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My Town Discovery App is currently one of the best and most exciting apps available for Android devices. The only thing that might make this App stand out from the rest is the amazing technology that makes it possible. When the My Town Discovery App was first launched, it took a long time before people understood just how innovative and convenient the features could be. However, with the latest version and upcoming updates, the possibilities are truly endless.


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Since the launch of the original My Town Discovery App, many improvements have been made. One of the most noticeable changes is the fact that it now lists your favorite places in the local area. You no longer have to open the app and search for the name of the town you’re interested in. Now, the location of your interests are right there at the fingertips of your device, ready for you to tap into. You can choose from places based on the people who own them as well as popular destinations such as theme parks or restaurants.

Download My Town Discovery apk latest version 2021

Another exciting new feature is the integration of the Google Places platform. This feature will allow users to connect their social network accounts to their Google Places profiles. With this new feature, you will be able to share information about specific places with your friends. You can also store up to 10 favorite places in one place so that you won’t need to open multiple apps each time you need to look up something different.


For those who love to play the role of detective, the My Town Discovery App will also provide some interesting challenges. With the advanced criminal background check that is now included in the Google Places feature, you can run a check on any suspicious individual. If you are unsure if that individual has a clean criminal record, you can run the free criminal records check as well. The Google Places feature also includes a photo album for your favorite places. Now you can easily access images of the places that you have visited in the past and share those images with your friends.

My Town Discovery apk unlock

The My Town Discovery App is available for iPhone and iPod Touch through the application’s free trial. This allows you to experience the best features of the application right away without having to spend any money. The iPhone version of the application works great on the bigger size of the device as well as on the iPad and the Android devices. The newest version of the My Town Discovery app works great on the Samsung Galaxy S4.


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This innovative device lets users track the location of any place using the Google Map application. With this amazing feature, you can find the nearest restaurant to your location, the best hotel to stay in, and the best shopping mall among many others. The latest version of the My Town Discovery app allows users to add new places as well as edit existing ones. The only thing that users need to do is to tap on the place of their choice and then add it to the list of destinations.

New Update 2021

The My Town Discovery App allows the users to save the places they like the most and then use the same device to find the same places at a later time. The best thing about the feature is that the iPhone version of the application is entirely free. The Android and iPad versions can be purchased for a little bit of money but they offer features that the iPhone version does not. You can also export your data to Excel or CSV file so that you can share it with others.


In addition to all these amazing features, the My Town Discovery App allows users to use their location as the name of the street and also the name of the town. It also includes an option for users to put in the name of the city they live in. Some of the streets that are featured in the application include: Avenida de San Diego, Avenida Escondido, Alameda Boulevard, Broadway at Geary, and Colfax Avenue. All these streets are featured in the San Diego Downtown, Westside, Presidio Park, College Park, and La Jolla. Users can also view all the places they have visited in the past by using the My Town map feature.


My Town Discovery App is really exciting new gaming experience coming to Smartphones. For those who are unaware of the game here’s the skinny: you travel through space in a unique setting, picking up objects along the way and experiencing all sorts of weird and wonderful things along the way. Think of an enhanced and more addicting version of Space Invaders. I cannot wait to see what the developers have planned for future updates. My Town Discovery App plays much like Super Crate Box but instead of destroying your enemies you score points.

My Town Discovery App Story

My Town Discovery App is extremely simple and addictive. For those of you who don’t know the concept of the game here’s the deal: you’re an astronaut who has been selected to travel to a strange new planet on a special mission. Your only tool to solve puzzles and battle enemies is a stylized touch screen that moves in sync with the characters you encounter. This is the most pure form of platform gaming yet it’s also very clever. My Town Discovery App plays much like Super Crate Box but it adds a fun twist.


Think of it as a cross between Super Crate Box and Space Invaders. The goal is simple, get as many coins as possible to unlock new levels and continue on your mission. When you do so, you’ll be greeted with an entirely new planet to explore. As you proceed on your mission you’ll find new creatures, objects, power ups, power vehicles and more!


To get started simply find the My Town section from the main menu and you’ll be prompted to start playing. Touch the screen to flip between playing modes (Puzzle, arcade, and adventure) and once you’ve found your pleasure spot you can select items to use on your missions. My Town Discovery is free to download for all users and costs just $2.99 to unlock all the items! The money earned can be used for buying everything from power ups to weapons!


Players earn coins by filling challenges and going on quests. Challenges are available in two categories: quests and events. Quests can be done on random maps or special ones that are generated by the My Town system. Events are the more challenging ones as they have a time limit, which will determine how much time you have to complete them. Completing the challenges and events earns you coins which can be used for powering up your character or buying new stuff.


There are quite a few different challenges to try, the hardest being the bosses. The bosses are tougher versions of regular ones, but they always seem to be a challenge. A big hint is to make sure you have a really powerful machine as well as a wide range of weapons. My Town Discovery is very addictive and if you do your research you could easily get some really helpful hints and tips that will help you finish a level much faster. The game has numerous endings, each one more bizarre than the last. You’re basically left on your own to decide what to do.

My Town Discovery App Graphics and Visual Quality

My Town Discovery can prove highly addictive. However, I don’t recommend it if you have any heart problems or epilepsy. Even though the controls are simple, the controls in the movement are not perfect and can get frustrating especially when going on one of the many mini-games. There are a couple of hidden objects and game play elements but overall My Town Discovery App is nothing more than a flash game.


My Town Discovery has received a lot of criticism from various gaming websites. My Town Discovery is a flash game that utilizes a very simple interface that does not require a lot of strategy. Despite the simplicity of the game, the graphics are fairly poor and a lot of the content is extremely annoying. The one redeeming factor of My Town Discovery App is the fact that it is completely-unlocked. If you are looking for a game that requires strategic thinking, this one is definitely not for you!