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PlayerPro Music Player (Mod, Unlocked) for Android PlayerPro Music Player AppThe PlayerPro Music Player App is a free download which will allow you to enjoy the high quality music from the iPod Touch. This is really great for people who wish to listen to their favorite tunes without having to manage the music player. If you have an iPhone, you can easily download this music player to enjoy the audio from your iPod Touch as well as some other devices that are connected such as the iPad as well as iPod Nano.


The Music Player app will allow you to listen to your music in your iPhone in the event that you don’t have your headphones in. All you need to do is connect your iPhone to your own computer using a Bluetooth device or a USB cable and insert the iTunes software. This will give you the access you need to follow your music anytime and anywhere you need to. Since this is a portable music player, it will also help you conserve space as you won’t have to keep your iPad or your iPod Nano on your bag or in your pocket all the time to listen to your music.

PlayerPro Music Player is an extremely popular paid Music & Video Android application. The application is packed full of great features such as downloading, searching and saving your favorite music tracks. It also offers an easy way to edit and create your own tags by simply selecting your track from the library and inserting a label. It is also an excellent way to search for music on the internet or download free music tracks. All this can be done without ever leaving the comfort of your home, office, school or anywhere else you happen to be!

PlayerPro Music Player App


Screenshots: There are several ways to search for music from the PlayerPro Music player. You can either use a search engine such as Google or Yahoo and enter a keyword that you want to search for. Then, you have a choice between using “search”album” as the main function. There are also other unique functions such as a “song by song” list or a “top songs” list, which displays the top ten songs played on your Android.


Playlists: Create a custom music player with a list of different playlists that allow you to easily control the various features of the player. You can start, pause and stop playing the music at any time with a single tap. You can also search for specific songs in the player, browse through the list of songs and even create a new one.


Tags: You can add tags to your tracks from the “Search” screen of your PlayerPro Music player. You simply insert your music tracks into the search box and let the program do the rest. After all your tracks are found, it will display the name of each track along with its category. Tags can be stored in your phone, so that when you need to find a specific song, you can search for it again. These tags can also be applied to songs on your MySpace and Facebook account.


Tag Editing: If you create new tags, then you have the option to save those on your phone. This allows you to apply your tags to all your other incoming songs as well. Tag Editing allows you to change the titles, artists, genres, titles, keywords and much more.


Album Artwork: You can view all the songs that are stored on your Music Player by searching the album artwork. and adding your own music on to display. Album art can also be exported to your computer or a website. With this ability, you can have multiple versions of your songs for your own website.


Music Libraries: You can view your entire music collection in one application instead of being limited to a series of songs. You can play the music directly on your device without having to open up an internet browser. Your music is also available offline. Playback for your iPhone, iPod Touch or BlackBerry device is supported. The only downside to this is that you cannot listen to the music on portable media players such as the Kindle or iPad.


Advanced Features: The Android Music player is packed with a number of advanced features. It has an “album scrubber” feature to browse through your entire music collection and reorder your songs according to how many tracks are on the left, right or center. You can add your own pictures to your existing songs. You can also organize your music by albums and create a sort of folder to organize your songs. on the left hand side of the device and your downloads on the right.


The Music Player comes with an external keyboard for accessing your computer from any place and any time. You can access your files directly from your home, office or anywhere you want.


Mobile Music: You can share your songs using Bluetooth. You can also send videos and music to others. Just connect your iPhone, iPod Touch or BlackBerry device to the player using Bluetooth and start sharing.


With these features, you can easily download music on your mobile devices to enjoy it while you are on the go. Whether you are driving at the gym, at the mall, or anywhere else. The player is designed for everyone, so that all ages can enjoy music from it. So get your device today and start listening to music right away.

If you are browsing for a music player which will permit you to enjoy the songs from your Apple iPod Touch, you can try downloading the PlayerPro Music Player Program which is available for download online at no cost. You won’t ever be disappointed once you revel in the music from the iPod Touch where you move and download this music player make certain that you try out this now.

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