final boss awaits. The game has ten levels after the prologue stage where the first three regions are available. In the later regions, there will be a lotus flower that will turn the entire stage grayed out. This means that you will have to acquire a lot of rare pieces of the rare graded dragon fragments before the stage can be tackled.

Kung Fu Clicker apk download latest version 2021

The Kung Fu Clicker game’s story begins with a master, who is being held captive in the Dragon Mountain dojo due to his malfunctions. Master Wu has transformed into a dragon and took over the dojo, kidnapping the martial art masters. This prompts the young masters to escape from the dragon Mountain and locate the location of the Dragon Gate, a massive portal situated on the edge of the Dragon Ridge Mountains where only the imperial guards andariates can use it. Once the portal is opened, a portal appears where the players must travel to the West Lake district to locate the missing master.


The game opens up with the player controlling one of the martial arts students as he tries to defend the dojo against a group of soldiers who storm the entrance. The player can block the soldiers with his classmates or focus on one at a time to eliminate them. When a student gets eliminated, the game will proceed to the next student until there are no more students on the screen. When the screen is clear, the game then shifts to the tournament portion which consists of five students. The format is similar to that of the earlier levels in the original Kung Fu Clicker game where the goal is to eliminate all the opponents while collecting item bars. However, the difference is that the game now requires you to use a special martial art attack that is only available after you successfully execute ten attacks.

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In the tournament, the players can opt to fight the raiders or the samurai warriors. It is here that the real score is done because in the showdown, the players will have to choose which master is the best Kung Fu clicker to transform into and use their special moves against the enemy. Mastering all the moves available in the game earns you the right to become the tournament champion.


As one can expect, the newest clicker game is quite different from its predecessors. Unlike the medieval style of game wherein only white colored enemies flash before your eyes and the objective is still to defeat the enemy, Kung Fu Clicker has you take on the bad guys in a whole new manner. Here, the bad guys include the dragons, badgers, ogres, spirits, and even ghosts. You must master the skills available to each of these enemies in order to defeat them and win the game.


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The Kung Fu Clicker game also comes with a strategy guide that tells you the best ways to play the game once you have reached the higher levels. While the main game mechanics are the same, the strategy guide has the details regarding every encounter and gives tips that the masters and novices do not know. In addition, you will also find out the best times to attack and defend the door against the attacks of the enemies. Moreover, it includes the best places to find rare items in the game so you need not grind for these treasures.

New Update 2021

If you are an android user, you can also purchase the Kung Fu Clicker for free from the Google Play Store. There are no downloads needed to enjoy the game and the application works perfectly on android devices. In fact, this is the first online strategy guide that does not require downloading and only requires a device with a screen that is able to read tablets like the iPad. Thus, if you are an android user, make sure to download the free version and get to experience a brand new version of the most enjoyable activity in the world today: mastering the skills and techniques of mastering the dojo!