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Minstrel Red Ant Escape – A2Z Escape Game Story is a simple and addictive game from the makers of Minstrel. This game is very exciting and is very well fitted for people with depression. This story starts when you have to rescue a girl from a group of kidnappers who are planning to kill her for some money. There is no need to worry, help is just around the corner.

Graphics and Visual Quality

Minstrel Red Ant Escape – A2Z Escape Game is an excellent action packed game that involves rescuing a girl and saving her world. This game has been designed to keep players hooked on the tension and the urgency. You will also be treated to a gripping and fast paced storyline. The storyline is perfectly woven and gives you thrills.


The story begins with you finding yourself surrounded by some kidnappers who are holding the girl as a bargaining chip. In order to save her, you have to acquire strong muscles in your arms. Once you’ve done that, the rest is easy. Unlock new weapons, equipments, shoes etc, and complete different challenges.


Minstrel Red Ant Escape has five different levels to play. The first level is the easiest, which has a short course and only two objectives. The second level has tougher challenges, which makes this game more challenging and interesting to play. The last level has tougher objectives and even tougher enemies, and if you can escape from them successfully, you get rewarded with a medal.

Effects & Sounds

What makes this game interesting is its style. The graphics are bright and lively, giving life to the characters depicted. Sounds add to the pleasure of playing it. The music is subtle and soothing, adding to the mood of adventure. The game comes complete with instructions on how to play it.


Minstrel Red Ant Escape is not a typical game. It mixes adventure with horror. The overall atmosphere of the game is dark and edgy. The story’s creepy premise keeps you hooked on the game. However, it is definitely not a scary game. The characters are sweet and cute, with an overall innocent design.


You control the game with the mouse. The left mouse button brings up the menu, which lists all the items you can pick up, including the girl. The right mouse button switches between the girls, who are highlighted in the HUD. There is also a minimap available, with arrows pointing towards the objectives you must reach for moving faster.

Experience After Reviw

The girl starts out by running away from a group of angry skeletons. Once she manages to get past them, she finds herself trapped inside the underground maze. There are several levers you can push to open the entrance, but be careful when doing so. The girl eventually makes her way out, but not before losing one of her lives in the dark.


This minstrel red game is one of the cutest games to ever grace our computer screen. The cute animation and the creepy storyline make it all the more enjoyable. You will have hours of entertainment playing the Minstrel Red Ant Escape game. It is very relaxing and entertaining.


The graphics are very nice. The whole package looks like a professional made film. The music fits the theme well. The sound effects were not very good, but then again, it is not a horror game. If you hear some loud noises, it would probably be more frightening than effective.


Minstrel Red Ant Escape has a powerful storyline, but it is not too scary. There is no blood shed or guts torn apart. The bad guys are very mean and the whole game play feels like it is coming down to a battle of wits. You will have to use your wits to avoid being killed by the bad guys.

Fully unlocked

The minstrel red game is a very simple game to play. However, it will provide enough entertainment for any age group. There are many levels in this game as well as different weapons to destroy the enemy. You can even buy some items to add to your arsenal during the course of the game.


A minstrel red ant lived in a magnificent palace in that beautiful village. The village is full of houses and palaces. The minstrel red ant was playing happiness. Then the minstrel red ant was caught in a palace unexpectedly. To save the minstrel red ant that is in your duty. It will help you find all the spots that are hidden there to save that minstrel red ant.

Minstrel Red Ant Escape – A2Z Escape

All the masks are hidden correctly and the minstrel red ant who has been trapped there and you are happy to win the game. This game is highly desirable and is highly suited for people with depression. This game will be interesting and challenging. Good luck and have fun!

Download Minstrel Red Ant Escape – A2Z Escape Game Mod Apk v0.1 Free For Android

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