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Open Heart Choices Game Apk (MOD, Unlimited Money/Coins/Gems) For Android Download – here you got unlimited diamonds and tickets and choice is yours where are you want to do romance or do something bad.


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Open Heart Choices Game is a dating simulation game that is a totally free online and it’s pretty much about having a good time and making new friends. This is an all over great way to spend free time with your kids. This game has many exciting features that will keep you coming back to it day after day. I am going to let you in on my Open Heart Choices Game Review and tell you everything that you need to know.

Open Heart Choices Game Story

Open Heart Choices Game is a free romantic game for your taste. Enjoy life to the fullest and earn the love of your life! You get to choose from many different options, like location, budget, and many other factors. Open Heart Choices Game gives you the chance to have a great time doing it.


This game is about a young woman called Libra, who has fallen in love with a man called Alex. However, before she can end up with him, she has to unlock her heart’s secret. To do this, she needs to travel back in time and use three different heart decals to access in the future. Open Heart Choices Game is set in a modern world, but it has the same theme as other romance theme games like Twilight or L.J. Simpson.


The game starts with the main character, Libra, looking for a mysterious box. He is trying to solve the mystery of the three heart stickers that are placed in three different spots. When he opens the locked box, he finds out that it is a device that will unlock one of the hearts of the girl he loves. Now he must go back in time and find out why these cards were placed there in the first place.


Open Heart Choices Game starts off by showing a glimpse of what life was like for Libra, before he met his future love. It was then that he decided to pursue her despite all the obstacles that came his way. Before he had his love, he had lost everything and was on his own. He wants to win her over because he knows that he can never be with her again if he doesn’t take action now.


The story line begins after the heroine finds the three hearts. Each heart has a new meaning and a new story attached to it. Libra has to figure out which of the three presents will give her the happiness she seeks. Although he cannot unlock her heart, he learns that he can give her the gift of love and he puts this knowledge to use as he searches for the correct present.


The graphics are quite nice. They complement the story very well. The music is upbeat and adds to the atmosphere of the game. I did not detect any voice acting or anything else of that sort, but the story is told so you could be forgiven for missing it.


Open Heart Choices Game is a game with a great story line and graphics. It is also a game that you can play with the different control schemes available. The controls may cause some difficulty, especially for those who have not played the previous versions of this game. However, once you master the new story line, you will be hooked on playing Open Heart Choices Game right from the start!


To start the game, you choose one of the three characters available. This game branches depending on the present you choose. If you pick the wrong present, the consequences are serious. In the end you will find out what happens if you choose the right present in the end.

Open Heart Choices Game Graphics and Visual Quality

Open Heart Choices Game is a simple and fun game. It can be very challenging when you start using more than one scheme. Once you master the basics, you will start on using different strategies. Plus you will want to try all the endings so you know how each ending affects the game. You can also make a new strategy and see how well that works.


Overall Open Heart Choices Game is a fun and exciting game. It helps you explore the feelings of love and finding the happy ending. Open Heart Choices Game is perfect for children ages eight and up. Give them a chance to learn how they can have a happy and loving life.


Open Heart Choices Game is one of the hottest games of the moment. It is an amazing game with many choices and so many levels. Here you have limited money/coins and limited choices where are you going to do something good or do something bad? The game has been created by ‘Screwball’ – the person behind the Open Heart Choices Game and it is so cool. You will love this game when its fully released.


Open Heart Choices Game has awesome features and this game would run with a new player but if you are an expert you will easily get the hang of it. You have very limited choices, which are all based on a special theme. If you get it right you get the special prize which is of course limited in number and features. If you get it wrong then you will get nothing at all. You can buy this latest update version of the game from Google Play Store.

Experience After Open Heart Choices Gameplay

Open Heart Choices Game has lots of options and you will not find anywhere else. This game features excellent music and visuals and everything is just above average. This game also has cool options and one of them is enabling the use of Bluetooth wireless technology for turning your mobile phone into a money-earning machine! Yes, you read that right.


With the latest update of the game, people have gained lots of options in playing Open Heart Choices Game as well as getting to earn money and gifts. Yes, you read that right. These are the things that make this game all the more interesting. When you start playing the game, you start off by choosing your favorite heart shape.


You have a choice of choosing between several heart shapes like heart with a crown, heart with wings, heart with a diamond and lots more. Once you have chosen your heart shape, you need to choose the color of your choice and the size of the heart. These are the main options that are available when you play this wonderful game of Open Heart Choices Game. And, you can also change the color of your heart with the help of the options present in this game. You can make your heart bigger or smaller according to your preference or according to the budget which you have allocated for this game.


You need to consider your budget before choosing a particular option so that you do not over spend. However, if you feel that you need to spend a little bit more than what you have allocated for this game then you can make use of the other options that are present in the game. You can make your life very easy by simply adding up to your budget on the options that you have selected. Your options are increasing too. Now, you can buy a new shirt for yourself and a pair of jeans for yourself and also a new pair of shoes.

Download Open Heart Choices Game MOD APK Unlimited Money 2.8.7

When you are playing Open Heart Choices Game, you have the option of changing the color of your heart at any point of time. You can change it from light pink to any color. There are some options where you can even change the size of your heart too. Just make sure that you choose the same size as your shirt or shoes. This will make your heart look pretty and nice.


So, Open Heart Choices Game is really very much exciting and entertaining. You will love the way you can play this amazing game. Apart from playing and exploring the different options, you can also spend quality time with your loved ones too. Open Heart Choices can be played by kids and youngsters alike so that they can learn and earn heart shapes as well.