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This is the main article about the Monthly Idol Game, a new Korean-style rhythm and game show that challenges gamers to become famous idols. Like other similar games, it features popular idols that are trainee idols. Their goal is to reach the top ten of the rankings during their performance. Here are some features about the game and how you can enjoy the game.

Graphics and Visual Quality

There are two ways to play the game. The first is the free version which allows you to select various idols. When choosing your favorite idols, you will also be given a theme which will make your choice of songs different from the other players. You will need to enter into a competition after a certain number of performances which will earn you points. As you progress in the competition, you will also be given access to more advanced and difficult challenges.


The second way to play is through a premium membership which costs $99 per month. With this subscription, you will be able to watch as many concerts as you wish. The Premium member benefits include more custom themes for your idols’ stage appearances. You can also enjoy a special feature called “Voting Cup”, a unique experience where your votes can decide which female idol will appear on the top ten during next month’s competitions. The “Voting Cup” also awards points to determine which female idols will appear on the top ten during each set of competitions.


One of the challenges that you will face in the monthly idol game is to promote yourself within the social media. The company level gives you a specific goal: to make as many friends as possible throughout the month. Your social media profile will contain a Shop Menu where you can purchase the various items that you want to promote. The following are some of the features of the Shop Menu in Facebook:

Effects & Sounds

* Tap dancing: This feature is very easy to do. Simply use the left/right arrows to dance. The more you tap, the higher the chances of winning. This feature rewards you with money as well as idols. The store also has a mini-map, where you can see all of your friends and the trainee that you have been linked to based on their style.


* Albums to buy: The Monthly Idol Game features an element called “Albums”. This is where you can buy songs from the artists that you are following. All of the songs available for purchase are unlocked after you have purchased them, which means that you can tap dance in order to learn them. Gems can also be earned through purchases.


* Unlimited money apk: In order to gain access to the shop, you must complete the monthly idol game. There is a special code in place that will grant you unlimited money, the only catch is that you must buy gems with your credit card. You earn the gems through purchases made in the app, which will earn you more money. However, this feature is not available on all devices.

Experience After Reviw

* Dance Trainers: The Monthly Idol Game comes with a special function where you can hire dancers. The dancers will come to your studio and they will do your choreography for you. You will earn credits through the dance trainer, which can be used to purchase new idols or perform dances yourself. The more the number of dancers, the higher the earning potential is. The main objective of the game is to keep producing albums for the trainees to follow. The more songs you produce, the more money you will earn for the studio.


New Premium Pro Games For Gamers


In the new Monthly Idol Game, you’ll form a business with only one girl or a small team. And you’ll play the part of a business manager who handles and promotes your idol, thus turning your business into a worldwide brand. As your idol grows in popularity, you’ll be able to invite other people into the business and help them get started as well. There are different ways to play in this game: you can compete with other players via the internet, you can go on tours and conventions, or you can even send invites to your Idol’s fans. It’s up to you how you use the various features available.


The official Monthly Idol Game app for IOS and Android contains tons of exciting challenges and fun activities. There are also leaderboards for all of the participating idols and business managers. You can also earn points and rewards from accomplishing challenges and tasks in the game. The latest update to the app allows you to even create your very own promotional videos to share with your loyal audience. You can also give away your songs freely through email or send the URL of the song for download.

Fully unlocked

If you want to have an easier time earning virtual money, then you should definitely download the latest version of the popular mobile SEO firm, called “Monthly Idol Game Pro”. This version includes a free mobile application called Monthly Idol Game Pro. With the Monthly Idol Game Pro app, you have the option to use your real webcam to show off your skills online and earn virtual money for doing so. The application also allows users to purchase real expensive cameras from their favorite celebrities through the Smileys App Store, including Christina Aguilera, Selena Gomez, Eva Longoria, and More.


In the latest version of the monthly idol game, you have to enroll as a trainee in one of five different Idol Masterminds shops and choose your idol from among Maksim Chmerkovskii, Ariana Grande, Lianna Starbuck, and Nicole Richie. After selecting your star, you have to go to the recruitment page and tap the “Sign Up” button on the home screen. The next screen shows a recruitment video, which you have to follow along to enroll for your chosen career path.


Once your application is approved, you can tap on the “Shop” icon to load up your favorite gems. Gems are earned by simply dancing in the clubs or making your favorite tracks with your own instrument. You can exchange these gems for tickets or presents to upcoming live concerts through the Shop’s interactive shopping cart. On your way to the ticket selection screen, pay attention to the “Tickets left” text box and tap on the + sign if you want to add tickets to your cart. When you have selected the tickets you want, just click on the + sign to submit your order.


Once your order is confirmed, the software will transfer your purchase to your phone and you can immediately use the newly-selected gems on your phone. The gem shop, powered by Google Play, uses Google AdWords to display ads on your application and the gems you buy from the subscription shop will be automatically deposited into your phone. To enhance your online experience, the software provides an online community for users of the application where you can chat and discuss various subjects like music, art, anime, videos, games, and much more. The android application has an “Open Message” feature where you can communicate with other players and share your thoughts about the game and other news.


In the new version of the monthly idol game, there is also a brand-new unlockable songstress called Lyric Lee that has the ability to transform other idols to her favored dance trainer. The songstress can also make use of a special dance pad to help train her idols in the dance studio. You will also be able to see the evolution of Lyric, as she performs and teaches different songs by using the pad and the camera.


In this version of the idol game, the idols will also be able to join the “Dancing With idols” club. This club offers access to private parties where idols can show off their dance moves and can also share pictures and videos of their concerts. With the new update, every idol in the game can perform dance moves on the stage and you can choose which ones you would like to see performed. With this app, you can easily connect with your friends, family, and fans. The official Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts have been integrated into this exciting mobile app so you can connect with them anytime you would like!

Download Monthly Idol (MOD, Unlimited Money) 7.86 Free For Android