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Mini Golf Rivals Cartoon Forest Golf Stars Clash Apk (MOD, Unlimited Money/Coins/Gold Free Shopping) Download For Android under here you easily Play This game and use unlimited coins, upgrade till MAX. This is awesome for new guys here you can download the official apk it is 100% safe, and This Mini Golf Rivals Cartoon Forest Golf Stars Clash Apk is amazing now enjoy. Here you got its working hurry up guys.

Mini Golf Rivals Cartoon Forest Golf Stars Clash

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Mini Golf Rivalries Cartoon Forest is a game that is similar to the popular online browser game called Guild Wars. It is the best version of this game and the next best thing is that it is free to download. Here is an overview of this exciting game.

Mini Golf Rivals Cartoon Forest Game


Mini Golf Rivalries Cartoon Forest is an online browser game based on the hit television show, Family Guy. Peter, Brian, Meg, and Lois are the main characters and all you have to do in this game is to select a character and go on an adventure to save the Earth and perform tasks to help them along the way. The story is very silly at times but there are enough humorous moments to make this game fun for everyone to play. To play the game you just select your favorite character from a gallery of characters. The game then starts off with a very simple introduction video that gives all the basic information about the game.

Mini Golf Rivals Cartoon Forest apk download latest version 2021

You start off by choosing a character, this is usually Peter, Brian or Meg and you will have to complete a few tasks in order to unlock the rest of the characters. When you start the game you have a mini putter that you can use to tee off against the computer. This mini putter is very basic and only contains two clubs. Other than that there is not much else to the game. You play a round of mini golf against the computer and the results are shown on the screen.


Mini Golf Rivalries Cartoon Forest has a few great features that make the game a lot of fun. First, there is no real score that is given for a round. The goal is just to make as many baskets as possible and get to the end of the course without getting stuck. However, if you do hit a bucket you will earn a point and the closer you are to the finish line the higher your score will be.

Download Mini Golf Rivals Cartoon Forest apk unlocked

The challenges in the game include mini-golf courses that are themed after popular television shows including Super Heroes. Some of the courses include Spiderman, Family Guy, The Simpsons and even the Disney show F.R.I.E.N.D.S. There are several different types of clubs you can play with. A lot of the course layouts are inspired by real life courses. These include ones with waterfalls and trees, you have to jump through in order to complete your mini game. Some of the holes have sand traps in them in order to get your ball through.


The controls in the game are simple and intuitive. Using the arrow keys will move your tree left to right and the mouse will move it up or down. Holding down the left mouse button will pull the string off of the club you are using. A right click will make the club pop into the air and a left click will drop it. The game is themed around a tree that is falling. The game is themed around famous board games such as Monopoly and Risk.

New Update 2021

If you love playing miniature golf then the Mini Golf Rivals game is definitely something you will want to check out. It is a lot of fun and will provide hours of entertainment. You will have a great time improving your skills and having loads of fun. Even if you do not have any experience with mini golf, you should be able to pick it up pretty quickly. In fact, it is recommended for people who have never played before because the tutorials make it very easy to pick up. It is also a great online social game because you can play with friends and family all over the world who love to play miniature golf.


The Mini Golf Rival is a very fun online game that features many of the top Disney characters. If you like to play this type of game then it is definitely worth checking out. The graphics are well made and the course layout is challenging. You should have loads of fun trying to get through each course and overcoming the obstacles on your way to becoming the best golfer in the land.