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Mine Quest 3D Game is one of the most popular online games today. It has a story that follows the storyline of the novel ‘Atlas Shrugged’. The novel has become very famous for its use of fantasy elements, strong emphasis on mystery, and realistic visuals. Hence, this has become an instant hit and it continues to gain popularity with each passing day. Mine Quest 3D Game has always been praised for its attractive and well-detailed graphics and sounds.

Mine Quest 3D Game Story

However, the real strength of the game lies in its storyline. It is based on the novel ‘Atlas Shrugged’ and follows the adventures of the main character Christian Anderson. His father, an engineer, has gone missing while on an archaeological survey. Christian and his friends desperately try to recover his belongings, though they come across several dangerous situations along the way. The exciting part of the game revolves around their journey to find his father and the other missing artifacts.


In essence, this game is about adventure, mystery and danger. The adventurous scenes and missions will surely keep you on the edge of your seat. As you proceed through the adventure, the various tools and skills you gain are applied to further challenges and goals. You are also given a variety of choice as you start your mission. Some of these include controlling the weather and creating your own obstacle course.


This game comes with stunning 3D graphics and excellent audio and video effects. It has a unique and advanced gameplay as you are free to choose your own paths and objectives while exploring the virtual world. In addition, you can also purchase and unlock additional features to make your journey even more interesting and challenging. These add-ons offer you an added element of excitement, giving you an opportunity to develop your strategy and take on higher levels of difficulty as you progress.


Although there are many Mine Quest 3D game reviews online, only few discuss the game’s overall quality. Despite some positive mentions, most reviewers note that the game can be a bit dull and does not offer much new compared to the previous versions. Despite this, the majority of users comments and reviews note that the game is still fun to play. It is not too complex nor does it have unrealistic graphics.


Mine Quest 3D Game has been released for both the Apple phone and for Windows mobile devices. However, the game runs smoothly on iPhone because of the optimized interface and control scheme. The controls in the game are designed for the touch screen smart phone device. The best thing about this game is that it runs on lower resolutions due to its updated graphics. It is recommended for people who use Smartphones and want to experience the same fantastic graphics enjoyed by gamers everywhere.


The in-game map is displayed on the bottom screen and it allows the player to view all the objectives, collectibles, chests and other objects listed on the map. The user interface consists of four tabs which show different aspects of the game including inventory, leveling up, strategy and Adventure Quests. The inventory is where you can buy upgrades for your character. The inventory icon changes as you move around the map. The upgrades are divided into two categories which are crafted and rare.


You can purchase armor, weapons, potions, books and other equipment through the inventory. The armor is customizable and can be changed according to your preference. The weapons are upgradeable and once used, they can be stored in your bag and be used during adventure quests. The book is a reference guide that helps you optimize your playing skills by providing strategies and tips.


New Premium Pro Games For Gamers

Mine Quest 3D Game is one of the most downloaded apps on Google play store. The game has been created by Cryptic Studios, an award-winning independent game developer based in Spain. Their second game ‘The Secret Mine Quest’ is already dominating the paid gaming world. So, what can we expect from the latest update of Mine Quest 3D Game?

Game Graphics and Visual Quality

Well, the main features of the latest Mine Quest 3D Game are same as that of the original version. The game interface has been refined and made much more convenient to use. The game now supports the iOS 4.3 devices and also supports the iPad 2. This shows that the game has indeed made considerable improvement in its overall graphics and functionality.


Moreover, the game app has also gained better popularity among the gamers all over the world. The game can be played free of cost, but you have to buy the premium version for getting some extra bucks. The premium game package includes the Mine Quest 3D Game, the Mine Quest Guide Book, the Mine Quest Tile Design Guide, as well as the Mine Quest Chalkboard. All these can be used in order to enhance your game experience. Besides, the game who is also available to enhance the game experience.


The biggest advantage of using premium version of the game is that, you are able to get the updates faster than the regular version. You do not have to wait for the official release date, for you can enjoy the new features of the game immediately. Moreover, the premium version allows you to customize your settings so that your device can be compatible with it. Also, you can use the in-game guides. However, you should always use one which gives instructions in a step-by-step fashion and does not give you any complicated tutorials.


One of the most popular features of the premium Mine Quest 3D Game is that you can control the movement, speed, jump, and mining equipment of the character you are controlling. Moreover, this also helps you build a city on the surface of the game map. The game pro allows the users to earn money by selling the different ore in the game. Moreover, you can build up the capital as well.

Experience After Mine Quest 3D Gameplay

The game has been designed such that you can have a peaceful experience as you go through the adventure tour in the game. The main interface of the game provides you with the option to save the game whenever you wish to do so. Moreover, the game app enables you to connect to the online communities. In addition, you can upload your photos or share any other media with other members in order to share your Mine Quest 3D Game experience with others.


This premium Mine Quest 3D Game is provided by the leading game developing company named “Minerals Inc.” The game is supported by the latest technology and hardware. Therefore, you will not face any technical issues as you play Mine Quest 3D Game. Furthermore, this advanced technology ensures that the players never experience any lag issues while playing the game.


You can take up the free demo version of the game before you purchase the full version. If you like the game, you can download the full version and get started immediately. You do not need to wait for the updates that are required when you upgrade the game version. Thus, if you are looking for an exciting and adventurous way to spend your spare time, you should download the premium Mine Quest 3D Game. Mine Quest 3D Game can be downloaded from the websites operated by the retailers or from the website of the Mine Quest itself.