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In Offensive Brown Hyena Escape you have to survive the many obstacles that are thrown your way. It all begins with the owner of the facility, a giant brown bear who has been trapped in an underground complex, which is full of deadly hungry creatures. Your mission in this game is to help the poor bear get out while preventing the facility from being closed in by the carnivores. As you succeed in this mission, you will earn more lives and continue playing until time runs out. The storyline is very funny and it will keep you going until the end.

Experience After Reviw

There are different levels in this game as well. You can start on the easy one and work your way up to the harder ones. Each level has its own set of obstacles. The features that make them different are sounds and visual effects. For example, one level has a very fast moving ball that will bounce off of anything and everything, but if you are quick enough it will reach the end of the tunnel before being killed by the hungry bears.


In the first level you will encounter a bear that looks just like a polar bear, but it is actually a brown bear. He is a very large and powerful carnivore that will attack anyone who enters his territory. If you are quick enough you can kill him without any difficulty.


In the second level you will be working with a female hyena. Again, it is a female bear. This time she is a bit smaller and less powerful than the male counterpart. However, she still has the same ferocious characteristics that make her famous. The two of you will need to avoid being eaten by this dangerous creature in order for you to advance to the last level. As you move through the forest, you will fight and run against a variety of dangerous creatures.

Effects & Sounds

These include bears, lions, vultures, hyenas, and the likes. When you first begin playing this game, you should invest in a decent pet. A bear might not sound like your kind of pet, but once you begin playing the game and slowly earning experience points, you will get used to the capabilities of your pet and eventually become accustomed to handling them.


Once you have a large number of hyenas as your pets, you will also begin to gain a larger number of experience points. As you earn more experience points, you can purchase powerful beasts that will assist you in your missions. At higher levels you can even purchase the ability to use these powerful beasts to attack your enemies and even cause them damage. It is possible to attack enemy targets from far away and if you have a skill called Stomp, it will be very effective in making an offensive brown hyena your ally.


To make use of your new allies, you will need to learn to use their strength against your enemies. The bear form can easily cause great damage from a long range attack. You can also use the cat form to surprise your enemies and keep them guessing how you will attack them next. In the higher levels you can even purchase the ability to use a powerful fire element on your bear form. In order to keep your enemies guessing, you should always keep your weapon out at all times. If you are attacked, your bear will quickly return the attack and cause extra damage to the enemy.


For the most part, there are only two offensive moves in this game: attack mode and counter attack mode. As you advance through the different stages, you will find yourself needing to use some of these attacks. Once you have learned the basics of offensive brown hyena, you can purchase other pets to add to your army. These additional pets will help you earn gold more easily, so consider carefully if you are up to the challenge of defeating the final boss of each level.

Graphics and Visual Quality

An offensive brown hyena lived in a forest near a dense palace. The offensive brown hyena went through the palace to find food. The offensive brown hyena was unexpectedly stuck in the room in that palace. It is your responsibility to save the offensive brown hyena there. The hidden clues are there to help save the offensive brown hyena.

Offensive Brown Hyena Escape – A2Z Escape

Find the hidden hinges there and save the offensive brown hyena and congratulate them for victory in the game. This game is highly desirable and highly suited for people with depression. This game will be interesting and exciting. Good luck and have a lot of fun!

Download Offensive Brown Hyena Escape – A2Z Escape Game Mod Apk v0.1 (Premium Unlocked) Free For Android

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