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Love Sick Interactive Stories


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Love Sick is a unique, interactive storytelling game. You may remember playing this game when you were younger. In case you do not remember it, then let me provide you with some information and the history of Love Sick so that you know how it got the name and why you should play it.

Love Sick Interactive Stories Apk



As mentioned before, Love Sick is a story-telling game where you are in control. You can choose to view the story of any character from the menu. There are different characters that you can choose from; for instance you could select a character who is married or unmarried. Then you will be presented with the different stages in which that particular character appears. And as you progress through the game, more events will be displayed.


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The storyline of Love Sick is not particularly complex; it is actually quite simple. However, it is a fun game that is designed to entice the player to complete the stages and to keep him or her engaged. If you have ever played a game in which you need to solve a puzzle to complete the level, then you will appreciate the interactive aspects of this game.


The objective of Love Sick is to help your character overcome a problem before the game ends. In each level, the character has different problems that must be overcome in order to move on to the next level. However, there is only one way to complete the game and that is to find the solution for the problem that you are facing.


In order to complete a stage successfully, you must help your character move through the maze or through a series of obstacles. When you are doing this, you will get a hint as to the best strategy by displaying what the next action should be.


An interesting thing about this game is that your character can fall off the screen at any time. This is actually a feature that most of us enjoy having in games and this is definitely the same case here. Therefore, if you find yourself stuck in an obstacle and cannot make your character move forward any further, you can always restart the level and try again.

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Love Sick: Interactive Stories

If you are having problems completing a stage, the game offers several hints as to how to proceed. Most of the time, the hints include making use of arrows. These hints will be displayed on screen so that you can follow them to solve the problems that you are faced with.


Love Sick is a fun, addictive and engaging game that will keep you playing. for hours. The game is also quite easy to understand and the storyline keeps you entertained until the end of the game. Although there are a number of features in the game, you will still need to be a little bit creative to solve the levels and to ensure that you make it through each level.


However, the game is not very difficult and all the characters need to do is to explore and try to figure out where to go and what to do. To make things easier, you can also make use of different items or objects. to enhance the difficulty of the game. For instance, if you are stuck in a maze and you cannot find a way out, you can make use of some of the many clues and try to find a way to complete the maze.

Love Sick is available in three languages. English, French and Italian. In addition, the game also has four difficulty levels and these can be easily changed according to the type of audience that you are playing the game for.

Love Sick Interactive Stories Apk Latest Version 2021

Since the game is a free download, you can play it online whenever you want. In addition to being completely safe and secure, you can play it from the comfort of your home without any worries of viruses or spyware.


With a whole bunch of characters to choose from, the game has a wide variety of characters that you can choose from. The game will also allow you to create a picture gallery of the different characters to share it online.