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The OfficeSuite App is one unique office productivity app that allows Android users to view, edit and print their files from their smartphones. The OfficeSuite App enables its users to view, edit as well as print documents from their smartphones. The application comes with several features like – an array of editing tools, a desktop-like navigation and a fully-loaded Widget engine. This is a free download. Read on to know more about this amazing app.

OfficeSuite App Story

OfficeSuite App provides several useful features that help you work smarter, not harder. The main feature that the app comes with is ‘drawing’. It enables you to make a ‘drawn’ outline of your document. You can also add text to this outline using text-to-shape tools.


Another useful feature of OfficeSuite App is the ‘app drawer’. This drawer acts as a home base for all other office apps. You can choose from a variety of widgets such as calculator, note app, to-do list app, contact app, weather, calendar and many more.


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To make the most out of the app content, you need to properly organize the app’s widgets. The most common mistake people commit is not following the widget engine rules. While you can rearrange the widgets according to your wish, you must ensure that they are arranged in a meaningful manner. If your content does not follow the widget engine rules, the app might not be displayed properly on the Android device.


OfficeSuite App comes with a ‘full screen mode’. The widget engine will automatically scale the app to fit the available space on the screen. This ensures that the app is easy to read on a bigger phone. However, if you intend to use the app on a big screen phone like iPhone or a tablet computer, you need to scroll or flip the images to fit the screen. It is possible to adjust the screen size using the buttons on the top of the screen.


You can drag and drop the files from one location to another using the drag-and-drop function present in the ‘app drawer’. However, make sure that you don’t move any of the icons because they might get damaged if you change the order of their appearance. If you want to organize your app content on the screen faster, you can drag and drop the items instead of dragging them from one place to another.


To access your own customized widgets, you should activate the ‘task pane’ in the OfficeSuite App. The app provides five main widgets for you to choose from – the Contact, calendar, Today Widget, People Widget, and calculator. You can also switch between portrait mode and landscape mode using the shift and control buttons present on the right side of the widgets. You can also drag and drop the widgets from one location to another using the drag-and-drop function present on the right side of the home page. The calculator widget displays the time and date in a floating format.

OfficeSuite App Graphics and Visual Quality

To customize the app further, you can use the OfficeSuite App Widgets plug-in. This widget enables you to view your app content in a complete presentation including picture effects, style sheets, animations, and more. This app content can be customized according to your personal preferences. You can also use the widget to hide the app drawer so that you can view the individual widgets that are more relevant to your needs.


You can also tap on the ‘Your Information’ tab in the widget to get to the top level menu. There, you can view all your installed widgets and switch between them as required. The user can change the icons used by the widgets according to their preferences. They can also drag and drop items from the apps list to rearrange the order of the listed items. To switch to the next section, the user will need to click on the ‘Content’ icon located on the top-right corner of the app. You will then be taken to the ‘uskicker’ page where you can access your files, contacts, favorites, and notes, among other things.


You can also use the built-in browser from the app, which is available when you tap on the ‘Home’ button on the main menu of the app. In this feature, you can easily browse to your web pages through the OfficeSuite App. However, you must be careful about the contents that you are trying to view and ensure that they are safe for you to view or print out. This is because the app content may contain sensitive information that may affect your privacy.


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The widget that can be used by the user in the app is divided into three categories namely; Work Folders, Tiles and Pop up Windows. All these widgets are customizable and can be made to perform any number of tasks depending on their color, size and appearance. You can use all the available widgets in a specific category and arrange them in any way you want. The main purpose of the widgets is to provide useful information to the user while at the same time hide unwanted windows and open a number of alternate windows to display your work. Thus, the Work Folders widget provides a more organized workspace and the tiled windows provide a quick and easy way to open multiple documents.

Experience After OfficeSuite Appplay

OfficeSuite App is one of the best business apps available for iOS and it has been downloaded by a large number of users. This app offers all the features that can be used at any workplace. With OfficeSuite App, you can manage all your professional apps such as desktop publishing, document storage and tasks management. You can also upload and edit files and organize them in any way you want. It is very user friendly and is available free of cost.


OfficeSuite App is also available free for selected users and is upgraded on a regular basis to ensure the latest features are available for your device. OfficeSuite is available in the iTunes store, which is a simple and fast download. You can also create your own group and invite others to join the same group. These activities will not appear in public and will remain confidential.


The other versions of this app have limited features with only minor changes from the latest version. It can be used on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. It is available in a free trial version and users can also try out the mobile optimized version first and then decide to upgrade if they like the application. There are numerous advertisements present on the app but you can turn them off if you wish to use the application without being bothered about the advertisements.

Fully-unlocked OfficeSuite Appplay

OfficeSuite is a mobile app that allows you to manage your documents and files in the office wherever you are. For example, if you are in the office and want to share a document with someone else, just copy the URL and send it as an email. This application also helps you share calendars, address books and contacts from your phone. For additional information, you can add the URL to your contacts or calendar. Sharing of files is also possible through the web browser interface that allows you to see the files immediately after saving them.


One of the most useful features in this app is the Quick Book function which helps you to store documents and schedules into the app. You can view these items on the lock screen and add as many items as you need. This feature is also available in some of the free versions of the suite. You can create a PDF file with the tap of a button and send it to the receiver via the phone dialpad.


You can synchronize your calendar and address book from Outlook on the Android and iPhone devices. If you have an iPhone and want to check your email on the go, the Google Maps feature is available for the iPhone. You can also access the voicemail feature that allows you to make and receive calls to voicemail in the OfficeSuite App. This feature is also available in the free version of the suite. You can import files such as the Excel file and the Word document from the OfficeSuite App.

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The Personalized Welcome Screen is a great feature as it lets you customize the layout of the welcome page. You can even apply graphics or stickers to the page. The Personalization Features available in this app are very helpful in designing a corporate environment that reflects the image of your company.


OfficeSuite App is compatible only with the iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 4.3 and above. It is also recommended to check if the version you are downloading is optimized for the iPhone and iPad devices. However, if you are unaware of where to download this application, you can simply search for the OfficeSuite App on the iTunes Store and look for its availability in your region. If you are using the App on a Samsung smart phone or any other devices that run the Android operating system, the feature is not available. The developer has also notified the device operators and mobile phone companies about the availability of this application on their devices.