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MyHali Business App has grown to become one of the best apps for mobile marketing. The MyHali Business App provides users with access to their community of business partners. With the app, you get to stay connected with your leads, clients and customers through a variety of interactive features and tools. By taking full advantage of the MyHali Business App, businesses have the opportunity to gain more information about their market, receive feedback, and enhance their marketing campaigns. Here are the top MyHali Business App features.

Graphics and Visual Quality

MyHali Business App gives business owners the ability to connect with customers and prospects on the go. This is done through its Wysiwyg mobile app and its desktop counterpart. Users can search for local or regional businesses in MyHali using the WYSIWYG keyboard. They can then browse top businesses by location, category or type of business. To add new contacts, they simply need to tap the + button on the main page.


Through MyHali Business App, users get to manage all their appointments, contacts and tasks from their smartphone, tablet or PC. They get to do this anytime and anywhere they have an internet connection. They can even sync all their data from all their devices and share them across all their devices. By going to the dashboard, users can see their MyHali Business App activity and take note of their progress. They also get the chance to track the number of visitors or clients who signed up for the app.


Another feature in the MyHali Business App is the ability to view and manage employment information. This includes information on permanent, contract, temporary, short-term and global contracts. It also offers an option to update employment status, such as being laid off. The last two features are designed to improve the workflow in the workplace.

Effects & Sounds

MyHali Business App also provides centralized storage for business information such as contacts, schedules and task lists. Calendar events can be shared with colleagues and contacts. The app enables users to organize their schedules and set reminders for themselves, their colleagues and their clients. It also helps them prioritize tasks and contacts, hence, making their day management easier.


In addition to the MyHali Business App’s useful features, it also comes with a number of other features that make working easier and more convenient. For instance, the app allows the user to enter and store shopping lists, product descriptions, images and quotes using the Bluetooth feature of the device. It also provides the convenience of viewing your Google Maps location through the GPS feature. The MyHali Business App also integrates with the Salesforce Mobile and Google Maps. Other features include integration with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as with Workflow and Sixense workflows.


Another useful feature of the MyHali Business App is the built-in finance tool. This is made possible by integrating the Quicken and Microsoft Money feature to the app. Users will be able to quickly generate their business finance reports and export them to Excel. With the Quicken and Microsoft Money integration, users are able to access their financial information from any place at any time.


Thus, the MyHali Business App makes business management easy and convenient. You don’t have to go outside your desk to access important business information. You can do it through your mobile phone when you’re out of the office. All you need is a compatible smartphone or tablet to access your MyHali Business App.

Experience After Reviw

As a convenient app, you will no longer need to get ready and type your appointment in writing. The MyHali app lets you save your appointments in the cloud and even send the reminder SMS on your smartphone at a later date. You can also set reminders for your appointments online, so you won’t forget. The MyHali app also provides users with gas prices, restaurant reviews, and travel tips.


With the MyHali Business App, the MyHali Spa & Salon app help spa owners in India. This app offers salon reviews, as well as an application for managing appointments, tracking your clients, and offering massages. This app also integrates with other MyHali services such as manicure and pedicure services. With the MyHali Spa & Salon app, spa owners will not have to visit one spa before they can reach another. The MyHali Spa app makes it possible for users to schedule appointments using their smartphones. In this manner, users will no longer have to depend on a travel agent or book a trip just to get their hands on treatments.


The MyHali Business App is ideal for those running a business from their homes. Whether you are a mom or a dad, or a business owner who travels frequently, the MyHali Business App can make life easier for you. You will enjoy the benefits of the MyHali Business App from home, which includes access to the MyHali Spa & Salon, MyHali Salon, and MyHali Beauty Treatment locations across India. With the MyHali Business App, spa owners will no longer have to go to other spas and salons to get the treatments they want.


MyHali Business App is a popular application, which enables business persons in over 90 countries around the globe to conduct their businesses from any corner of the world. It offers users the chance to reach out to potential customers from any corner of the world with the use of mobile phones. Apart from this, the application provides a host of other features which are available for free and which can be availed only through subscription. For users who do not want to invest in the MyHali Business App, here are a few benefits that they can enjoy after opting in for MyHali Business App:

Fully unlocked

Engage with global customers. Users have the ability to contact their customers using the MyHali Business App, which acts as the perfect tool to connect with customers and enhance their businesses. You can also use MyHali Business App to share information about your products and services. In this regard, it becomes important for you to note that there is no cost associated with the use of MyHali Business App. Thus, by opting in for this service, you can reach out to a vast customer base and provide them with the information and other options that they require.


View charts and maps on the go. MyHali Business App offers various useful features, which help you view maps and charts on the go. The MyHali Business App helps you search for the location of the nearest restaurant, corner store, gas station or other locations using a simple tap on the screen. Moreover, you can check out the restaurant’s review, star rating, menu and reviews on the fly. Moreover, MyHali Business App is available free of cost. You can always make use of the premium version of MyHali Business App to get additional benefits such as enhanced search features, enhanced map and photo zoom facilities, and much more.


You can also connect with your MyHali Business App account via the internet. The availability of multiple profiles, segregated local area accounts, and unique URL makes it easy for you to handle multiple MyHali Business App accounts from any device, provided you have internet connectivity. Thus, you can easily access information at any point of time and make necessary business transactions from any location.


The MyHali Business App helps you connect with your customers in an effective manner. It not only helps you to connect with them, but also helps you to know about the latest trend and news, which are released by your favorite companies. Apart from this, it helps you to track your customer base and manage them in an efficient manner. By using MyHali Business App, you can get information on various MyHali products and services and also track your spending habits and receive updates on cash flow.


MyHali Business App is available at a nominal fee and helps you to get vital information on your daily business activity and also track your progress over a period of time. MyHali Business App helps you to manage customers as well, and help you respond to their queries and serve their requirements. MyHali Business App also provides you with useful information on sales, profit margin, cost per action, and average order value.


MyHali Business App helps you to access information at any time from anywhere, as long as you have internet connection. Moreover, it also helps you manage payroll, accounts receivables, and cash flow, while keeping track of the day’s activity in your business. With MyHali Business App, you can send multiple invoices and receipts, and capture data on your invoices from anywhere. This useful app also helps you manage your customers and send messages on different customer facilities.


MyHali Business App has lots of other features as well, like order management and analytics, which can be used to run a better business and improve your profitability. It is an ideal app for small businesses that lack employees and help you run your business smoothly without any assistance. Apart from tracking and organizing tasks and work, MyHali Business App helps you track expenses and manage cash flow and get information on product demand and supply. MyHali Business App provides easy access to vital information and is simple to use.


MyHali Business is a localisation system that allows us to locate addresses generated with MyHali.

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Download MyHali Business Mod Apk v1.0.1 (Latest Version) Free For Android