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Manor Cafe


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Manor Cafe Game is an addictive coffee-break game. Play and beat challenging levels to decorate the cafe and earn stars. Discover the exciting tale behind the main character, as you go through the challenges presented by each level, meet funny characters and unlock delicious meals! If you’re a fan of house and kitchen games, then Manor Cafe is without doubt the best game for you!


Buy tickets for the popular weekly event, Manor Cafe, from your phone’s MMS application. Each week, a new theme will be displayed in the menu of the MMS app. If the chosen theme is not available, the default theme will be shown. Players can also purchase coins from the in-game currency shop to customize their looks and buy various decorative items to revamp the look of the restaurant. The free coins are earned by consuming free meals offered in the cafe.

Manor Cafe apk download latest version 2021

Earn rewards for playing games and downloading MMS apps. Every time you tap the “play” button in the mobile MMS app, a reward is awarded. As the game progresses, the points and rewards to get bigger. Players can also earn more free coins by inviting their friends to play the Manor Cafe game. Apart from playing the game on a smart phone, the latest version of the app can also be played on tablets, computers and gaming consoles.


The game has three different stages: Story mode, Practice mode and Endless mode. Players start the game by selecting the character they want to play as, and choose from a variety of clothes, dishes and appliances to use in the restaurant. Throughout the game, players get the chance to accessorize the kitchen with new cabinets, furniture and appliances.

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There are several challenges in the game. Players have to cook delicious food and serve it to customers. They can also purchase drinks, desserts and food from the restaurant menu. If the players get the right combination of foods, they can earn free money. Players can even request specific ingredients to be used in a dish by typing “flavour” or “sauce” into the search bar of the game.

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A popular feature of the game is its multi-player mode. Players can connect with other players over the internet. In this mode, players can form groups and go for a team building activity. The objective of the game is for players to earn more points and accumulate free restaurant coupons. As players level up, they are allowed to enter into tougher competitions against other players.


To earn more coupons, players need to make the best use of available resources. Some of the useful tools that they can use include the fryer, the slicer and the juicer. Apart from cooking, players need to take care of sanitation as well. Cleanliness will help them earn points and eventually earn the money that they want.


The game has been designed to be very simple. It is user friendly and the interface is easy to understand. Although the interface is very simple, the game is challenging for veterans of the game. Those who are new to the game can play through the tutorials provided which helps them learn the basics of the game.


Before you start playing the game, it is important that you are familiar with the functions of all the items. This includes all the tools that you will need in order to cook the food. It is also advised that you have a general idea about the various restaurants located in the map. This will help you determine which restaurant needs to be targeted during your turn.

New Update 2021

In this game, players can earn money by serving customers at their tables. When a guest enters the restaurant, he will pay your price for his meal. However, it is also possible for him to leave the restaurant if he feels that your service is unsatisfactory. When he leaves, you will earn money as well. Hence, keeping an eye on the customers and ensuring that they are happy with your service is crucial.


You can play the game using the Flash application, which is integrated into the software. However, it is not mandatory that you download the application to play the game. You just need to connect your computer to the web to access the interface from where players can choose among the available rooms. There are no in-game advertisements, and users are free to choose the songs they want to listen to while playing the game.